June 18, 2018
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Congratulate the Huskies!

The Connecticut Huskies are the 2010 NCAA women's basketball champions!! UConn beat Stanford 53-47 to become the first Division I team ever to post back-to-back undefeated seasons.

Send your congratulations to the Huskies now!

Please note that each submission will be reviewed before it is posted on this page.

Robert: Congratulations, Huskies!!! What an accomplishment!

Erin D. ( Liberty NY): Congrats!! Great hustle out there you guys show true heart!

Kevin (North Haven CT): Congratulations to the Uconn Women another perfect season and 78 wins. Once again congrats goes out to Uconn

Dana (Ballston Spa, NY): I have been a fan since the 7th grade (I'm now 23 years old). Thank you for continuing to up the standard of womens basketball & Congrats on being NATIONAL CHAMPS!!! U-C-O-N-N UCONN UCONN UCONNNNNNN!!!!

Mitch (Chicago): You ladies are legit with a capital L. Well done!

Ashley (Storrs): Love you girls!

Diane (Somerset): Congratulations from a very proud UConn Mom. You showed perseverance and determination throughout the whole season...you never gave up even when you were far ahead in any given game. You truly are role models! Enjoy your Championship!

Madison (Greenville, NC): Caroline Doty is beastly! Great job!

Maureen (Brockton, MA): Congrats!! I am never disappointed and I am ALWAYS proud to be a UConn Women's basketball fan!! Well done!

Karen D (Ridgefield): Congrats to the Huskies players and coaches - this was another fun season to watch and historic - perfection is so sweet. Can't wait to be at the parade. This game tonight shows the heart and determination.

Dawn (Marlborough): Great Job Huskies!!!!!!!

Marc (Miami, FL): You define what it means to be TEAM - the bar for all sport globally! CONGRATS on defeating a tough team that had you all in their crosshairs!!

Lenoir, NC: Your hard work, dedication, & teamwork are wonderful examples to young athletes. Great job! Can't wait to see you in Chapel Hill next year! U-C-O-N-N!

Mauro (New York): What an incredible story you guys are! You deserve your place in history and are a great motivation for all young women and men out there! Congrats!

Sarah (New London, CT): AWESOME GAME!!!!!!!

Joe (Goldsboro, NC): Congratulations to You lady Huskies and Coach. I have been a fan since 1995. You have made us so very Proud!

Tim (Storrs): You girls are AMAZING!!!!

Cuppy in Marlborough CT: Congratulations! Go Huskies!!! Tough start but you guys pulled it off at the end and thats what counts. Thanks for the Awesome RIDE!!!!!!!

Letieia (Georgia): Way to go UCONN....Congrats

Kevin (ESPN Chicago): UConn forever! Been a fan since the first undefeated season! Jen Rizzotti, now Maya Moore www.uconnhuskies.com!!!

Naples, Fl.: No got the message tonight. GO UCONN

Lauren (Viera, FL): Congratulations girls! Another perfect season, another championship! Let's do it again next season!

Romona (Kirkwood, MO): I have 2 daughters, 10 and 13, who are basketball players. All of you have truly been inspirations for them. Thank you and congratulations.

Brenda(Bayard,NE): Awesome girls! Way to go! Thanks for making UCONN stand out in Nebraska!

Dr. MAW - Andover: Congratulations to an amazing team!

Naples, FL.34109: No question. We got the real message tonigt.GO HUSKIES

Laguna Hills, California: Paul: I'm old and that first half made me older. Way to turn it around. So proud.

Scott (las Vegas): Yippee!


Kelly (Milford): Nobody but UCONN.

Tiffany (Norwich, CT): I have been a UConn fan since I can remember! CONGRATS GIRLS! BRING THAT TROPHY HOME:) Connecticut Loves you!!!!

Stephanie (Chapel Hill, NC): Congratulations! Y'all played like champs - and were so much fun to watch ALL SEASON.

Cheryl (Ashford): Congratulations ladies; your toughness and spirit shine!

AnneMarie (East Hartford,CT): CONGRATS TO THE CHAMPIONS!!!! Been a fan since 1995 and this is the best EVER!!!!

Jay Canney (Meriden, CT): You women are the best! You make our state great!

Olive, Wethersfield: You go, girls! Thank you so much for a wonderful season. You make Connecticut so proud!

grace & david (pawcatuck,ct,): thanks for another perfect season! congratulations!

Kelly (Chicago): A well deserved win! Congrats Huskies!

Louisville, KY: Congratulations Ladies! In one word ... AMAZING! You guys rock! Congratulations Coach Auriemma! Maya Moore, you are a beast! Tina Charles, you should be the #1 draft pick. I look forward to watching you this summer. Congratulations again ladies! OUTSTANDING!

Matt (Blacksburg, VA): Congratulations Huskies! It is truly incredible what you ladies have been able to accomplish. Keep up the hard work and there will be no roof to how great you can be. GO HUSKIES!!

Phil: ...1995, 2000, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2009... 2010 NCAA NATIONAL CHAMPIONS!!!! ...couldn't be more proud of the seniors and the rest of the team.

taylor middlebury, ct: love you girls amazing game you deserve it!!!!

Nadia and Nevaeh (Hollywood, FL): Congrats ladies!! I am so proud of you all. You played a great game. Tina, Kalana and the rest of the seniors you will be missed!! Love you all

Rose(chicago): Way to go Uconn! Congrats on the back to back perfect seasons!


A. Murry (Jamaica, New York: When the going gets tuff the tuff gets goin CHAMPION ALWAYS

Wendell (Waco,TX): congradulations on your two straight undefeated seasons try to make it 3

mountain vew,CA: grew up in CT and had no doubt you'd win today - no one blocks shots like TIna and hits shots like Maya! - Great job!!!

Eileen (Moultonboro NH): Congratulations Huskies! Tonight you demonstrated the true meaning of the word "champion"!


Andrea (NJ): Congratulations ladies!!!!! Been following UConn since I was in 6th grade, I have Coach Auriemma's book and was able to meet him when he came to my university two years ago to speak to the athletes. Thank you for continuing to inspire young girls around the world!!! Good luck with the rest of your careers!!!

Rachel (Storrs): I LOVE YOU LADIES!!! great season and congratulations!!!

Joan: thanks for showing the nation why you are Ct best export-toughest and grace poise under pressure-great spirit-enjoy your reward

Joan Jacobson: Class of 1968. You girls are AMAZING !! You do us all proud !!!!! CONGRATULATIONS !!!!

Anthony (oaklyn, nj): what a season!! i love this team!

Leslie (Seymour): Way to go girls! You make us all so proud. You showed real heart tonight!

Kathy (Havre, MT): Way To Go Huskies!!! Awesome Game and Well-Deserved Victory!! Congrats to Everyone.....You'll Be back Next year!

Kristen: Ahh..my Huskies..undefeated Champions yet again. Congratulations :D Couldn't be more proud of you all!!

St. Louis, MO: Congrats! It was a great game. I am an old jock from the 70's that didn't get to play girls' sports, so it was so much to watch! Love everyone!

Valerie Poppa (Dayton, OH): Way to stay focused and determined, you have reached perfection, enjoy it!!! Congrats, we'll miss you seniors!

goddess (Charlotte NC): congrats ladies. you guys did your thing. i perdicted yesterday that you guys were gunna be down by the end of the 1st half but at 2nd half you guys were gunna get your stuff 2gether. maya moore is my IDOL. i love her. i plan 2 go 2 UCONN and hopefully be coached by Geno. i think he is a very good coach.

Arnett (Jamaica, New York: Champions Always Uconn Ladies Great coaching Geno

Katelyn Cornwall: Way to go! Your the players who influence us younger players to push hard and never give up! Your the players whined say I wanna be that good when I grow up. Congrats on the 78-0! We'll miss u next year seniors!!

Jax (Lakeland, Fl.): Way to go!!

Pam (Lexington,MA): You do Connecticut Proud!! Awesome game and the season, an accomplishment for the record books!!! Well done!

Tim (Fort Worth, TX): Tina, you will be missed. Congratulations on a 4th perfect season, 78 consecutive games, and a senior class that was sent out the right way. You truly are AMERICAS team! i love you UCONN thanks for making Women's Basketball worth watching.

Daniel (NY): Congratulations! Huskies! I am proud of being a husky

Pawleys Island, SC: Thanks for the memories and for an exciting season. To the seniors our best wishes. Sincerely, Joan & Mitchell Coleman

Candace(Indianapolis): Congrats Ladies! Great season! Can't wait until next year! Go Kelly Faris:)

waterbury: thanks

Kathleen (Weston): I can't put into words how proud I am of all of you. You are wonderful role models. I've followed the team since the early 1990s and plan to continue to do so regardless of where I live in the future.

elijah ( witchita falls): from a solider who strives for perfection in every aspect of his mission, you all proved perfection is no longer intangible... HOOAH!!!

Keshia( New Rochelle,NY): Congrats ladies! way to step it up in the second half!

Frank (Hudson NH): Simply AMAZING!!!!!! You are the Pinnacle of not only the womens game but the game of basketball itself!!

E. Wallingford, VT: Congratulations...I saw all from Vermont...you couldn't have done better!!!

David UConn'88 (Simsbury): WOW! Pretty sneaky, play like most of your opponents, then turn it on. Great second half. Thank you Maya ,Tina & Geno and cudos to the seniors.Congratulations on a awesome season. UCONN UCONN UCONN!!!!

Jared C (Newark, NJ): Congratulations to all of you. You're amazing. 78-0 That's untouchable. Great comeback, that is how Champions respond.

Trish M. (South Glastonbury CT): Congratulations! You are an awesome team, with emphasis on 'team' which is your secret to success!

Dan (Storrs): Yet to see the ladies lose while a student, and dont plan on it any time soon. Nice job girls!

Angel (Broomall, PA): Here's to you women of Class! and Coach Auriemma.


Mary (Hartford, CT): Congratulations on a amazing accomplishment! What a way for the seniors to end their time at UConn -- you are the best!

Mr. Reginald, Lynchburg, VA: Outstanding. You all did with class and style. You all are wonderful.

Pei (Bolingbrook, IL): Congrat! I am so worried and couldn't watch the second half!!!

Sheree (Auckland New Zealand): Kia Ora (hello) Congratulatins on a well deserved win. You deserve all the glory. Great record Great team Great Season

Kara Canton Ohio: Way to go Huskies, You are the best, Congrats !!!

Madeline (McDonough, GA): Great determination and team work! Congrats to the 2010 NCAA National Champs!

Dan (Manchester, CT): You aimed for it, worked your butts off for it, and you GOT IT... Congratulations! Seniors, you'll be missed but, as have so many who've gone before you, you'll continue to be great ambassadors for UConn... Once a Husky, always a Husky!

Franklin- VA.: Way to go Huskies! Great job...

Jason (Lake George, NY): How do you define perfection? 78-0

Diana (Storrs): Way to go girls!!! you proved that you are champions and perfect tonight!

Carol (Branford): You are awesome. The very best. You should know my 94 year old Mom watches you from the nursing home! They all love you there! Congratulations!!

Dani (Milwaukee, WI): Congrats on a great season. Oops, congrats on two great seasons. This comes to you from a Marquette fan.

DIana (Storrs): Way to go girls!! You proved that you are perfect and true champions!!! CONGRATS!!

Middletown: Great skill in holding on during a hard press ; then got your game back...and won. Love to watch you girls play. Congratulations Mrs. Roberts

Mallory (Storrs, CT): You are women WARRIORS, Lady Huskies!!! You all ROCK and work so hard and deserve it!!! Congrats, champs!

Jalessa (CapeMay,NJ): You ladies did an awesome job..MYA MYA what a great season.

Deborah (Vienna, VA): Way to go Huskies!! Y'all are amazing! So proud to be the daughter of a proud alum :]

Barb &Frank Ft, Myers Fla.: We are so excited for u all. We are so proud of u all...... Great year.....Hey Geno, another one next year? Enjoy each moment......

Carol S. (E. Hartford): CONGRATULATIONS!!

Jodi (Omaha): Congrats to Geno and company - an historic achievement that deserves a standing ovation.

Robyn (Merrick, NY): Forever a Husky!!! Couldn't be prouder! Let the haters hate.. U-C-O-N-N UCONN UCONN UCONN!!!!! LET'S MAKE IT 3!!!

Elizabeth (Germantown, KY): No matter where i live i will stand tall and let everyone know I'M A UCONN FAN!! Congratulations on another great year! I will always be proud of UCONN no matter what and good luck in all that you all do in the future!!

Timothy Mpanje (Ann Arbor, Michigan): UCONNN BASKETBALL! Best College Basketball team in the World as of 2009-2010 Season. 77 Straight ya Digg?

Pam (Seattle, WA): Congrats Huskies on another GREAT season!

Shana (Washington, DC): Congrats! See you at the White House :)

Middletown: J.R. _ What a win! What a season! What a team!

Emily (St. Clairsville, OH): Congratulations uconn huskies on 78 wins and 7 national titles. And a great game by Caroline Doty.


Cindy- Moorestown, NJ: AMAZING- What more can I say. CONGRATS!!!!!!!

Jennifer (New Orleans, LA): Congrats Huskies on another perfect season. Love you guys!!!

Middletown: Congratulations to "the best" We will miss watching you all play. Earl

Traci (Nashville): I Love UCONN Women's Basketball! Thanks for another great season. Way to go!

Parini Shah (Storrs): Thank you so much for making this the most wonderful year to graduate. This was the best year ever to watch you all play. Go Huskies!

John (MA): You ladies are dynamic, dynamite, and amazing. Great work; you make the UConn community proud!

Barbara ( Salem, Va ): Congrats Lady Huskies!! Ya'll deserve it!! Been a fan for a while & seeing ya'll win a national title NEVER gets old!! Enjoy it!! GO HUSKIES! :)

Rich L (Southington): Congrats Girls!! You always make us proud. One more & we tie the Evil Empire

Rich L (Southington): Congratulation Girls! You always make us proud. One more & we tie the Evil Empire!

Chuck from Newport RI: WoW!! What a ride..congratulations to the coaches, players and staff of the Champions.

Ron & Val (Naugatuck): Congrats to All of You! You make all of us proud to say that we're UCONN Huskies fans! Keep the rythm going!


Brian (originally Waterbury): Someone recently asked me if it got boring being a UConn fan. I told them it was about as boring as watching Secretariat win the Triple Crown by 31 lengths. You ladies are the same kind of phenomenal, answering the last remaining question tonight - that you can win the ones that get slogged out in the mud, too. CONGRATULATIONS! You really are the greatest!

Dick (Newtown, CT): Thanks for everything!!You gals ROCK. Love ya!!!

Liltyra: ILUconn ILU-maya moore, tina charles, tiffany hayes &&Geno Aeriemma

Pat (Trumbull): WOW !! Such determination, such hard work, such class, such TEAMwork. You are the best team EVER in sports and deserve the best congratulations. I am so proud to be a HUSKY !!!!!!!!

Carol (Columbia): Thank you to the HUSKY WOMEN NATIONAL CHAMPIONS, coaches and staff, practice team, office staff, cheerleaders, HUSKY MASCOT, band members, great student body, custodians, arena staff, security folks, UCONN Administrators, Alumni and all the CT taxpayers who support UCONN. Let's celebrate, Connecticut!

Andy (Honolulu, HI): Congratulations! I understand what hard work can do for you. You Lady Huskies are a beautiful thing. You make me proud. Dog for life! Whoo!

Dan (Hamden Ct): Roses are red.... Violets are blue.... What's sweeter than 1 national championship? Back to back perfection for #2. Go Huskies!!!

Dacula, GA: done with class and grace. congratulations

freddie castro san diego ca: Congrats huskies!..simply the best...I am your #1 FAn sice 1992....you make me proud... What an inspiration.... *)

Andy (Santa Cruz, CA): Congratulations from the west coast UConn fan base. Today's game was one of the more spectacular turn arounds in basketball, and it showed why you guys are the champs. I'm proud to be an alum!

David (Middletown, CT): Congratulations on a fantastic comeback, an unbelievable victory, an astonishing season! Perfection! I am so proud of all of you and proud to be a UCONN HUSKY! WOO! HOO!

Rich (Statesboro): 78 and counting. The greatest achievement in recent sports. Way to gut it out tonight. What a great defense. All year long, every possession. You are a credit to UConn and to sports generally.

Charlie Blairsville Ga: Congratulations from an old grad (58) on your spectacular victory. Great sportsmanship was rewarded

Morrisville, VT: What an outstanding comeback.. and what perfection. Congratulations to you all!!

Kim (Coventry, CT): EXCELLENT!!!!

Anna (Stamford, CT): Congratulations to your perfect season! Thank you for bringing such pride to all of Connecticut!

Joan Kershaw (San Diego,CA): You ALL are the MOST fabulous! What a great season capped with a fantastic tournament. KUDOS to you all!!!!

Pattie, Branford, CT: Congratulations Huskies! I was never in doubt you would not pull off the win. You all have shown that there is no "I" in team.that is the secret to your success. Great role models to our young people. Love you guys and good luck to the seniors!

Alexus (Capitol Heights. MD): Congrats Huskies!!! I knew you could do it. You all inspire me to give 110% in not just basketball, but in everything that i do. Keep up the good work.

Vernon, CT: Congrats.....way to go...you make us and the State so proud...what a nerve-wrecking game for us old peopole. Reinie C.

Laurie (Bridgeport, CT): Congratulations on an excellent season capped by a gritty performance in the finals!

Cheryl (Richmond, VT): PERFECTION! Congrats ladies-you are amazing! Proud of you all and proud to be a HUSKY!

Pamm (Bridgeport, CT): Congratulations, UConn !!! You always play a better second half. You girls are truly amazing and will always be remembered. From, your #1 Fan ...

Phil (Etna, NH): Great job UConn!!

Ilona & Fred, Largo, FL: Way to go, Huskies!! We are sooooo proud of you! You are an inspiration to all young women. We love you!!

Saint Louis: UCON HUSKIES!! 2010 NCAA CHAMPS!! Excellent Season!! It gets no better than this. I'm buying my team jersey now!!!!

Amy (Hamden, CT): Congratulations on your unbelievable run! To the seniors leaving you will be missed. Maya we have you for one more year!!! God Bless!

Silvija (Dartmouth, MA): CONGRATULATIONS to the team, coaches and staff for ANOTHER fantastic season. You make us proud to be UCONN fans ! CHAMPIONS in every sense of the word !

mal casway west hartford,ct: it goes to show with hard work and determination what can happen, congradulations

Alex (Bristol): AMAZIN! Great job Ladies

catherine (port perr): wow!! well done ladies - so sad that we don't get the coverage here that the boys teams get

Randy(Broomfield, Co): Coaches and players- just an outstanding job this year.

Michelle (Westport): Got to love those Ladies. Now what do we do, before the 2010/2011 seaons starts?

Perky (Southwick, MA): Everyone in Southwick is thrilled with your victory and SO proud of all of you!

Abdula (Hartford): Yous ladys did a great job - Hope you can keep wining next year

April (Shutesbury, MA): As a woman who remembers pre-title 9 and the ridiculous rules for women's basketball in the '50s and '60s, I am so proud of your accomplishments! You do us all proud. I love you guys.

Diane Medford,Ma: Congrats to the girls and the BEST Coach of the past 2 Years.Excellent Job.

Peter & Sharon Barton VT: Congratulations. What a heart stopper that game was. You showed great courage. The only bad thing about living in VT's NEK is that we get to see so few of your games.

Carol (Port Richey, FL): Congratulations Huskies! You make us proud. Your grit and perserverence are wonderful to watch!

Steve (Templeton, CA): WOW, 78 straight, 2 National Titles in a row undeafeated. Hope you get to UCLA's 88 straight. My 11 year old daughter wants to play for Geno!!!!!!!!!!!!!

David (Donostia - Spain): Congratulations! Huskies!Great seasson!

Dennis (Cocoa,Florida): Way to go lady huskies.You deserve it after that year.Congratulations and see you again next season.

Jay (Chandler, AZ): Congratulations on another incredible year. My father did not get a chance to see you continue this amazing run, but I know that he was smiling from heaven tonight watching you overcome adversity. Thank you again for your hard work and professionalism. You play the game with the utmost respect and passion. It is truly a blessing to watch. Good Luck next year, my daughter and I will be cheering you on - Go UCONN!

Eddy Satriya (Jakarta, Indonesia): Thanks God. What a sweet season. I graduated Uconn at 1997 MA in Economic Program. Knowing Huskies secured another tittle really made me want to fly to Storrs as soon as possible. Congrats to big team, and I am so proud of all of you guys. Go..go Huskies Go!

Lynn (Tucson, AZ): Thank you for winning your 7th national title on my mother's 87th birthday. Congratulations to you all!

Rob (San Francisco, CA): Congrats ladies! Unbelievable season. What an accomplishment. So proud as an UCONN alum. You guys represented the school well. Let's do it again next year and get past that 88 game winning streak.

Angel (Santa Isabel, P.R.): Congratulations on another great season! See you next season!!

Storrs: I am sitting here in East Jerusalem when I read the UConn won. I am so proud to be a HUSKEY!!! Ruth O.

E.Nunez ( Hartford,CT ): Maya "Money" Moore M.V.P. Thank You for Stepping it up and bringing that trophy back home and If your reading this i hope you get to sign my uconn basketball of fame ima toss it up to you the day of the parade

Nina (Manila, Philippines): Congratulations! You guys showed a lot of fight and a ton of heart! Well deserved. 11-0 to start next season!

Mo (Coventry CT): On the edge of my seat the whole game! Incredible effort. All the best to all the BEST!

Jim in Preston: You've made a whole state proud again. Congratulations and thanks for all you do!

Cheri (Storrs): The gang at the Bursar's Office are so proud of all of you. Savory the moment.

rob (Sheldon Springs, VT): You girls rock!!! Another proud alum!

Eva Hendersonville, NC: Congratulations, Job well done. Great achievement. We had season tickets until we moved to NC but still can listen to all your games.

Andy (Buena NJ): I was raised in Hartford conn, and have watched both programs develop for the men's and the women. But I have to say, you ladies make me very proud!. Your accomplishments are well deserved,as well as respected. ESPN started a program one day, that stated the best team in all of sports is not the New York Yankees, not the Los Angeles Lakers, and not the Dallas Cowboys, they also said no team has a chance to beat them. I was not sure who the heck they were talking about, until they said the mighty Uconn huskies ladies basketball team WOW! that's just amazing respect.

Chris (Lenox,MA): Congrats Ladies!

Mike (Sparta, NJ): Great job girls, it has been fun watching you this year!

nancy (milford): You showed real steel to come back and forge ahead- real champs! congratulations

Onawa (Clarksburg, MD): You rocked it ladies!! I have an young baller in training and maybe one day she'll join this amazing team. Congrats to all of you!!

Donna & Marty ( Torrington, CT ): You represent hard work, determination and are great role models. Your demeanor and ability to speak in front of a camera or before a crowd is just as impressive. Congradulations !

Jess (San Diego): Way to go ladies! We're all proud of you! You guys rock!

Gloria (Wauchula,FL): It was geat watching history be made in college women's basketball!!CONGRATS on making history and setting a new tone for all women athletes! Charles was a beast on the defense end & Moore can NOT BE STOPPED!

Greg (Lake Hiawatha,NJ): Congrats Ladies on a Phenomenal season, so much fun to watch. I'll miss the Seniors but what a way to ride out!!!

Andy (Metuchen, NJ): What an unbelievable accomplishment. Back to Back undefeated Seasons!!!

James (Martinez, CA): Ladies - Win or Lose last night-you are all winners. Thanks for providing us with another great memory. Good luck and good byr, Jacquie, Kaili, Tina and Meghan.

BRT (Manchester): What joy and pride you give your fans. I love you.

Bill & Diane (Holmen, WI): Way to go UCONN! We watched every game out here this year and are so very proud of your accomplishments. WHO LET THOSE DOGS OUT!

Ro (Alton, NH): You are proof-positive that defense is the pathway to success. Once a Husky fan, always a Husky fan -- no matter where I live!

Bob New Haven: Thank you for illuminating the truth that hard work, team play and a positive attitude does pay off. Congrats to a great group of women and a coach that made it all happen!

Bob Sherman: Love the hustle, the unselfishness and the "D"! CONGRATULATIONS

Betty, Pleasant View TN: I think your win streak and national championship is great and will only add to women's sports in all field, and that is great!

Samantha (Boston, MA): you guys have been amazing this year, i was so happy that you capped off the undefeated season with a national title. You deserved it all!!

Newburgh NY: Great job Uconn good team work and exellant coaching you should be very proud of yourselfs

New Windsor, NY: Joanna great job Uconn if anybody could do it its Uconn great team work and great coaching you should be very proud of yourselfs

Jim (Ledyard): Great job!! I don't know how you can stand heads and shoulders above the rest for so long, but you ladies certainly defined the meaning of the word "tenacity". A lot teams (even professional) would have crashed and burned!!! Once again...Congrats. All your hard work has paid off and you should be very proud.

Marisa Fresno CA: Congrats UCONN. What a grea Bball program you guys have. WOmens bball has gone a long way!! Looking forward to next season already!!

Gary, Shelton, CT: Congratulations girls, on your Season!

Lynette(Wallingford): CONGRATULATIONS GIRLS!!!! What a year and season ending game you gave us fans. You make us proud!

Sally, Waterbury: Totally Awesome!!!!! Congratulations to all the players, it's certainly a season to remember!! Just love Uconn Basketball. have a great summer everyone.

Jonelle (New York, NY): Fantastic job Lady Huskies, and Coach Auriemma! You continue to create an excellent legacy for UConn and the state of Connecticut! Well done!

Jennifer (Bolton, CT): CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Great Season, thanks for taking us on such a magical ride! You are not only great ball player, but students and role models.... what more can we ask for! Seniors, we will miss you! Tina we will be seeing you at the SUN games! GO HUSKIES!!!!

Sylvia Stevens: Congratulation Huskies. You had a fantastic season and we in Connecticut hold you as the greatest team and are happy for you that you made it all the way. WAY TO GO!!!!

Sue - Glastonbury: Way to go girls!!!! You're the best.

Sharon St. Petersburg, FL: Congratulations on another fabulous victory... from a CT transplant now in Florida...makes me very proud!

Bridgeport: GREAT AMBASSADORS FOR THE GAME !! Congrats on the Victories.... OH Me OH MAYA

Gayle (Bpt): TRUE BLUE! Congrats on the great come back - just like true CHAMPS. Ladies BB very exciting to watch - true to the game.

Shallotte, NC: WOW!Great season! What a team of fine young women you are. Congratulations on your victory(ies0. You all are such an inspiration for girls everywhere.

Kiana(Fairbury): Way to Go Huskies!!!!!!!!....Congrats on a Great Season

Lisa B (Bowling Green, OH): CONGRATULATIONS LADIES!!!! You make me proud to be a Husky!!!!

Maureen (Branford): Great job to all - congrats on a well deserved title! And thanks for all the joy you gave me in watching you play all year!

Laurie-Seattle: I told my mother and sister at halftime that UCONN would win. Because we have Maya and...

Linda Wallinford, CT: I wish I was there to see the win.You have been such a pleasure to watch all season. I knew you would do it.

Rocky Point NY: Congrats.. Love watching the games.

Summer (Harford): Proud To Be A Connecticutian ♥

Matthew (NYC): !!!! U C O N N uconn uconn uconn!!! wassssup giiiirrls!

Jill, Stamford: Couldn't be prouder to be UConn fan as I am today. Congratulations.

Pat (Watertown, CT): TWICE IS NICE !!

Mike (Stonington): OUTSTANDING! The whole state is proud of you girls.

Greg (Westlake, Ohio): Unbelievable show of what a true champion can do. What a performance. I put "Lost" and "V" in the background to watch the game. No regrets. I'm so proud of this team. It doesn't matter where I am, I'll always be a Husky fan.

Vicki (Stratford): Congratulations UCONN Huskies!! All of your hard work and dedication has paid off. What great role models you are!!

Ally (Bethel, CT): Congratulations!!!! I grew up in CT watching UConn and wanting to play for Geno. As a college student in San Antonio it was an incredible experience to be at the game and share that with you!!!

Brenda (Jacksonville Tx): Congratulations for the back to back wins. Job well done ladies.

Bob (Port Orange, fl): Congratulations, a true team, head and shoulders above all

Atkinson Family (Durham): Awesome job ladies. Congrats on winning back-to-back championships and for being undefeated 2years in a row!!!

Fred (San Jose, CA): Most excellent! Congrats to the whole team and especially Maya the Magnificent. Living near Stanford, I was getting tired of their blither about how they were going to win a national championship this year.

Twana, PA: Great comeback and congratulations on making history.

Marc S. (Oakland, CA): You made us proud -- way to go!

Denise (CT): First 1/2 I wasn't worried, but I did have to keep getting air on the deck! Was that just to make the game more exciting - cause it worked! Love you all and have fun at the White House!

Ortique family: Congratulations to the best team in the Country

Jorge, hartford, CT: ¡Salud Campeonas! También los hispanos que vivimos en CT nos sentimos felices y orgullos por este nuevo título. Felicitaciones! Viva UConn!!

storrs, ct: WTG girls awesome job.

Philip, Norwich, ct: Congratulations, amazing!!

Linda - Easton: This team has made such an impact of SO MANY PEOPLE of all difference ages and from all parts of the US. Just look at these posts ---- from everywhere! Your teamwork is magnificent, your spirit is undeniable, and your prowess is remarkable! You have made your mark and raised the bar….. everyone knows UCONN from the WOMEN’S basketball program. HOORAY!!!!!!! See you at the parade!

Frankie(Florida): What a game! you guys are awesome!

Brian D Plainville, Ct: Congrats to the best women's basketball team in the country.

Andrew (Frederick MD): YAY!! LOVE YOU ALL! Bring us other National Championships next year!

Debbie (Amherst MA): You had us worried for a while there, we forget what a close game feels like! Congratulations on a great result, you're the best!

Mike (Anchorage): UCONN girls - something special. Great game. Good luck to all of you in the future.

Marie(New york): MAYA MOORE IS THEE BEST PLAYER AT UCONN!!! She stepped up and gave it 100% and the team came back atfer that including Tina Charles, Caroline Doty, & Tiffany Hayes..78-0 lets keep it up for another perfect season and another NCAA Championship!! I'll be there in a few years =)

Moose..Scarborough, Maine: Awesome recovery..amazing year..great victory. Thanks for a good season !!!

Frank & Bev: Class act! Congrats.

Alan (Hartford): Way to go, Huskies! You are fabulous role models for our daughters and make us all proud ... over and over again!

Christine New Milford, Ct: The reason I went to Uconn was because of the athletics and pride that the school shows. Connecticut truly is the state for the best Women's Basketball. Congrats.

Liz (Cape Cod): You make UConn Alumni Proud!

Belissa (Austin, TX): CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! Great talent and great hearts = BEST TEAM IN THE COUNTRY....AGAIN!!!!!

Diann (Trumbull): What a game, what a season! Thank you for filling so many minutes with the best entertainment on TV. You are GREAT for the game!

Ronald (Seattle, WA): I am PROUD to be from Connecticut! Thank you for your committment to academic and sports excellence. My grandmother (your #1 fan) is up in heaven smiling!

Ann Arbor, MI: Applause, Applause! Congratulations on your record and championship. You are an amazing group of talented athletes. I'm impressed with your skills, teamwork, dignity, and tenacity! Kudos!

Kathy (Fairfield): Congratulations! Lady Huskies and coaches. What a thrilling game. Best of luck to all of the seniors.

len LA Calif. '74: Congrats. Again. You make us all proud in Huskie Nation. Great Team. Great Coaching. Great Victory.

Pat (Wallingford): Simply the Best! Congratulations to each one of you! You proved to the country who is and will always be #1 in women's basketball! Now on to win #79!

Lenny (Scotland Ct ): Great Job, have been a fan from the start. Hope to see you and Geno get to "88" and then the next. Thanks for a great season.

Ed C (Shelton): Congrats to the greatest team I've ever watched. Let's do it again next year!!

Bonnie (Lovettsville, VA): CONGRATULATIONS! The Best of the Best! You make watching women's basketball a pleasure!

Annette - class of '82 - Easton: BRAVO to all of you!!! All of you are perfect separately but when you come together; it's KIZMET!!!!! Husky nation is so proud of you!!! Same time next year? You gotta believe!!

Mary Anne Watertown Ct.: Great season and the best to all

Deziree (Longbeach, CA): Congratulations lady huskies on a terrific season and an excelent championship game!

Anderson,S.C.: Great comeback!! First Half Not so GOOD!


Colchester: Awesome!

Rachel (Mass): Awesome season, awesome team! I'm proud to be a fan! You are a classy bunch.

Deb(Concord, CA): WAY TO GO ! Congrats on two outstanding seasons and a spectacular comeback in the second half!

Randy (Pittsfield, MA): WOW! Awesome!

Marcia (San Jose, CA): Wearing my UCONN sweatshirt today with pride - the records they break along the way may be great, but the memories are even better!

Norman (West Springfield, MA): Thanks for a wonderful season of pure enjoyment. You are all a credit to your families and your team mates.

Marilyn (Prospect): Watching you last night, you answered so many of the commentators questions. Could UCONN stand up if challenged, could you fight if behind. You showed courage and calmness in the face of all that pressure. Go Huskies! Can't wait until next year!


Patti Southington: Congratulations !! You ladies simply are the BEST. You have been a ray of sunshine through out the season.You worked hard & played hard & now you have the trophy.Enjoy & God Bless you all.

Casey (Princeton, NJ): Congratulations from all the Husky Fans in our family. I'm sure you heard us cheering all the way in Texas. You make us proud.

Vicky (NJ): You make me proud to be a UConn alum! Congrats on the victory, you are the best!

Sabrina M. Milwaukee,WI: Congratulations UConn Huskies! What A Great Season I Watched Every Game. Maya Moore Is My Idol!!! I Hope To attend UConn Some Day. Love You Guys!

Jaime (Baltimore, MD): Congratulations to Coach Auriemma and the team! Maya Moore is the best player ever. Proud to be a UConn fan... shhhhh don't tell Maryland.

Sue(Houston): Congratulations! Great team, great talent and big hearts.. way to go. Thanks for all the fun watching you this season.

Vicky (Cambridge, MA): You made all UConn fans proud! Congratulations and thanks!

Sherise(Detroit): Congrats Ladies!!! You Played Your Season Like The Champions You Are Enjoy Your Title I Know There Will Be Many More To Come.

Tricia (Southington): CONGRATULATIONS on another PERFECT Season!! You make us all proud, not only are you exceptional athletes and students you are great role models for everyone. Wishing all of you continued success in all that you do. GO HUSKIES!!!!!!!

Paul (Sherman, Tx): Husky Fans are everywhere! Thanks for making us proud! Got to see you at OU. I was wearing the BLue wig!

Steve (Dayton, OH): Congratulations not only are you great champions but excellent student role models for young girls today.

Scott (Lawrenceville, GA): What an astounding year, Lady Huskies!! Thank God for you, Maya!! We love you here in Lawrenceville and at Collins Hill High School! Now go rest yourself!! Lol.

Michael (Astoria, NY): Congrats Huskies! Its been a blast watching you guys all season! Take some time to enjoy this one, you deserve it!

Carla (Sheridan, Wyoming): Way to go ladies! Awesome back to back undefeated seasons!! #1...You will be there again next year.

Kathy (Takoma Park, MD): Congratulations!! A class act of a team from top to bottom.

Kaila Jones (Little Rock,AR): Congratulations ladies! I wish I could be in your spots. Maya and Tina, y'all have been my heroes since last year. Tina, I wish you the best success on your future endeavors with the WNBA.

claire hartford,ct: Great two years ladies.... keep them coming ..... congrats and good luck to the five seniors...


Reggie(Frederick MD): Congrats Huskies you rock.Enjoy what you have accomplished.

JM (Hamden): Congratulations! An awesome 2nd half is a true testament to your excellence and tremendous work ethic!

Craig (Reading,Pa): What a great year!! Hope everyone has a fantastic summer. Way to go Tina and Maya!!!

Chris (Boston, MA): Congratulations Lady Huskies!! You've made us fans proud. Your indelible mark has been left on women's BB.

Carol Lee, Naugatuck, CT.: Thank you for a wonderful season of basketball. We are so proud of what you were able to accomplish. CONGRATULATIONS !!!!

Marc (Willington, CT): Congratulations! Can't wait for next season!

Dave from Orlando, FL: What a season. You all put Women's basketball on the map. Love ya

Bob (Salem SD: Coaches and Lady Huskies, I have been cheering you on and a fan since the early 90's. You are one class act, Congratulations

Kristen, Ambler PA: Congrats Huskies!! Great job playing excellent the whole way through the game. Thanks for representing PA Doty!

Randy (Danbury): What an outstanding accomplishment for such outstanding role models for all, but especially our young women. We are lucky to live in CT.

Janica and Paul in Ware, MA: Thanks for a wonderful season - we enjoyed every minute. You've made memories that you'll enjoy for a lifetime!

Bill (Southbury): We have been fans since 1994 and it just keeps getting better! It is wonderful to see REAL student athletes do so well. Congratulations!

Hailey (Swanzey): I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

John and Suzanne McCray: What a great season. May you have many more.


marcia (queens village NY): way to go UConn youu guys are great

Erin (Portland, MI): Congratulations Huskies on 78-0 and another PERFECT season!!!

Barbara Bridge(Templeton , CA): Congrats UCONN 78 straight. GO get UCLA at 88. Geno my daughter Daijah wants to play for you she's 11 years old awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Charles East Hartford ,Ct: We are very proud of you good job !

Charles East Hartford ,Ct: UCONN women are truly amazing! We are very proud of you !

Lori(Terryville,CT): Great job ladies!

Larry (Glendale, AZ): I went to Stanford but then I lived in UCONNecticut and watched Geno grow the program. I was in your court last night. A great finish, awesome defense all night, and 2 more amazing seasons. Thank you!

Chris (Albuquerque, NM): Congratulations ladies! 78 straight wins, back-to-back undefeated seasons, Amazing! You deserve your place in HISTORY! Go UCONN!!!

Judy (Hebron, CT): Thanks for an amazing year - year after year after year!!!!!!

Judy (Hebron, CT): Thanks for an amazing year - year after year after year!!!

Lance (St. Louis, MO): Congratulations on the repeat!! You all are steady attracting people to the women's game with your hustle, class and determination. I went to last year's Final Four and was planning to go this year, but didn't. Hopefully I can see you all in Indy next April!!!

Hugh (Kamuela, Hi.): Awesome. Great accomplishment and all the best for all of you.

Alyssa (Plainville, CT): Back 2 Back!! Wow I am glad to witness this streak. Thankyou! Good luck to Tina and Kalana in the WNBA!

Debbie & Neil Greensboro NC: Way to go!! You all Rock!!

Mel Cedarburg Wi: Been a fan for 20 yrs. Congratulation ladies

Fran Portland, Maine: Yahoo !! Another Title !!! Geno , You are AMAZING and so are all of the players and coaches !!! What poise in that final game !!!!!!!! Congrads !!!

Carol Maikowski New Britain CT: Congrats on winning your second national championship !!! Well done!!!! I am very proud of all of you !!!!!!!!!!! Go Huskies !!!!!

Patty: Back to back wins = double the pleasure.

Linda Brughelli (Sacramento): California Husky alums and fans send our happiest congratulations to Coach and Team for a sensational season and championship. Well done and Thanks!

Susan, Nashville TN: Congratulations on another outstanding season! You all are simply the BEST! Go Huskies.

Jennifer (CT): You ladies are such a pleasure to watch! Great job and thanks for another great season. Congratulations! All your hard work as paid off. To the seniors, good luck and we'll miss you! Maya, can't wait to watch you next year!

Peg Columbia, CT: Wow! I've enjoyed every minute of this season. Thanks for all your hard work. Congratulations on an incredible season.

Claire (North Haven): Simply the Best. That says it all. I hope there is a parade and we get to see the whole on more time.

Connie (Norwalk): To our Lady Huskies, Geno and staff - you are all amazing! You gave 110% and once again brought joy and pride to UCONN and all of Connecticut. Best of luck to those of you who are graduating and yes, Tina - another meeting with the President -AWESOME! ...

Tom (Providence): You ladies are truly a class act! What a spectacular season! It has been amazing watching our seniors develop over the years, especially Tina. We know you will go on and do great things!

Anita (Danbury, CT): Congratulations Ladies! I had so much fun watching you this season and every season. Seniors we will miss you!! U-C-O-N-N, UCONN, UCONN, UCONN!!!!!

Mary Anna, Meriden, CT: Way to go! Connecticut loves you!

Bill and Nancy Celano--Sebastian, Fl.: Congratulations. We go to your Florida games. Love you

Leilani (Honolulu, HI): Aloha from sunny Hawaii. Congratulations on an awesome season. Why don't you come here to Hawaii to play in a Pre-Season Tournament.

Norm Francoeur: Way to go, Huskies. We are your biggest fans west of the Rockies.

Heather (Greensburg, Pa): Congrats to another great season!!! love you guys!!!

Westfield, Ma: Way to go ladies! You're a class act-simply the best. Thanks for a great season. Paula

Katelyn Cornwall Ct: Way to go!! Your the athletes who influence us younger players to push hard and never give up! Good luck seniors and we'll miss u lots! Congrats girls you all worked for your victories of 78-0

Redding, CT: Congratulations, Congratulations, Congratulations! What else can you say but Congratulations!

Linda (Milford): Congratulations on a job well done! I am glad that i was able to take the ride through history with you. Continued success....we love you

Rich Florida: Great job!!!!

Dan K. (Bellingham Wa): Brilliant there are few words that can describe the true Excellence you all have Achieved. Back 2 Back undefeated seasons way to go Girls. may the off season see all your dreams and wishes come true. Congratulations again on a historic season and Championship Run Godspeed

Courtney(Atlanta): Wow that game was the definition of Champion. My sister who never watches basketball was into your game. Congrats. Tina and Kalana I'll see you this summer in the W. Once again Congrats!!!

calabrescnc bethel: what a family!! Bravo Geno to be loved by many great job Girls log time fan


Mary Ann (Shelton): You are terrific. You make Connecticut Winters enjoyable. Congratulations on HISTORY.

Pete: Congrats Huskies! You spell out Perfection. I love watching every one of you play, and every game. The only thing I’m bummed about is that I have to wait till next season to watch another game.

Harriet, New Haven: So proud of how you pulled it together to overcome such an unbelievable half-time score! A long-time fan.


Larry Henry (Mandeville,La): Congratulations to a Spectacular Ball Team. I watched every game and they were unbelievable. W O W !!

Donna The Villages, FL: Congratulations! So proud of all of you; you inspire us all.

JT (Lakewood, OH): Congrats Geno and women's basketball team. Looking forward to following you again next year.

Carol D Tiverton: Awesome job ladies! It has been a thrill watching you all season. San Antonio was the icing on the cake. See you again next season. You'll be back!! UConn Huskies Women Rule!!

Valerie (North Myrtle Beach, SC): Conratulations!! You are true champions and you know how to do it with class.

Alpharetta, GA: Bob Moravek, All we need next year are more Georgia girls like Moore on the team. We are loaded down here and all they need is scholarships!! An old Simsbury resident and a strong Husky fan!!

Donna & Marie (Wethersfield,CT): This was our 1st Final 4 and hopefully not our last. Thank you Geno and our Lady Huskies for making it our most memorable experience ever. We could not be more proud of all of you. Congrats!

Joe (Pennsylvania): Great Job Huskies! Back to Back 39-0 Seasons!

Bethlehem CT: Congratulations and thank you for the joy you bring to CT. I was a student at Storrs when U Conn women won the national championship for the 1st time. You are an inspiration to many. Keep having fun!

John,Sugarloaf Pa.: Fantastic!

Marc Danbury CT.: congrats to our lady huskies from everyone at the Bagelman

Emily: hey great job!! lets do it again!

Claudia (Atlanta, GA): Grew up in CT, not there now but never quit loving my huskies - thanks girls for another great season:)

chris ferguson (philly, pa): caraline doty is the best

Pat M. (Wakefield, RI): Congratulations on another great year. You are all true champions!!!

Susan, Coventry, CT: You made us all so proud. You are a bright light for our state. Thank you for all of your hard work. It paid off is baskets. Good luck to all of you.

Paulette (Burbank, CA): Congratulations UCONN Women. Loved watching you play and dominate all year long. It never got old!!

Kathryn (Durham, NH): CONGRATS!! I knew you ladies could do it :)!!

Cromwell, CT: In our town we are known as the home of Champions, BUT truly, UCONN is the HOME OF CHAMPIONS, way to go girls!

Kenn(linesville,pa): Awesome job been a fan since the early 90s,now lets get 89, go Huskies

Atlanta, GA: Go Huskies! What an accomplishment! Thanks for going that extra mile in practices, games, and off the court too. See you soon Tina Charles when you play in the WNBA! You've taken womans sports to another level. Thank you!

Dan Z (Bridgewater, NJ): Congrats girls on yet another amazing season, there will never be a better Women's sports team!

Steve: Thank you! For all your hard work and for being the positive role models so many young girls need today.

Bobbi (Orlando): Congratulations Huskies. What an amazing team you all are. Great coach too! You should be proud of yourselves-what a great job ya'll have done. Enjoyed watching your games.

Mary Boyd Austin Tx.: Congrats to Geno and the ladies, what an accomplishment. Can't wait til next year!! Will miss the basketball, which it could go on all year!!!

Paula (Montreal, Quebec, CAN): CONGRATS ON A FANTASTIC SEASON! You have fans here in Montreal who are always cheering you on! Here's to the best team in the country!!

Carol (Newtown Square,PA): Congratulations on an amazing season! We are so proud of your dedication to playing a full 40 minute game. What team spirit.

samantha: Congrats!! you guys are a great team! so happy you won it alll keep up the good work!!!

Michynkrs(Yonkers NY): Congratulations UCONN Ladies! You have shown what true trust is in the program, staff and coaches at UCONN. Everyone’s talent is just SPECTACULAR! You all deserve the very best of life and I am sure you will all achieve what you set out to do as you did with this win of 2010 season!

new britain: you go girls

Jo Ann: Hooray!! You did it again with a new record,too! A terrific team on and off the court. See you at Mohegan, TINA.

Fred(San Antonio,Tx): From a UCONN Grad, class of 1972, and a San Antonio native, twice is BETTER than nice!

Frank (Cheshire): What? No double figures? Just kidding. Awesome achievement. Congrats!

Molly Johnson(Cincinnati): My UConn girls knew from the start that they were going into each game with confidence. They did what they had to do and look at them now. Winning another National Title. Congrats you guys!

Tim (Virginia Beach, VA): Very inspiring! Whether you're talking about men's or women's sports, you all are the real deal and watching this team has been a pleasure. Good luck in the off season and keep it rolling this fall!

Lisa (Watertown, CT): Congrats on two perfect seasons. You made us all so proud. Go Huskies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Simply the best!!!

Phyl (Somers): Congratulations to a super team!!!

Cody (Punxsutawney PA): Caroline Doty is the greatest I wish her and the uconn ladies the best of luck and make it three in a row.

Cassidy Spreadbury Lenexa, KS: I have been playing and watching basketball for years. I have always been a UConn Fan. NOW AND FOREVER!! Congrats you guys!

Lena CT: You make CT so proud and you guys inspire people everywhere. Congrats!!! You continually show everyone, what a team really is.

FREDDIE(SAN DIEGO CA): Congratulations huskies!!!..simply the best....special thanks to Maya and Tina for another perfect season....!

Emily S. (Virginia Beach, VA): Congratulations on 78-0 (and another 39-0)!! It has been so great watching this amazing, record-breaking season. You all are mind-blowing and such spectacular young ladies and are amazing role models for today's youth. It was such a blessing to be able to see you guys play at ODU! Congrats and way to keep fighting, I knew you wouldn't settle for anything less! Keep it up next year!! :)

Kellyann (Agawam, MA): And thank you Rebecca Lobo and Geno Auriemma for starting this phenomenon 15 years ago. I've been hooked on UCONN Basketball ever since!

Kellyann (Agawam, MA): Girls, you are all awesome. Hard working on the court and in the classroom! You will go out into the world ready for anything. Good Luck to Tina and Kalena in the WMBA! Maya, I look forward to seeing play for another year along with the rest of team and the 5 new Freshman! Let's DO IT AGAIN. DOMINATION NEVER GET OLD!

Suzann (St. Louis, MO): What a pleasure watching your climb to the top. We had a great time in San Antonio, altho I must admit you did make me a tad bit nervous in the championship game. You ladies have a class about you the others envy! Can't wait till the 2010-2011 season.

Carol & Paul- Ashford, CT: We love watching this team-- always exciting even when you are 20 pts ahead! We were there in San Antonio when you won the 7th Championship-- So Sweet! Go Huskies!

Joann (Southbury CT): Congratulations on a great season. Everyone is so proud of what this team accomplished this season. Good Luck to the seniors.

Tiffani Moore Fayettevile, NC: Maya Moore and Tina Charles i will be looking for yall in the WNBA and Maya maybe the NBA. great job huskiies i c u Tiffany Hayes

Miami, FL: Congratulations!!!! You have shown what teamwork is all about.

Marc (Henderson, NC): I am a fan of this team an coach Geno I love how this team plays hard and has fun while doin so. Go UCONN!

Watertown, CT: We were happy to be there in San Antonio to watch the girls win their 7th championship.



Michelle - Portland, Oregon: Congratulations to every one of the team members and coaching staff! Loved seeing the team on Jimmy Fallon's show. You all deserve every accolade you receive!

Stamford: These women are a testament not only to the game of basketball but to how to succeed in life. They've shown time and again the sum is greater than the parts. Team effort, unity, loyalty and support are constant examples of excellence you share with all your fans. Congratulations you all are magnificent. Angelo


Summer Arlington, Virginia: You guys are amazing I always knew you would make it to the top (again). You guys are my heroes when i'm old enough to go to college I want to go to uconn. which will be in 8 years. I have pictures of you guys in my room. You guys are work so hard and i see that it pays of you guys are my inspiration. Go Huskies.

Katcia-Poughkeepsie NY: CONGRATULATIONS ON THE 78 STREAK WIN Hope to play with you guys soon :)

Raina D. Hansen, Colorado Springs: Congratulations Lady Huskies all the way from Colorado. My dream is to be one of you : )

Pat (stratford): Congratukations! It was a great fun following the team for this special season.

Micaela (Albany): You guys are soooo amazing! I love the UConn Huskies and it's my dream to play there one day! Go team! :)

fabio santone branford ct: my congrats out to the uconn girls basketball team do it in the classroom now go student-athletes

michaela-killingly, connecticut: I love you guys alot.I never ever get nervous when you guys play.I love maya moore she is like my hero.I play basketball and everytime i shoot i think of maya moore and the basketball going in.

B.Bouphavan,Ct: Good job ladies, you are #1

B.Bouphavan,Ct: Good job ladies, you are #1

B.Bouphavan,Ct: Good job ladies, you are #1

Payton - Madison WI: The Women Huskies are amazing and soooo entertaining!!! I love watching them!!! Maya and Tina are like the godesses of basketball!!! There amazing!! And everyone on that team!!! Congrates!!

Jen Rutherfordton NC: Congratulations and best wishes to the seniors. I have been a fan of the Huskies for several years. You are awesome!! I think Geno is the best college basketball coach out there.


Joe H (Cocoa, FL): You are just outstanding. Keep it up again next yaer!

Shaun ( Salisbury, MD: Your the Number 1# Offense and Defense. Maya Moore Your Unstoppable.

Tori -Rosemont, PA: good job everyone ........... caroline doty... i play for fencor too and i am #5 i really hope to be like you someday and to meet you

Nicole(Wilmerding, PA): Justed wanted to send congrats on a perfect season with a perfect ending. Some doubted, others believed including you all. Best wishes next year!

Joanne-Columbia,CT: I went to San Antonio to see history in the making, & you did not disappoint! JUST UNBELIEVABLE! You've done what no other team has ever done,so in my eyes, you're the best Uconn team ever!!Congrats to all the coaches,staff,& players for taking us all with you on an incredible ride.

Gefen (LA): you guys are totally the team that COMPLETES the game of women's basketball.

Nerak, East Hartford: CONGRATS to the UCONN Women's Basketball Team on winning Championship #7. You've all done Connecticut proud. Keep up the good work (on and off the court), and may God continue to bless you all.

O Fallon , MO: Proud to fly our Uconn Flag high in the Mid-West... You are followed and loved by many . Congrats , cant wait until next season

Shaun ( Salisbury, MD: Uconn Is the Number1# Offense and Defense.

Emily (St. Clairsville, OH): Caroline you were amazing! I love watching you play. Good luck next year.

Michael Brooklyn, NY: Congrates to the Lady Huskies. You ladies trully define TEAM. Coach continued success.

Roger, Highlands Ranch, CO: Great job Husky players and coaches. Tina and the seniors will be missed but got to see some of the incoming freshman play out in AZ and as they say, time to reload... not rebuild.

Roger, Highlands Ranch, CO: Great job Husky players and coaches. Tina and the seniors will be missed but got to see some of the incoming freshman play out in AZ and as they say, time to reload... not rebuild.

rockland: maya moore and tiina charels r me idols tina i will go to games every where and u maya go 23 and 31

Torrington Ct.: Congratulations to the uconn women on another outstanding season, you make all of us uconn fans proud.


Marynn, Niantic CT: Haven't missed a game, celebrated with you in San Antonio! You Go Girls!

Brianna Camden,NJ: I love UCONN!!!!! Maya moore is my ROLE MODEL...ily

Tom Watertown Ct: Congrates to the Lady Huskies !!!!

Mariam (Laguna Beach): CONGRATULATIONS! I live no where near Hartford, nor have I ever been there, but I LOVE THE HUSKIES because of all of you! 78 and counting!

Beda: Good job my dudes!!!

Jocelyn Chaput, Nashua, NH: UCONN!! I'm 11 and my dream is to go to uconn to be on the bball team, i play NH Flames AAU ball right not, and hope to come to Uconn!! Great Job this year!!!! GO UCONN!!!

D Peterson, Trumbull, CT: It's June, and I am still smiling. What a season to remember. Thank you.

Kathy (Watertown): Congratulations! Thanks for all the great times watching you play the game as it should be!
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