June 22, 2018
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 Kemba Walker and the Huskies are NCAA Champions!
Congratulate the Huskies!

The Connecticut Huskies are the 2011 NCAA men's basketball champions!! UConn beat Butler 53-41 in the national title game in Houston to give Connecticut its third NCAA championship.

Send your congratulations to the Huskies now!

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RICHIE TALLAHASSEE: tolland county raised stuck at FSU for the game UCONN UCONN UCONN !!!!!!

Robert Puff (Cortlandt Manor, NY): To Coach Calhoun, Kemba and the kids - I was a HS senior in 2004, and watched in disbelief in 2006 and 2009 as a student - Thank you for giving this proud Alum the ride of his life. GO HUSKIES CONGRATS BOYS!

arielle blue (new haven): congrats fellas you guys played a GREAT game and you guys deserve it all..............enjoy every party

Terrance (Albany): Jeremy Lamb is amazing!!! Congrats Huskies

Dave (Pittsburgh): Congrats UCONN on one of the most amazing championship seasons in recent memory! (from a Pitt student)

Frisco: wooooooot!!! congradulations to UConn boys who won 2011 NCAA Championship today!!! was an amazing game! UConn played awhsome!!! =] #13 n #3 rly brough

Jared Gordon West Hartford: Congrats guys. Kemba, u r the man and we will miss u. Jim u r fantastic. Now it's time for oriaki and lamb to take charge. U-C-O-N-N Uconn Uconn!!!!!!

Willy, Clermont, Florida: They won 14 straight tournaments games away from home, that's remarkable and they deserve to be called NCAA CHAMPIONS. Congratulations to Calhoun, Walker and the rest of the team. We love the HUSKIES down here in Florida.

Joe DePalma (Erie PA): Let's go Huskies!!! Has the feeling of winning the NCAAM basketball championship hit you yet?

Chris (New Fairfield, CT): This team made me proud to be from Connecticut. Proud to be a part of Husky Nation. Thank you for an incredible season. You inspire Connecticut

Las vegas: Congratulations UConn Huskies. Impressive team spirit. Congratulations Jim Calhoun - 68. Oldest to win it.

Camarillo: goodjob huskies! all the way from camarillo california at csuci (kinda near malibu)


Ryan (Pittsburgh, PA): Thank you for an amazing ride, Huskies! This one is even more enjoyable living in Pitt Country!

Portland, OR: Who would have thought this was possible back in early November? CONGRATS UCONN!!!!!!!!!

Rocky Mount, NC: Congratulations, you worked hard and deserve it.

Coconut Creek, FL: Congrats to Coach Calhoun and the Huskies! This was by far the most impressive postseason in NCAA Tournament history. WOW!!!

Jason M. (sleepy hollow, ny): good job UConn, you deserved it. Way to prove everybody wrong!

Lebanon NH: Congrats from the call center at Dartmouth Hitchcock! We love the Huskies!

Ethan (ames, ia): makin my homestate proud, thank you 2011 men's bb for a great season! congratulations!!!

Samantha Miakos: Congrats Huskies Love you<3

Washington DC: From one Husky National Champion to another, congratulations UConn Basketball! Well done from a mad Husky fan and alum!

KBKBKB (Los Angeles): Congratulations!

Nancy Scarpulla: Congrats UCONN ...

Waltham, MA: CONGRATS!!! I will be an incoming freshman there and I am looking forward to your next season!!! Show off that Husky Pride!!

Phoenix: omg.. just ecstatic! this is unbelieveable! shout out to cardiac kemba

Bob Casey (Storrs): Way to go Huskies! Congrats on the Championship !


Tre: Love you Huskies. Thanks for the incredible season. JC for President. Kemba, come back 1 more year please. What an incredible team display tonight.

Rick Shaw, Drnnisport: COngrats Huskies, Top Dogs!! Defense wins championships as you proved tonight. 10 Blocks. 18.8% Butler field goal percentage.

Kelly (Westport, CT): Congrat's 2011 NCAA National Champions You have done it again my boys, obviously!! I heart my UConn Huskies forever Cause I do bleed blue!!

West Hartford ct: oOngrats on winning the title well done boys and coach

Lisa & Chris (Willington, CT): Way to go Huskies! Congratulations on an AMAZING season!

Nygel White, Hartford, CT: Congratulations CT! I've been a die hard fan since birth! I've watched you guys in the Hartford Civic Center for years downtown. I'm reppin from VA

Melanie Burton, East Hampton, CT: You guys are AWESOME!!! We love you

Terry (Wake Forest, NC): Congratulations!! Awesome job National Champs!



Tyrone (Double Alum): Congratulations!11

Bob (Charlotte, NC): A simply amazing incredible run through the Big East and NCAA Tournaments!! You deserve to be champions!

Josh (East Hartford): Very few teams overachieve. Your team was one of the exceptions.

Jingcheng Li(Storrs, CT): Congratulations!! Husky forever, UConn forever!! Let Obama come to UConn!!

Mike in Hendersonville, Tennesssee: I am so pumped right now for Uconn nation. I am a huge fan in the state of Tennessee...couldn't have been sweeter, only better if the Uconn women would have won it as well. Congrats!

J. Mack (Seattle, WA): Fantastic season gentlemen! Most impressive UConn postseason in many years! Thanks for the memories ...

Birmingham, Alabama: Congrats Huskies! Thanks for bringing joy to some Yankees stuck in Alabama/Auburn territory. Go Huskies!!!

Tim Crawford (Burbank, CA): So much fun to exceed expectations. You guys represent everything that a basketball team should be: hard-working, intelligent, and brilliant. So proud! CONGRATS FELLOW HUSKIES!

Gerard (St. George's, Grenada): WICKED SWEET GAME! much love from a husky in the deep, deep, deep south. INTERNATIONAL HUSKY NATION, represent!

Chris: Congrats UCONN!!!! Die hard fan since birth! Congrats!! UCONN FOR LIFE!

Allen (Bronxville, NY): Uconn Alum '01 here. Great win Huskies! I remember when Rip Hamilton and Co. beat Duke in 1999!

Phil: From Norfolk, Virginia congratulations to the UConn Huskies on their third national championship since 1999. Now let's repeat!

Ben (Ann Arbor): Way to go dawgs!!!! Congrats, way to bring it back to Storrs. U-C-O-N-N UCONN, UCONN, UCONN

Tanya C. (West Haven): You did the improbable this season, and to all your true fans... you did us all PROUD!!!!!!!

horst wolf (göttingen, germany): congrats to the husky-team. defense wins championship. i am so proud, my son is a part of this team.

LaKisha (Sumter): Congratulations Huskies!!!

Devin (Jamesport, NY): You don't know how sweet this is as a fan. After going 9-9 in conference play this came out of nowhere. Feels like a magic carpet ride! Congrats!

LB Calabasas, Ca.: 11&0 run= 3rd National Championship! A proud Alum sends Congrats to Coach Calhoun & Kemba and the Kids!

sacramento ca: Go huskies congrats to jim and the team go kemba

Brittnee (Seattle): I'm such a basketball freak, I CRIED for YOUR VICTORY... right in front of my computer screen :) you guys are absolutely amazing!!!

Kai (Avon): Congratulations Huskies!!!!!!! I knew you could do it!

Cassie (Milwaukee, WI): Quite possibly the greatest post season run in NCAA history. Maui-Manhattan-D.C-Anaheim-Houston! Congratulations!


vic middletown ct: uconn is the best

Devan (UCONN): So proud of you guys. Gampel was rocking during the game. Congrats on winning the National Championship!!! We all love you.

Vlad (Los Angeles): Way to make us all proud!

Kevin (South Windsor): Huskies Rocked it!!! way to go guys

Laura (Shakopee, MN): Awesome end to an awesome season! Thanks for playing your hearts out! Best of luck to Kemba, Donnell, Charles and Kyle in where ever your dreams take you. Congratulations to you all!

Heather Heenehan (Beaufort, NC): Congratulations!!!! I am so proud to be a UConn husky! Enjoy every moment! Thank you for a great season and amazing tournament play!

Zhe Li (Tolland): Boys, you guys are the best! we are proud of you! UConn is the best!

Lexii (Chattanooga, Tennessee): I really want to congradulate the Huskies for their win!!! Yall had a great season and I'm proud of all of you. I'm also proud to see Tyner Academy's very own Mike Bradley being apart of their team!! We love you Big Mike!!!

David Whitlock (Fairfield, CT): After going to Detroit in 2009 and being at Storrs from 05 - 08, UGH! BEST WEEKEND OF MY LIFE! A TRULY SPECIAL SEASON! LET'S GO HUSKIES!!! #3!!!

tinye (Willington, CT): The joy ignites my passion and buries my sorrow for Maya

Ben (Alexandria, VA): This team makes me proud to be an alum. Perseverance, drive, grit, and hard work are all values to live by. Thanks for the fantastic ride!

mike picano sacramento ca: Jim you deserve this one

Josh( mt holly, NJ): congrats boys!!!!! i've had a great time following u guys this year! you proved all the doubters wrong!

Cali Jen: Congrats Gentlemen It was an amazing ride Proud to be an Alumni :)

Jeanne (Storrs): Huskies!!! #1!!!!!!

Ibrahim Toure (Frederick MD): Congratulations HUSKIES!!!!! I have applied to be a master's student at Uconn, and I'm happy to see this team win it all!!!! Calhoun did a heck of a job!

Austin, Texas: Great job Huskies! Congratulations from an '76 alumni and fan!

JZach(Lumberton, NC): UCONN #1 GO HUSKIES!!!! CONGRATS and thank you Jim Calhoun for making beleivers out of all of us!

JZach(Lumberton, NC): Congrats to our #1 UCONN HUSKIES AND THANK YOU JIM CALHOUN..THE BEST COACH EVER!YOU made us beleive ...thank you for all the Championships!

Storrs: Good job Huskies!!!!

Randy (Pittsfield, MA) 1969: Way To Go Guys!!!!

mrs.Munro's3rdgraders(Moosup): You guys are the best!! We had fun rooting for you- awesome job! We're proud!!

Stefan (Milford, NH): Congratulations guys! You put in a lot of hard work and earned the title. Enjoy every minute of it!

Donnag (Groton): Congratulations Huskies!!!!! Thank you for the most thrilling season ever! All of you worked so hard against all odds. You so deserve to be #1, 2011 National Champions. Love you all…….

DzSUSY @ Bridgeport: Congrats to a well deserved team... We are so proud of you all!

Edinburg, TX: Thank you to the Calhoun team. UCONN forever!!!

Sutton (San Antonio): I was born and raised in New Haven, CT. I am porud to say I am from CT. You guys not only made your families proud, but the whole world is proud as well...CONGRATS GENTLEMEN!!!

THE BREMMER FAMILY, Glastonbury, CT: As a faithful UCONN family, we are so proud of all of you and watched you every step of the way...knowing you would bring it home! Congratulations Husky Men...You are all AMAZING!!!!! Welcome Home!

bpt ct: Congrats boy I knew we had a special team I warned everyone that i know that this was going to happen....Party in Connecticut

Brittany (Bristol): Congratulation to Jim Calhoun and the Connecticut Men's Basketball Team

Marsha Meyer Alston, Denver, Co: Go Huskies, congrats from a class of '85 alum!!! Proud of both b-ball teams - thanks for representing us with class and great sportsmanship!!

stephanie: congratualtions huskies #1

Joyce (Latham, NY): Knew you would go all the way....Congratulations to the great players and to Coach Calhoun for a job well done.....

Dartmouth, MA: CONGRATULATIONS to the whole team and coaching staff.....you've made us SO PROUD to be your fans ....THANK YOU !!

Hamden, CT: Awesome tournament, awesome year. To go undefeated in non-conference games is amazing, Charles Barkley what did you say about the big east?? Congrats guys you deserved it!!

Uconn Mom (Simsbury, CT): Congratulations to Coaches and players-what a ride- you made us proud!!

Lynne (Boston): Congrats HUSKIES! What a memorable March Madness! Treasure this moment and the sweet joy of what it's like to be a HUSKY! Thanks for making this alum proud! All the best!

Roe (Yorktown Hts, NY): Thanks for an amazing season! So proud of you all! Coach, you rock! Happy Birthday and congrats on grad K! Love all you guys!

Casberry: Congrats. YOur #1 fans

Zack H. (E. Htfd.): I'm the only one who had UCONN winning it all in my office bracket pool! Thanks for making me an extra $500!! You guys are awesome and had a truly incredible tournament run

Scott McCauley, Houston, TX: Thank you for an amazing season! Congratulations from an '79 alumni

Maurice (Waterbury): Congrats to our beloved Huskies! The best program in America coached by the best coach in America!

Raul (Puerto Rico): As a father of a Uconn Student to be graduate in May, and as a sport fan, I am very proud of this team...Congratulations

Damian Bloomington, IN: I am in Indiana and just wanted to say you all did a fine job, congrats!!!

annette northfield nj: congratulations to a wonderful group of guys ! put the sign up on exit 68!

COnns are douches: UCONN....lucky!!!!

Jersey City: Congratulations to the best team and best coach in the world!!!!!!

L.M. (New York, NY): Uconn is #1 Kemba walker is the greatest college basketball player of all time !!!!!!!

Maria (North Haven): What an amazing run! Congratulations and Thanks for bringing it home to CT.

Nikita, London: Congrats!!!!!!!!!!! Makes me proud to be a Husky!

Su (Lexington, KY): Coach, Loved the first NIT win in 1988. Love the win in 2011. Congrats.

Shaun (columbia, Sc: Congratulations on winner the national champships uconn lets do it again next year

Pamm (Bridgeport): Congratulations UConn men on an exceptional season! You did the State of Connecticut proud ...

Craig (Reading,PA): Great game guys! Now the nation knows what a great defensive game looks like. Sorry the women won't be joining you this year.

Anita, Danbury: Couldn't have happened to a nicer bunch of guys. Kemba - you rock! Calhoun - we in CT love you!! Congratulations UCONN!!!

Peikun Dai: Lamb,you are the best player!

Skip Gorski '72 [Westfield,NJ]: Congratulations for an outstanding team effort this year. Kemba is a true leader on and off the court. Coach Calhoun - congratulations on your 3rd National Championship.

Cassidy(Lenexa, KS): Nobody can get a National Championship Trophy away from Storrs! The women lost but the men won, that's a sign for next year people!

Chris Hardiman (NY): I was born in CT and raised a Huskies fan. 99' and 04' were amazing, but I was there for the Big East Championship and watched every game of this magical run... CONGRATS, it was truly AMAZING!

LaurenK (Carteret,NJ): BEST.DAY.EVER!!!! Congrats Huskies!!

David (Storrs): Everything we do, we do it BIG, All we do is WIN WIN WIN

Justin Sanchez: You guys are awesome. I am 15 years old and I have always wanted to see you guys win a championship game. Oh and to coach Calhoun don't retire yet we need you!

Jerry (new Haven0: CONGRATS UCONN LET'S DO IT AGAIN NEXT YEAR,go huskies.

Mike W. (Meriden, CT): What an unbelievable ride this year. Played in 3 tournaments and won all 3. Proud to be a Husky!! National Champs 2011!!

Josh (Jersey City, NJ): I was raised in Branford CT and have been a Husky fan since the 80s. Three times is unbelievable! !!!!!CONGRATULATIONS UCONN!!!!!

Dan, Willington, CT.: Great run, Kimba you are the man!

Susan, Nashville TN: WTG UCONN, you all are awesome. Another trophy for Storrs. You all truly deserve this after all your hard work this season.

Jodi Chrystal (Charlotte, NC): Lifelong Huskies fan and so proud to be one today! Way to go guys!

Kenny (Gettysburg): Great job Huskies! Congrats on bringing home another championship to Storrs. We are UConn!

Brian Thom Rolla, Mo.: Congrats UCONN Huskies. Glad you guys did it. I picked you to win it all in my Bracket. Through ESPN.com. Kemba Walker.Player of the Year.

Latham (Norwalk,CT): Way to go Huskies! Congratulations.


Mike M. - Singapore: Yay UCONN, Yeah!!..great season...great championship! Congratulations!

Todd whitlock: Champs once again thank u to the best coach in country and congrats!!!!eat ur heart out coach k UCONN # 1 baby!!!!!

MARK P. SULLIVAN NEW BEDFORD, MA.: Congratulations for a job well done. Good luck to all in the future!

Dan F: A great win for a great team that plays for a great school, congrats guys.

5th st baptist church, okc ok: congrads coach ollie

Ibrahim (ISTANBUL/TURKEY): Congrats unbeatable huskies,enjoy your championship, regards from Turkey!

venice - italy: great job mates

Bryan (Boulder, CO): The most amazing season I can remember. Thank-you Connecticut and thank-you Jim Calhoun, so happy for you!

Tom(Durham,NC): It makes me proud to be your Nortn Carolina conection.Way To Go

Frank (Bristol): I was lucky enough to be a student in '04, and now I'm lucky enough to see them win again. Go Huskies!!

Thea ( Oslo, Norway): Wow! I woke up to see what I already know, UConn are # 1! Great job! I wish I could be there with my huskies to bring the boys back home!

Kevin (Ho Chi Minh City, VN): Congrats to the Huskies! Been a big fan since early '90s going to HS in CT. The team played awesome and Jim Calhoun is a class act.

David Lopez, Sacramento,CA: Congrats HUSKIES! I knew you had it in ya. Kemba you became a beast and I wish you success in the NBA. Jeremy stay in school and lets do it again

Tom (Providence): What a season. Truly unbelievable. I am so incredibly happy for the team and especially Coach Calhoun. Best coach. Best player. Best team. UCONN.

Dave (CHEG - '88) Portland, CT: GO UCONN! - YOU ROCK THE HOUSE!

Newburyport, Massachusetts: GREAT COACH and GREAT PLAYERS ! You make New England proud ! It's nice to have athletes that young kids can look up to ! Thank you. Bev

T Lakowsky - Glenwood IA: Congrats...well deseserved for a bunch of fine men...Coach for these men please stay one more year...they need and want you to stay.

Shellie (KCMO): Proud to be from New London...UCONN makes me proud to be a HUSKIE!! Blessings on your safe journey home!

Paul (Fairfield, CT): Kemba was the heart of that team, but Lamb, Oriakhi, Napier etc. were the arteries to that heart. What an incredible run by an incredible team! UCONN!

West Haven Dave: You make me proud to be a Husky, congrats on an amazing accomplishment!

Kiki - NYC: Boys... You have shown the world what grit and determination is all about... We are soooo proud of you and all you represent. Congratulations on a fantastic victory and thank you for giving all of us parents the ride of our lives!!!

Dave (plymouth): Guys the ride was awesome. With everything you had to endure, everyone picking someone else and the incredible, improbable run to the title. I was always proud to be a Husky, now I even more proud because of you and coach. Kemba best of luck at the next level. Alex, Shabazz and Jeremy. It's your team now. Do us proud!

Quebec City, Canada: Can't express how historic this run was, Congrats to the UCONN Huskies, Special thanks to Jim Calhoun who's now one the best! Awesome job! GO UCONN

Jim S. (Derby): '76 alum who couldn't be prouder! Great job guys!

Jonathan Ribera: Congratulations Uconn Men. You deserve it and thank you for bringing the title back to Connecticut! GO UCONN!!!!!!

okpgail (west hartford): you captured my heart - i love you and thank you!

Giana and Braden, East Haven: We are so proud of you! Much love to all of you...and thank you!

MICHELLE ..jacksonville. Fl: U can UCONN rock on

Alex(Seymour): congratz guys. you earned all of it

cédrick gap ( france): bravo a toute l'équipe , vous faites honneur a votre université . un bravo spécial au coach et a kemba , u rules !!!!!!!!!!!!

dennis hernandez (florida): i live in florida but im proud of been a huskie fan congrats to the whole team go huskies 2011national champs.

Eastford, Ct: Congratulations UConn

Joy Springfield, MA: I'm just ready for the parade in Hartford..LET'S GO!!

Patrick Wood (Ballinger, Texas: Congratulation to the Uconn Men team for your winning the national champion last night. Special congratulation to coach Jim Calhoun for leading his team to be champion for the third time and making the Uconn a best team to watch.

Jack (57) Raleigh: My UCONN flag is flying proudly here in Tar Heel Country.

Philip (Boston): Great Job guys! You keep reminding me why i want to go to uconn

Barbara (Greenwich): Simply the Best!

Christina (Orlando, FL): Having graduated in 2004 when it was a dual championship year was amazing!! But this year was just as special and still wearing my Husky Blue & White down in the sunny state!! CONGRATS

d (windsor): proud of both UCONN teams and the pride they bring to Connecticut

DPeterson (Trumbull): I still have not absorbed it all, beginning with the start of the journey at MSG. The joy you bring to the game is what we've missed. CONGRATULATIONS!!! Well earned.

Huntsville, AL: I can't tell you how proud I am moved to Alabama 13 years ago from Hartford, CT and have been a true fan. I Love UCONN HUSKIES YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST.

NYC: Congrats Boys...well deserved!

Nancy (Cranford): National CHAMPS!!! Much to be proud of. Enjoy the ride. Go Huskies!!!!!!

Patrick (Möckmühl, Germany): Awesome...just amazingly awesome. Thank you guys!!! Bon voyage and rock the campus :-D Best wishes from Germany! PS: und an Niels & Enosch: sauber bleiben Jungs^^

Brandy Baxter Tampa, Florida: I knew you all had the "magic" you could just see it. You all played just an unbelievably superb game. I was so so proud of you.

Matt S, (Milford): Congrats guys, you earned it. You've made us all proud!

Jeff (South Carolina): Had a whiney Gamecock fan get on me about pulling for a big BBall powerhouse against poor ol' Butler" Well maybe you should have pulled against your $3 miliion coach in Football Thanks for shutting these people up...again!

Nancy(Southington): Great job, team! I'm having UConn basketball withdrawal already!

Jay (Boston): Congratulations. You fought for it; you earned it; now it's yours. We'll all savor this ride for a long time. Hey Charles Barkley, Big "Least" laughs last.

Matt (Valley Cottage, NY): Big time fan. You guys are the best. Coach Calhoun is my idol. Congrats on No. 3!!!

Bronx NY: Congrats UConn Huskies and Kemba Walker you the mann

John (NYC): Great run!

susan (saranac lake, ny): congratts to all of the huskies!!! FANTASTIC SEASON! proud to call you all my boys! thanks!

West Hartford: What an inspirational season. As a uconn alumni, I am very proud to be a husky. Congrats!

Kevin (Pittsburgh): Congrats on the win (from a Pitt student) and Jeremy Lamb: you're going places kid.

Weebay (Woodbridge, VA): Historic run began with running through the toughest basketball conference in America - BIG EAST. Then to continue the run in tournament amazing!! Congrats to Coach Calhoun! Kemba see you at next level. Jeremy & Shabazz your next....let's get it!

Steve F, West Columbia, SC: Kudos to the team & Coach Calhoun. It was great following the run.

Wendy (CT): You young men have serious HEART! Thanks for a thrilling season! I did believe from the beginning, cuz I believe Jim Calhoun is the best coach to ever step foot on the court! I love you guys!

Derek: Man that was fun!!!!!

Zack Almarode(Chesterfield,VA): Kemba and Jeremy had anamazing season.Also Alex played well too. Good Luck in the NBA Kemba!

Jane, Burlington: YOU'VE SHOCKED THE WORLD!! Love, love, love, you guys and your coach!! Congratulations! Kemba you will be missed so much!! Thank you!


Sheryl (taftville): Uconn rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Congradulations men 2011 basketball team!

David Zbikowski (Quincy, MA): Congratulations on winning the National Championship. You proved you don't need to be the best team in the Big East. You have made Connecticut a proud state. Thank you for a job well done!!

Andrea, Charlotte NC: Coach Calhoun and the Huskies Teammates are the best in the League. UConn Storrs is one of the best schools in the nation. I am very proud of what this school has become and will continue to uphold. You can make something great of yourselves and you always prove it! God Bless

Dami[Champlin,Mn]: So glad and excited last night when you guys won.I Knew you guys was going to win...because i believe in you guys..GREAT JOB THO....very PROUD...and keep it UP:)

Marcus (Germany): Congrats to the Huskies and especially to Niels and Enosch! Glückwunsch!

Shannon (Middletown, CT): You never fail to make me a proud alum, UConn! Go Huskies! You deserve to carry that title home.

ken (providence): CONGRATULATIONS team for a hard fought season. I always expected and hoped a UConn team would be in the national finals, it just proved to be a different UConn team. Best wishes to the guys and the ladies for a GREAT year!!!!!!!!

Evan McMillan (Tornto): Congrats boys!!

Susan - Groton, CT: Congratulations Coach Calhoun and UCONN Huskies!! Uconn Class of '79

Chris Ferreira (West Hartford): They all said it couldnt be done, WELL WE DID IT! Congrats UCONN!!!!

UCONN: Simply Amazing- you never backed down. Much Love to all of You!!

Fishers, Indiana: Thank you UCONN Huskies for the championship. It is very much appreciated.

Sonny: You guys surprised the heck out of me... Congrats I am really proud of the way you guys played. Champions!!!!!!

Bill (Meriden): Congrats Jim and Team. You make me so proud to say I'm from CT.

alan, bristol ct: kemba and the team congrats all your hard work payed off. coach calhoun you get better with age and are the best coach in the country

El Borrego Encinitas CA.: Proud to fly UConn colors on the west coast.

Jean (Oceanside, CA): Great job guys! Thanks for making this '97 alum proud to be a Husky!

Israel, Derry, NH: I thought you would win it after watching the Maui, and you guys proved me right. Congrats on an awesome year.

Joann (Southbury CT): Congratulations to UCONN Men. GO HUSKIES!!!!!!!

Emily (Simsbury CT): I cant believe it! I love you boys to death thank you so much!!I watched the whole game despite an early wakeup the next day. I will really miss you alot Kemba if you decide to leave. Love you boys alot! <3

Nancy, Lebanon, CT: Way to go Huskies... I have loved this team from the very beginning of the year. You have exceeded everyone's expectations and have been so much fun to watch. What a great run, what a talented team. Congratulations and great job, Jim Calhoun - way to overcome the adversity - always had your back, BTW!

arizona: :)

Elaine (Stamford, CT): Good coaching & team work. DePaul, Georgetown, Pittsburgh, Syracuse, Louisville, Bucknell, Cincinnati, San Diego State, Arizona, Kentucky, Butler

Jim, Phoenix AZ: Awesome season Huskies!!!!! Great playing and coaching from a determined great team.

Thuyvi (Houston, TX): You made this '98 Alumni proud last night! I was there cheering and rooting you on Saturday and Monday at Reliant. Congratulations on the win! You guys are amazing!

Joe K. (Simsbury): Awesome, just Awesome. Way to go Huskies and Coach Calhoun.

kirk [danielson,ct]: this ones for jim!

Stamford, CT: Uconn born and raised! 05 alum!!!congrats to the team! You are all amazing!:)

Carrington (Lexington, Ky.): It feels good to have the UCONN Men back on top....Congrats too all the players, coaches, and staff. #GOHUSKIES !!!!!!!

Dick (54): Sierra Hotel Huskies!!

Jonathan (Jacksonville): Big East on top yet again!!!! Congrats Uconn!

Paul ( Lisbon, Conn): Awesome win baby!!!! one more year Kemba..

Lory (Thomaston): BIG congrats Uconn husky team and coaching staff!! Great run and awesome team playing. My only wish now is Kemba and Maya start dating!! :)

Carla P (Chattanooga, TN): Congrats on your victory. I'm looking forward to next season.

Tiffany (Bartlesville OK): Great Job Huskies!!! I knew it all alone you could do it!!! You deserve it, proud to be a UConn fan all the way in OK I wear the colors proud!

ABC (Abu Dhabi, UAE): CONGRATS from halfway around the world!! Waking up at 5:30am to watch you in the final four and championship game was so worth it! GO HUSKIES!!!!!!!

Jodi, Los Angeles, CA: Congrats to Coach Calhoun, Kemba, & the hard working Huskies from an alum on the West Coast!

Dave, Hamden,CT: Thank you for a geat ride. You are indeed Great Champions!

Athens, Greece: PROUD TO BE A HUSKY!!!!

MJ Chini, St.Petersburg, Fl: A spectacular run of wins..Congrats to all of you. You keep this ex Connecticutite lonesome for home.

Mary K Warwick, RI: Thanks for the best postseason ever!!! Thanks for putting all the controversies to rest with pure hard work determination, and great coaching!!!

Monika: GO UCONN!! Proudly decked in UCONN gear all day today & for the rest of the week!

ricky s boyntin beach fl: I want to congradulate Coach Calhoun and the entire team on a great season. Kemba stay another year.

J Sens - Deltona, FL: Great showing for UConn - next up #4...!!!

Don: live in upstate NY now surrounded by oranges. Congrats Huskies you are the best!!

Joe ( AVON): First the Big East, then a national title. And they said you couldn't do it! CongratS!

Stamford, CT: Great Job UCONN!! Kemba, Jeremy, & Shabazz...you are my inspirations! <3 I love you guys!


Ray from Schenectady,NY: Congrats to UConn!! So proud of you all!!!

Sam (Boston): I was in school in '04 and that championship was amazing and EXPECTED. I admit this one was even better because it was unexpected in the beginning. You all really grew up and made every Husky alumnus and fan proud. COngrats and thank you for the great memories.

Matt (Trenton, NJ): Congrats UConn!! WHAT AN AMAZING SEASON!!

Paul (Milford, CT): Amazing. Couldn't be more proud to be a Husky!!!!!

Joseph (east-hartford): congrats to kemba and jeremy and the rest of the uconn squad we love you all KEMBA WALKER we hope you stay for another year you mean alot to this huskies team!!! enjoy being champions see yah next year for a repeat UCONN! UCONN! UCONN!

Mike, Hartford CT: As an undergrad in 2004 I had the amazing opportunity of cheering on Okafor & crew as they took the championship. I didn't think it would happen again, but this year I came back to UConn tin the MBA program and once again both professors and students alike have been cheering you guys on to your title. Congratulations!!

bill kaiser meriden ct: way to go uconn. you guys rule. kemba please give us one more year and another title

JT Neuffer (Lakewood, OH): Congratulations Coach Calhoun and the men's basketball team for winning the Big East & NCAA tournament. Looking forward to seeing you raise the banner next year.

JJ (Newtown): Always Believed!!!

Carina (Danbury, CT): awesome job! we love you guys <3

former Connecticut resident: **2011 National Championship**

Meriden: Congratulations to you all,may you all go far in the world of Basketball,Kemba you are amazing!Rowena in C.T

Jeff (Birmingham): Go Huskies! CT rez..loving it in the Dirty South!

Jordan (Waterbury, CT): Tucked away in a northern corner of a very small state is a University that has won 3 National Titles!! Yea. I'm a UCONN grad. too. Go Huskies!!!!!

Riverside, ct: Congratulations UConn! We are so proud of the team! The great Coach Wooden would be so proud of this team!

Husky Alum (Warsaw, Poland): Congratulations to coach, kemba and the whole team! What a great gift they have given us! One of the best teams in Uconn history!! made us proud!!

waterbury: good job


NC: I had UCONN winning my bracket and they won your all amazing ROLL HUSKIES

Pat (Stratford): Congrats! What an amazing ride! Kemba, Lamb were great, but Alex was the best player on the court last night.

Jake Parkville: Great job uconn! You did better than Duke,Kansas,Ohio state,and Butler.

Matt (Southington): Never been prouder to be an Alum than this year. Great job guys...from start to finish I had so much fun following you this year. Can't wait to see what happens next year!!!

Don (Louisville): congratulations, you make us proud. Class 71

Rosey (CT): Congrats Huskies!!!! You guys had an amazing season, and proved all the critics wrong!!!! I am so proud of you all. I hope Coach Calhoun and Kemba return to repeat next year!!!! U C O N N UCONN UCONN UCONN!!!!!!! <3

Michelle McCain (Pelham NY): My Mom made me watch the game.Now I am Hooked. You guys are AMAZING!. Go Jeremy and Kemba.

Dave (East Hampton): Congrats on the best tourney run ever. You guys embody a team. This group was so fun to watch this year. I love Uconn basketball and the tradition lives on Thanks for the memories guys. PS (Kemba you still have one year if you want it)

Frankie(Florida: Amazing Ride! Congrats on the title, well deserved!!!!

Jeff (Birmingham): UCONN Grad in Alabama...Loving it!!Especially the SEC victory over KY in football country here!!!

Michael (North Haven): Kemba Walker has done more for his team than any other Huskie has ever done. Calhoun deserves credit for his stud freshman class. Unbelievable run.

Jackie (NJ): Congratulations Huskies!! NO ONE deserves it more than us! I had the time of my life following every single moment..SO proud of all of you!! <3

Craig ( Dallas TX): Congrats Huskies! Coach Calhoun is the top coach in college hoops and has been for decades! Ethics, commitment and honor! Decades of greatness!

James (Takoma Park, MD): I may be in DC but I am UConn through and through. I am so proud of my alma mater. Great Job Guys.

Ben Campbell (Glastonbury): As a proud fan, I just want to say thanks for the memories you produced this season. It has truly been awesome!

Lu and Linda (Middletown): Proud to be a Husky! Congrats, Kemba is the man. Thanks for making this season memorable!

Fairfield CT: Uconn is the best forever and ever. Great job boys

Ryan Boswell(MA): Congrats UCONN wooooooooooooooooooooo


Judy(North Haven,Ct): Congratulations UCONN You are the best enjoy I knew you could do it all. Looking foward to Next Year

Terry (Waterford, CT): Congratulations Uconn! You made CT proud. What a great run you guys had. Always remember this time, even if he seems like you are down you can still come back. Great game! Great bunch of guys!

jack mail: congrats on a great season and championship. the team showed great poise and courage in the amazing run of victories.

Ruth and Bill (Beacon Falls): Great run, guys. Congratulations to all. We live for your games around here. We want you ALL back next year! Right?

West Haven, CT: What an amazing team, and Couch Calhoun did a superb job!! Thank You!! Go Huskies!!

sue (simsbury, ct): Thank You! You are the best! See you at the parade- enjoy all you deserve. Students and parents are so happy for all of you!

Kevin Blanco (Stratford): Congratulations to Coach Calhoun and the team. This has been an amazing season and it has been a thrill to watch your success continue. As a 2002 alum, I am proud to be a member of the UConn family.

Basti Plettenberg (Germany): congrats to the team. You dominated the hole March Madness. Congratulations for Niels & especially Enosch ihr seid ein Teil der besten Mannschaft

Plettenberg Germany: Congrats to the hole team. You dominated the march madness. Congratulations especially for Niels Giffey and Enosch Wolf you are part of the team

Telena Lang: Always knew you were going to win!!<3

Lincoln, NH: Couch Calhoun's passion for this team showed through and through....the end result...National Champions!!!!!!!!!!

Anthony, Greenwich: Congratulations. An amazing accomplishment. 11 victories in 27 days. Awesome.

AmericanGirl (Southbridge,MA): This has been an unbelievably amazing season! I couldn't be more proud to be a HUSKY! Congratulations boys, you worked hard for this and your efforts have certainly paid off! UCONN HUSKIES! Go, Fight, WIN!!!

neil ryan: congrats huskies yo charles ohkandu you are a national champion no one can take that away from you

Richard (Berlin, CT): What a season! A remarkable start and extraordinary finish. Congratulations on a wonderful performance by a young group. This team will win ANOTHER championship. Thanks so much.

Glynnette (Boston): Congratulations to the UConn Huskies Basketball Team! Greatest continues to come out of Storrs, CT!

Stacey (vernon): What an unbelievable finish to a great season! Thank you for all the excitement!

Carol Stevens (East Hartford, CT): Congratulations on a GREAT season!

Mike (Providence, RI): This team really made me proud to be a UConn alum ('78)...you all showed us that fortitude and the will to win can result in the ultimate prize. Way to go Huskies!

Gary Cooper - St. Pete, FL: Go Huskies. We have a whole fan base here...

Deepak (NYC): great run. great story. great team. great coach. great university. thanks to kemba and the crew for a magical run and bringing back the national title to storrs. We take pride in the team's accomplishments!

Pat (Tampa, FL): Was at the Final Four. Greateast weekend of my life. Future looks good. Nutmeg State forever

Tomas M. (California): This has been an unforgettable year. I've been a die hard UCONN fan since 1997 and bringing home number 3 was one of the best feelings I've ever felt!

J.Brown (Perth, Australia): Y-E-S UCONN!! What an amazing year!! It was great to watch.. wish I could have been there!! Congrats Coach and the team!!

Conor (Storrs): Thank you guys for an incredible freshman year. I will always remember this.

Matt (Muskego): Been a fan since I first started watching basketball. Loved it in 04 but this one means the world to me. When I saw the lineup was mostly freshmen, and Kemba not a superstar yet, I had my realistic hopes. Then I fell in love with this team all over again and when it came bracket time, it was live and die with the Huskies. Thank you guys for making the Husky Nation proud. Talent, Desire, Continuity, and being a Family, that's what it takes to win and the Huskies have it!

John- Frederick,MD: You all should of lost! You all are reckless!!

Bill S (Syracuse): I am so proud to be a UCONN fan.I was born and raised in CT but have continued to follow the Huskies from Syracuse, NY for the last 15 years.I have "UCONNFN" NY plates that I will never give up.Great season Guys and Gals! UCONN FAN FOREVER!

Fort Lauderdale: Graduated 05! Was there for the dual championship with men/womens! Love my HUSKIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Jim (Sewell, NJ): How sweet it is!!!

ken lucier alex va: what a ride! thanks for the memories!

John Curran-Frederick,MD: WAY TO GO UCONN!


Tom (Meriden): Congratulations on an exciting season and an unbelievable stretch run. Kemba and cast were awesome. I hope Coach Sellers will also get a ring.

Bryan (Asheville, NC: Good job winning the championship. Good defense! Frame those shirts

Denver, Colo.: Congrats on an excellent tournament.

JJ (CT): Way to go Uconn! Lamb's gonna lead us to another title next year!!!

Paula Bethesda, MD: Congrats to all of the Huskies, Coach Calhoun and the assistant staff! What an amazing run. Thanks to Kemba and the rest for putting the madness back into March!

Jesse Ude (Benton,IL): I became a big of the huskies when they won their first title against duke i was a freshman in high school i was happy when they won their second title in 04 but winning their third championship THAT is special i'm glad i became a huskie

Ariana(Syracuse): CONGRATULATIONS UCONN . Kemba you did a wonderful job and i can not wait to attend UCONN in the fall

Diane ( Maine): Great job, hard work paid off, there are Uconn alums up here who are proud of you! Kemba is ready for prime time!

Pat (Wakefield,RI): Coach, Kemba and the boys..thanks for the great memories!!! Looking forward to next year!!!

Ettore Rossetti (Shelton, CT): Congrats Huskies on 3rd championship!! You deserve it. Proud to be an alum ('92) and CT resident.

Kelsey(CT): Can you say represent!? You all did great with the help from an amazing coach! You guys deserve to be called the Champs (:

Storer Family (Providence): Congrats, boys, what a season! Of the many great ones that I've been proud to be a UConn fan and member of the UConn family, this has been one of the most incredible. Coach Calhoun, thanks for bringing excellence to Storrs!

SirJaden (Gso): UCONN is the best that has ever done it!!!1 We have set all kinds of records, continue the great work. Great job on our 3rd NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP!!!

SirJaden (Gso): Who said being the best was easy!! Congratulations Husky men and woman, for setting the bar. keep up the great work coach Auriemma and coach Calhoun.


JT (Seymour, CT): Great tournament run by a Great team led by a Great Coach!

Dionne (Raleigh, NC): As an alum living in ACC country can be tough so it was awesome to see the Huskies take it all! What an incredible run from the Big East Tournament to the Championship. Congrats

Overland Park, Kansas: Congrats on the great run, always watching UConn wherever I live.


UCONN Fans( RI): Kemba -- great spirit and leadership! Coach Calhoun -- thank you for all you do for UCONN -- Medical Center as well!

wendy (charlottesville, va): Congratulations! Great, historic run! so proud to be an alum!

Wilmington,NC: Ct is my home, NC is where I live...HUSKIES is forever my team..Congrats HUSKIES, your the best all around!!!!!

greg elek east hartford ct: way to go uconn this was the most memorable season for me it brightened my year even more uconn nation forever!!!

Darien: Winning, and graduating in three years. Kemba, we're proud of a true student athlete.


Liam Murphy Oradell,NJ: You guys rock!!!!! GO HUSKIES Kemba walker is the greatest player of all time!!

Brian (San Diego, CA): Proud CT native . . . congrats and thanks for all the memories. Thank you for shutting up all the west coast haters!!! Word.

Eli (Meriden): unbelievable effort and toughness by you guys. way to go..

john (clermont, fl): congrats kamba best husky ever jim calhoun best coach ever

Marquis (Bridgeport): Congrats on the Big East title and National Championship..Proud to be a Uconn fan for life!

Linda CT: This year was like a MAGICAL tour!!! You guys were stupendous and made us BELIEVE!!! I hope you all felt our passion for all of you. Same time - next year!

Jason(Rapid CIty, SD): I'm out west and miss being back home but watching you boys play this year was absolutely awesome!! Unreal how well you played at the RIGHT times!!

Mark G. (Tacoma, WA): Coach Calhoun: The program you've developed, with its winning ways, has brought so much joy to UCONN fans. You've "shocked the world" this year.

Nick (Corvallis, OR): Thanks for the greatest, most exciting season ever. You mean so much to us fans and you give us something to be proud of.

Kramer (PA): Jimmer may have won the POY award, but Kemba won the trophy that really matters. Good luck in the future Kemba!!

greg elek east hartford ct: way to go uconn this was the most memorable season for me it brightened my year even more uconn nation forever!!!
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