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    Punta Gorda, Fl: I've been a fan for 20 years and have enjoyed every minute of it. Before leaving Conn. I always said that watching Uconn girls on Public tv, which showed all games, was always the best show on tv. Congradulations again and I'd liked to have been able to hug all the girls like Geno does

    Dave & Joanne Patenaude, Tolland, CT: Congratulations to all! A very sincere farewell to Kelly. You were the support & foundation for the team. Your dedication will never be forgotten, we will miss you.

    Erika (Storrs): Thank you for an amazing season, Lady Huskies! We're so proud of you! 8-0, Geno!!! :)

    Middletown: All the best to Caroline, Heather and Kelly. We have enjoyed your game playing.

    Liz and Joe: We could not be more proud of you! What a brilliant game and there are no more deserving and fine young women than you. Congratulations to each of you! Heather's icing on the cake was perfect too! :))

    middletown: You are the champs because you are the best. Our group of 8-12 have followed you from the beginning. What changes you have made! All the best to Doty, Faris and Buck. We always cheered loudly when Buck came on and scored. :)

    waterbury: Congrats girls wtg

    Paul - Lisbon, Conn.: Way to go ladies, do it again next year.

    Michaela (Brandon, SD): Hey guys! congratulations! I'm so glad you could send out the seniors that way, and trust me, I'm a high school player, and the way you played this season has inspired me, and I'm glad I can rub the win in my friend's faces, who would pick baylor or nd over Uconn? not me!

    Clara & Victor Agosto: Congratulations from Virginia. The Lady Huskies are always number one in our book. We are so proud of you. And Geno, number eight. We're waiting for nine and ten.

    YASU(MANCHESTER): Conguratulations! Stewart is really great!!!

    Ibrahim Toure (Storrs): Congrats ladies, you made us proud!!! You worked hard and deserve this success!

    Ron Findley Katy Texas: Great season...Can't wait for you to come to Houston so I can fly the colors of UCONN. Congrats

    Dan (Manchester): Great job, ladies! You've given your fans another wonderful treat. Seniors, we were in your 2010 victory parade and will be there again if given the opportunity!

    Mary Beth New Milford: Congratulations on your national title! A great day to be a husky. You are truly a classy group!

    Ann B. IMesa, AZ): Congratulations! Been a UConn Huskies fan since 1996. Wow! All I can say is that I'm so proud of all of you. You are a class act. Enjoy this moment - you all deserve it.


    toby (martinez): congratulations... you ladies played an awesome game.

    Shelley Gudorf (West Des Moines,Iowa): Way to go Huskies!! All of the fans in Iowa are so proud of you. We are very proud of our native girl, Kiah Stokes!! Let's go for #9!

    Attila (Fairfield): Congratulations on another amazing season! You make the great state of Connecticut proud! What a special team!

    Pam '85, Doug '83, Chicago: What a great run - congratulations to the team!

    Jeff Middletown: Great great great season ladies! Kelly heather and Caroline went out with a flourish.

    Easton, CT: AWESOME!!!! Congratulations on your Championship win! You bring so much joy to your fans ..... every game!

    Helene/Stratford: Congratulations to you all! Great, gritty play, you were all amazing! Husky pride!!

    Scott McIntosh (Green Bay, WI): Congrats to the Huskies on an amazing run & well deserved championship!

    Capobianco Family (Milford): Thank you for all the thrills! Congratulations on a wonderful season and the National Championship!

    K Huntley (Southington): Congrats to ALL of you (Especially the Seniors). And how about the exclamation point by HEATHER!!!!

    Charlie (West Cornwall): Well done! Your teamwork during the NCAA tournament was exceptional and your Championship well deserved and well earned!

    Meghan Colorado Springs: Congrats ladies, what a heck of a season!!!

    Doreen (Chapman) Orme, Willits, CA '77: What an absolute thrill!! UConn Women's Basketball players have what it takes! I believe the path of UConn Basketball greatness began in 1976 when Dee Rowe lead the UConn Men's team to the Sweet 16, followed by Coach Rowe's introduction of Coach Geno Auriemma to UConn. Every effort of this tournament explains your greatness. Thanks so much!!

    Austin Dodd (Storrs): Thank you for believing. You have shown the world that you will always learn from your mistakes and come back even stronger. What confidence and passion y'all have and play with. It is a pleasure, an honor, and an inspiration to be a fellow student of yours!

    CT_OR_Guy (Hamden, CT): Fantastic performance ladies! We are all so proud of you! Wonderful basketball. Go Huskies!!

    EHartfor CT: Congrats!!!!! Faris...I cant wait to see u play this summer.

    K.C. Burns, Windsor Connecticut: Great job team. I have a 13 year old daughter and we watched the game together last night. It was fun watching the fun passion you had for that game. You should all know that you serve as tremendous role models for my daughter!

    Jennifer Smith (Birmingham, AL): Congrats on a great season, girls!!! So proud of y'all!!! Doty, Faris, Dolson... Thank you for all y'all did. Great players and great girls. Good luck in the WNBA or wherever life takes y'all. STEWY = BEAST; GENO = LEGEND. Congrats again, girls. Good job :)

    Michael (Bethesda, Maryland): Haven't lived in CT since 1989, but I continue to follow your success from down in the Mid-Atlantic region. Your entire organization has been, and continues to be, an absolute inspiration in all of sports. I'm proud to be a Huskies fan...and so proud of what you've accomplished. Congratulations on ANOTHER National Championship, ladies!!!

    Mark Hadesty Strasburg PA: Congrats Ladies and Coaches on an incedible season. Way to step up your game in the tourny!!

    Gail and Gloria, Meriden, CT: Congratulations and we can't wait to see you at the parade and banquet!!!

    Naugatuck,CT (nan): Fantastic Year for all of us! Keep on dancing! Go Huskies!!!

    Ben Athens, GA: I'm a big fan of all college sports. Last night's performance was the best (men or women) basketball I have ever watched. Congratulations on a well deserved championship!

    Bristol: Although I'm an alum of Syracuse, I've lived in CT and have been a UCONN fan almost 50 years! My late husband is a UCONN alum!Congratulations to the team, staff and university. Job well done!!

    Hotalanta: Mazel Tov to another fine year from the biggest Husky fan down in Hotlanta !!

    stone cold: 8

    Jules: Congrats to the Lady Huskies! Really enjoyed watching you play this season, this championship is well deserved. Also a big thank you to Caroline, Kelly and Heather for all the great memories. It's been an honor to watch you play and grow up thru the years and become the persons you are today. You are great role models!

    Atlanta, GA: Congratulations Lady Huskies! You make all of us so proud. Your hard work and determination is inspiring. Can't wait until next year!

    Bern (New York, NY): Excellent and great job, what a year!!!!

    Foster (South Burlington): Congratulations UConn, I knew it was going to happen since the start of the year, such a great team on the court and off Special thanks to Caroline Doty

    Bernhard (New York): Congrats to all for a job well done, what a year!!!!!!

    Hope & 5A (New Haven): My fifth grade class and I have been following you WONDER WOMEN all year! Three pointers, free throws, points, team numbers, fractions, decimals, percentages, averages all figured in to our lessons - they worked hard on their brackets and today will be a happy day for us all! Again thank you and CONGRATULATIONS on a job well done!

    Fred Blatchley (Naples, FL): Congratulations to the Lady Huskies for another fantastic season. As a native of Connecticut, I have followed UConn athletics since the 60's. You have risen to heights that no one could have envisioned back then. You've touched the lives of so many people along the way and I'm sure everyone in Connecticut is proud of your accomplishments. Good luck to all of you in your future endeavors. Go Huskies!

    Joe (US Air Force): Great game last night! Keep up the awesome work on and off court. Take the confidence and dedication you've learned in college and utilize it in life. You are an inspiration to so many. From a long time CT resident and long time fan, Congrats Lady Huskies! You've earned it.

    Smitty N.J.: CONGRATS LADY HUSKIES!! Once again,you show us all what dedication and determination along with team unity and great leadership can accomplish! Enjoy the rewards, there well deserved!!!

    MikeNice Lewis(Cheshire,CT/Manhattan,NY): Congratulations Ladies! Many people know I've been a fan since day one...even though I turned down a track & field scholarship some years back, I bleed BLUE baby for ALL UConn Athletics, but what you beautiful ladies have managed to do is just simply AMAZING!

    Anu and Miki Lyme, CT: Congratulations on an amazing accomplishment, obtained through mental toughness and team effort. Good luck to the seniors, especially Kelly Faris, an exemplar athlete, leader, and "quiescent" warrior!

    John Trumbull Ct: Thank you for a wonderful season!

    Southbury: Awesome season! Congratulations Huskies!

    Joan (Glastonbury): You just treated the Nation to one of the best halves of Women's Collegiate Basketball. Better yet, you showed your fierce and proud character by playing so well despite the seasons challenges. Congrautlations. I am always proud to say I am from CT, the state of UCONN basketball team-you give us the best-thanx.

    From CT to NC Guy: Congrats!!!! You girls are amazing!!! For the past 6 years i have been spreading the love for your team in NC!!!! Keep it up!

    Pamm, Bridgeport, CT: Congratulations Lady Huskies! Kelly Faris, you're going to be greatly missed ...

    Art Batchelder===1955: Awesome--Thanks for another great year

    Phil Naples,FL: Amazing! Thanks for a great and rather interesting ride to another national championship. I am so proud to be a fanatic fan of a team of players and coaches/staff who work their butts off and sacrifice their individual agendas to play the game of basketball as a true team and in a beautiful way. What an inspiration to the game and to all sports fans!

    Jeff North Brookfield MA: Maybe all the sweeter because it didn't come easily. Congratulations on believing in yourselves and each other. You bring a lot of pleasure to your fans in the way you play and conduct yourselves. Thanks for a great year.

    Dr. C. R. Ramanathan (Pondicherry, India: Congratulations!!! to all the players, the Coach Geno Auriemma and all other coaching staffs.

    Greg (Whippany NJ): Great season Ladies. Thanks for a thrilling ride. Perseverance and Determination does pay off! Good Luck to a great senior class, you will be missed!

    New London, Ct: You lady`s over the past few weeks became a force that no one could defeat!!

    Al Hricisko Waterbury, CT: Been a fan since 1995. In ever win there is a turning point in that game,Tues.it was @ 9:30 left in the First Half. The 19-0 run. The opponent is schocked and can't respond.CONGRATULATIONS LADY HUSKIES!!!!!!!!

    Michael V, Newbury, MA: Heart, dedication and execution!!! Congratulations on #8. For the Seniors incredible way to go out. Everyone else, enjoy the feeling for two weeks and then get back to work on #9. Have faith in Geno

    Katie(California): Congrats on the championship! Y'all truly represent what it means to be great athletes, but most importantly people.

    Stacy: Superior, WI: Congrats on another title ladies!! It has been a thrill being a UCONN fan for over 20yrs. Growing up there wasn't much for young girls to root for and Connecticut has been my passion since. Thanks for all the memories over the years and for many more to come and another great season! Congrats Geno, now we chase Wooden!

    Sean (New Port Richey,Fl): Great job from a big fan....I am going to miss Kelly, I wish her the best..Congradulations from many of us transplants here in Florida...

    Smith Family (Bozrah): You make all of us in CT very proud...especially since it was truly a team effort!! Thanks for a very exciting season.

    Chris and Tony B.: Congratulations on your well deserved National Championship! Each and every member of the roster contributed to the great season and the awesome victory in the last butt kicking of the year! Special thanks to our seniors, Caroline, Kelly and Heather, thanks for choosing UCONN! Each of you will be deeply missed! LOVE OUR HUSKIES!!

    Ann(Dayville, Ct): Congratulations girls! you are amazing to watch and we are very, very proud of you all! Thanks for another great UConn Women's basketball season!

    Peter (Boston): Amazing to see a team come together! Congrats to all! I particularly loved the competitive spirit, probably best embodied by Faris, mixed with the immense talent personified by Steward.

    Isabelle Rivest (Grand-Mère,QC, Canada): Congratulations on the great win and the amazing season. The senior class, you guys will be missed!

    josh[las vegas]: i said it from the start uconn..... come see us at the end. congrats girls

    D Dave from Allingtown: You are awesome. Proud to be a husky !

    Bob, 'Vegas: Another legend in UConn lore - - Rizzoti, Lobo, Bird, Taurasi, Moore, and ... FARIS. What she did (done) for our UConn gals is immeasurable. A true epitome of "heart and soul".

    Nicole (Pennington, NJ): So proud of everything the Huskies did this season, especially Stewie. Great team effort from everyone and I'm glad Kelly, CD and Heather could go out with a bang. And Congrats to Geno on the 8th National Championship. You do not achieve that by not being a great coach!

    Tom S. San Jose, CA: WOW! Fantastic run to the championship.... Take care, study hard, God Bless all of you!

    Janice (Iowa): I am so happy for all of you! I wish the seniors great success for your future and for the team next year, go get 'em!

    Dan (Petersburg, VA): Awesome showing last night. Way to represent our university. Congrats on a great season.

    Melody & Bill Montgomery, Danbury, CT: We are SO proud of you. You are our favorite UConn Women Champions EVER, because of all of the challenges that you overcame!

    Melody & Bill Montgomery, Danbury, CT: We are SO proud of you. You are our favorite UConn Women Champions EVER, because of all of the challenges that you overcame!

    Eric (from Branford, New Orleans now): YOU GUYS BROUGHT THE PARTY TO NEW ORLEANS!!! I told everyone at work and all my friends, at the beginning of the tournament, you'd win it all. And you did! You certainly deserved it! And it made me so happy I could come cheer you on in person!!! Let's make it a four-peat!

    Joe Horvith, Manchester, Ct.: Congratulations on your 8th NCAA Championship.

    Kylie (Westport): What an amazing season! You girls really turned it around and I could not be more proud. Kelly, Caroline, and Heather, this one really was for you. Coach Auriemma, we couldn't have done it without the support and guidance. Go Huskies! Enjoy the win, and have fun on Twitter.

    Angela (Raleigh): Way to go Lady Huskies!!! Geno should be very proud!

    Uconn alumna and fan (Windsor, CT): CONGRATULATIONS!! *Thank you so much for the SWEET revenge and win over Notre Dame!! *THANK YOU AND CONGRATULATIONS FOR BRINGING HOME THE 8th CHAMPIONSHIP! I am very happy for the seniors especially Kelly Faris. CONGRATULATIONS TO EVERYONE OF THE TEAM!!

    Taneytown, MD: I LOVE UCONN! STEWIE,you are awesome! I love the team. i am going to miss the seniors:( I am the biggest uconn fan ever! i hope i play for Geno one day!

    The Tyrrells, Lovettsville, VA: Well done! We are so proud of the team and coaching staff for hanging in there and working together. Enjoy the fruits of your labor! Please know you have HUGE fans in Virginia. My license plate says Hske Fan! How about that? Can't wait until next season!

    Manchester: We love UConn women's basketball

    Pattersonville, NY: Congratulation ladies for a great season and a great show in the March Madness. I have neen a fan for years. So glad SNY covered most of the games this year as it gave us the oportunity to see the games. Best wishes to the seniors.

    Moon ( Portland ,ME ): Congratulation! You guys are total awesome players. I wish I could go to ur games in Conn/ maybe one day. See u guys next year!

    JoAnn St. Augustine,FL: Way to go girls! As a UCONN alumnus and fervent fan, I am so very proud of you and the amazing perseverance and teamwork that you always display. And kudos to Geno and his always classy conduct!

    Linda (Sacramento,CA): Congratulations, Huskies, on a tremendous win and championship season. Thanks, Geno, Chris, and all the staff for recruiting and coaching this great team. Good Luck and thanks to Doty, Faris, and Buck for being Huskies and all your effort over the years. You are Champions, all!!!

    James Abraham, Hummelstown PA: Congratulations on a national title! All of the UCONN girls are outstanding, but I would love to have a highlight dvd of Brianna Stewart as my 15 year old is 5' 10" in 9th grade and I am trying to get her to develop her jump shot and she is not 6 4 like Ms. Stewart but she has the same body type and when I watch Ms. Stewart shoot, it's just great technique and if it were possible to show my daughter a dvd of her shooting technique, etc., it would be so great and if you have one or get one I'll send the check ASAP!. Congrats on No. 8 Coach!!

    Ben: Love you!

    Jack Bannister(Sarasota,FL): An avid fan 24 years in CT and 11 years in FL.If any of you make it to Sarasota my family would love to host you to dinner! CONGRATULATIONS

    Tom (Meriden): Congratulations Ladies!! It would have been nice to beat Notre Dame and then Baylor, BTB, but I loved that Louisville was in the finals with you, a fitting end to what has been the absolute Best Womens NCAA basketball league in the country, and UCONN is the absolute Best Basketball team! Thank you all for another great year, and best of luck to the Seniors.

    adrienne manhassrt: what a great team

    des moines: Congrats to each and every one of you. Every member of the program should be extremely proud for how much progress you've made this season. Ill miss watching the seniors but look forward to seeing what the future holds. See you in Nashville!

    Brodniak Woodbridge: Way to go ladies! Stewie, We look forward to watching you play the next 3 years. Kelly it was a pleasure watching you hustle on the court, you will be missed next year. Best wishes to all the seniors. Geno, congrats on #8! Will be there again to cheer you on when you play Rutgers again!

    Wallingford: Congratulations to the Uconn Huskies and especially Emily Matson - love Brendan's mom

    Leslie (Baltimore MD): My husband is from New Haven and he's been a UConn fan all of his life. When we met 18 years ago I didn't have a clue. Now, I am a die hard UConn Women's B-ball fan in the land of the Terps. Congratulations to Coach Auriemma, the coaching staff, and the team for another exciting season!

    Brodniak Woodbridge: Way to go ladies! Stewie, We look forward to watching you play the next 3 years. Kelly it was a pleasure watching you hustle on the court, you will be missed next year. Best wishes to all the seniors. Geno, congrats on #8!


    Alex Askinazi Storrs, CT: AMAZING YEAR SO PROUD TO BE A HUSKY!!!!!!!

    Pete--Orlando: Great Job by the Huskies--great coaching/teaching and great student athletes that work hard at learning and becoming a great team.

    Morristown NJ: What a fantastic group of athletes and quality individuals! Congratulations to you ,Geno and the entire coaching staff on all your accomplishments. We look forward to every game and can't wait until next season although we will miss the seniors. Best of luck ! the Quinns

    Paul margate: From sunny FLA Great Team does Great Things

    Nazareth, Texas: Thanks for a great season! Loved watching you play and look forward to next year! Thanks Kelly Faris-your humblness inspires us all!

    Denise (Farmington, CT): Congratulations to the entire team, Geno and his staff for a fabulous win and great game that showed the world who the best team is. All your hard work and resetting your reset button after the last loss to ND paid off. It was truly an entire team effort that won the championship.

    mike itak croton on hudson: ever body loves a winner and that all the fans team and couches are geno there are a couple of good gals playing for ossing ny you should do your best too have them come too uconn thanks for a great season from the gals and couchs specally shea

    Pat Boothe From Fort Wayne, Indiana: Congrats to the great UConn women's basketball team from a lifelong Lady Vols fan! There are two Titans in women's college ball now... UConn and Tennessee. Well done ladies.

    Annie Madison, WI: Congrats girls! I'm a huge fan! Its so sad to watch Kelly, Caroline and Heather leave because they were freshmen and sophomores when I started watching UConn hoops! Love ya!

    Dick, UCONN '58 Scottsdale: The entire UCONN Athletic Dept. is to be congratulated and the Lady Huskies in particular, You make all us very proud to be Alums. Can't wait for next year.

    Howard Sanders Colorado: As a native of CT I love to watch you ladies play and win. I am really proud of all of you and look forward to next year.

    Edie and Hal/New Hampshire: As Alumni Husky fans...you all are a high class act! Keep it coming.

    Mike (Guilford): Like the tshirt says... "If you can't run with the Big Dogs, stay on the porch!" and there isn't anyone who can run with the Lady Huskies! Kelly why did you have to graduate!

    DJ (Chicopee,MA: It doesn't get any better than this Anyone looking for the definition of rteam-look no further!!!

    Dre (Garfield, NJ): AMAZING SEASON!!!!!!!!! Through every game you've shown why you deserve this win!!! GO HUSKIES!!!

    Uconn alumna and fan (Windsor, CT): CONGRATULATIONS!! *Thank you so much for the SWEET revenge and win over Notre Dame!! *THANK YOU AND CONGRATULATIONS FOR BRINGING HOME THE 8th CHAMPIONSHIP! I am very happy for the seniors especially Kelly Faris. CONGRATULATIONS TO EVERYONE OF THE TEAM!!

    Boston,Mass.: Thanks for everything!! You guys had a great season and are an inspiration to many people!!!

    Leland (CT): Congratulations ladies! Thank you for bringing it back home where it belongs. You are all great and every year you continue to show your dominance. Thank you to the seniors, Faris, Buck, and Doty for a great college career and I wish you the best. Faris, you are absolutely incredible, I'm going to miss you but I hope to see you in the WNBA soon.

    Kathleen (Durham CT): I am a die hard Husky fan and yes I do bleed BLUE. I am so proud of the women and their road to their 8th National Championship. I knew they could do it and I know they did too they just needed to settle down and not focus on their losses. Yes they lost to Notre Dame 3 times but as far as I'm concerned those 3 times don't count. Beating Notre Dame in the Final Four was THE game and I knew the women would beat them. The same goes for with Louisville. Yes they were the "Cinderella" team but Uconn came to play where as Louisville fizzled. They did keep us on our toes but as you can see for the margin of victory UCONN was UNBEATABLE. I can't wait till next season. I see more trophies in the near future :D

    Lisa(Byron, GA): CONGRATULATIONS to the entire team and the coaching staff. I absolutely love everything about UCONN women's basketball and this championship was well deserved. Kelly Faris will be missed, along with Caroline Doty, but they should adjust just fine in the WNBA. Best wishes to Heather Buck too, even though she didn't get much playing time, but I'm sure she feels honored to have been a part of such a wonderful basktetball program. Again, this victory was well deserved!

    Tourigny Family, CT: Congrats Ladies! We have an incoming freshman and are already experiencing Huskymania! Can't wait to see your, no doubt, continued success!

    Tourigny Family, CT: Congrats Ladies! We have an incoming freshman and are already experiencing Huskymania! Can't wait to see your, no doubt, continued success!

    Dave Ferrato (Deltona, FL): Have not lived in CT since 1989 but I continued to follow the Girls from down here in Deltona, FL. I watched every game this year on my Lap Top on SNY. Congratulations to the whole team and special congratulations to my favorite Kelly Ferris. She is a call act.


    King George, Virginia: WAY TO GO GIRLS! My wife and I LOVE watching your games,even from afar.

    Storrs: Excellent work, Huskies!!

    Martinez, CA: YO Ladies - Outstanding game - Heather Buck way to end your UCONN career with a steal and a score. Shout Out to Coach Gene and CD, Shea and Marisa - The three best dressed coaches in the 2013 tournament and all season long. Another Shout Out to my family in Bridgeport and SNY. Enjoy the record tieing win and I cannot wait until next year. Good bye - Kelly, Caroline and Heather. Peace James L. Mullins

    Faatimah Curry: Great season ladies. I knew you guys would go all the way. LET'S GO HUSKIES!!!!

    Carol & Paul-- Ashford: We love watching the UConn Women EVERY season. Thank you for being so wonderful-- Love all the wonderful plays you make and we look forward to next season already. Best to Caroline, Kelly, and Heather (loved the fast break at the end of the game) Go Huskies!

    Miriam (Bristol,CT): Thank you for a great season. glad you have brought back the national champion to CT

    Diane (Westport): Congratulations!! Thank you for your hard work and dedication and for giving the fans an awesome Final Four performance. Best of luck to the Seniors - what a way to go out! Love watching you all every year.

    Mark (Norwalk): You all are a joy to behold... as a team and as people. Thanks for a wonderful ride.

    Anita, Danbury: Great job Huskies! I knew you could bring the trophy back to Storrs! Number 8 sure is GREAT! Next year we can grab number 9 in Nashville!!

    Bob and Marilyn Joy (Tucson, AZ): Thank you for defeating the Evil Irish and to L'ville for getting Baylor out of the way. And thanks to the Seniors for their 4/5 years of dedication. GO HUSKIES!

    Plainfield CT: You girls ROCK!! I wore my Huskies shirt all day yesterday and no one said a thing! But it kept reminding me of the sensational record and performances you have had all season. Best of luck for your futures.

    Joe, Whidbey Island: Big Congratulations to UConn Women's Team! We all take pride in you.

    Eileen (Newington, CT): 8 is GREAT, more to come. Kelly Faris is my hero.

    Marshalltown: Congrats, it would appear we will be seeing you next year in the final four.

    Marshalltown: Congrats, it would appear we will be seeing you next year in the final four.

    Kelley Watts LI NY: EIGHT IS GREAT !!! Geno,Chris, and Company you are all simply amazing and were truly the best TEAM this year from top to bottom. So proud of all the young, talented, and hard-working players... You guys are simply the best! Congratulations on winning the National Championship!

    Betsy Uncasville: Thank you for giving Kelly, Heather and Caroline the going away party they will remember the rest of their lives you go girls what fun to watch

    Kaminske Family Ledyard, CT: Congrads Lady Huskies for a Wonderful Season! Can't Wait for Next Year1

    Jacqueline Peterson (Minneapolis, MN): You guys rock so much,science can't calculate it. Kudos.

    François Brest France: I'm always following you from France, love the way you play and so proud from where you've been arived, you all deserve it ! Thanks for this exciting season, and wish you the best for the years to come ! Here we go, leggo Huskies ! You all are the best !

    Ines Stamford: Fantastic. Terrific. Congratulations on being the best of the very best. We're very proud of you.

    Niki (Vancouver): Now that's the proper way to send Kelly Faris, Caroline Doty, and Heather Buck off. With the 8th National Championship. You guys will always have a place in my heart, forever.

    mike (mechanicsville, Va): I've been following you since the early 90's being originally from Ct. Already looking forward to next year!! Congrats!!

    S. Belzer: Congratulations ladies! What a way to end the season. I don't think I've ever been happier watching a UCONN game than when we beat Notre Dame in the final 4 and the win against Louisville was just glorious! Next year we'll be unstoppable!

    Cambridge, MA: Thank you for an amazing season! It wasn't an easy season but you never gave up! Couldn't be prouder to say I'm a UConn Husky fan!

    Bill (South Windsor): Thanks Team for making my first Final Four a special one! Congrats!

    Elizabeth S. (Louisville, KY): Congratualations Huskies! Cant wait for another great season next year. Go UCONN!

    Jim Geitz, Old Tappan, NJ: Great team effort! Saw Final Four in NOLA with sis and 88 year old mom (both from Bristol, CT. and big fans). Special treat - met Kelly's two sisters outside arena after ND win and took pixs.

    Jim Geitz, Old Tappan, NJ: Great team effort! Saw Final Four in NOLA with sis and 88 year old mom (both from Bristol, CT. and big fans). Special treat - met Kelly's two sisters outside arena after ND win and took pixs.

    Sarah K (Orange): Congrats to my favorite sports team of all time! I'm a huge fan of Uconn's and I am so proud to be apart of Connecticut! We will miss Kelly, Caroline, and Heather very much, but I am so happy that they could go out with a bang! Hopefully one day I can go to school at Uconn and be even closer to the Uconn community! Thanks for such a great year! Sarah- #1 Fan! GO HUSKIES

    Anne East Hartford: Congrats to the UConn women for a winning season!!!! Go UCONN!!!!

    Abigail Clark(Orange): Nice job ladies! I am soo proud of you! What a great way to end a season! Keep shining!

    Jan Loomis - Bethany, CT: This was a fantastic season for the team AND those of us who are loyal fans. Your performance has been awesome to watch. Kudos to you all and to Geno.

    Jessica Edwards KY: I have been a fan for a while now and i loved every minute of it. Congrats on wining i maybe be from KY and a huge UK fan but i am also a huge uconn fan, so i will always bleed blue. I love you guys. Will miss Kelly, Caroline, and heather so much.

    Sherry Woolridge (Pageton, WV): Thank you for a fantastic championship game! Go Huskies!

    Bing (Harrisburg Pa): Congratulations Ladies, Coach no matter where we live, we are Ct proud. You all are a great team, Way to represent us Nutmeggers. You played hard, now enjoy! =)

    Irvington NJ: I am a Rutgers fan. But, congrats to the Ladies of Uconn.

    Katerina (Stamford): Congratulations! We loved watching you play and win this year.

    Susan Schieb: Thank you UCONN HUSKIES women's basketball team for making my winter shorter by looking forward to watching the team play. Most of all congratulations on the teams 8th national championship.

    kenlucier: sorry I am late with this. You guys were awesome. I am one of your best fans(for years). WOW!!!

    David Clayborne, '63/'71: Can you do it again? Yes, UCANN!! I remember the lean days of the '60's; some thrills, but nothing like the recent past and this tournament. Keep up the good work -- I'm a proud grad. supporting a great basketball team!!

    jack mail westport,ct: Thanks for a great enjoyable season from a proud UCONN family. The hard work and great team spirit from all the players in the last few games gave us this national championship.

    ray conroe,tx: way to go champs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Pete (Stamford): Congrats Huskies, I hope Kelly gets put on the wall, she deserves it. We will miss you next year. I also hope we get to see the Parade Live so to enjoy it with the rest of CT.

    Elaine (Shelton): Lady Huskies - Congratulations on achieving your ultimate goal this season! And thank you all for such a thrilling NCAA tourney! Kelly, Caroline and Heather will be missed but what a way for them and the team to wrap up their UConn basketball career. I can't wait to cheer the team on next season!

    Kim(Stafford, CT): Congrats on winning the 2013 national championship and number 8. Geno and all you are all awesome and it;s been a pleasure being a fan since 1994! Enjoyed watching you ladies play this season as you had an awesome season.

    Ben (Las Vegas,Nv): Congradulation on your victory. We gave the world " the 3 to see": Stewart, UConn Huskies, and Coach Geno. Go Huskies.Eight is great, but what about 11.

    Ben (Las Vegas,Nv): Congradulation on your victory. We gave the world " the 3 to see": Stewart, UConn Huskies, and Coach Geno. Go Huskies.

    Cheryl Stephens City, Va.: Congrats to all you girls, I'm originally from Ct., and to keep up with you I watch all games on my computer (sny tv). Geno and Co. you are terrific we love you to. We will miss Kelly, she was a great player. Stefanie has become my husband's #1 player while I tend to lean toward Lewis, we have nicknamed them the twin tower's. Nobody get's by!! Keep rolling you will always be #1. God Bless you ALL!!

    Larry Boynton Beach, Fl.: WOW....What a season. Congrats to all the players and the coaching. We must also say thank you to Rosemary R. What a job you did.

    Carole Cutitta San Diego: BRAVO!! What an extraordinary run. Used to live down the road, but now live in CA and still it's a thrill watching you win. WAY TO GO!!

    Bill W (South Windsor): My first Final Four and now I'm hooked! Congrats and many thanks!

    claremont,nh: Congrats on another great seasson! I have had the chance to attend past season games-seeing Bird,Ralph, Taurasi and Moore play. I regret lower leg amputations kept me from a gamme this year...but, I was glued to ESPN. I plan on being at a game next year! my best to youall especially my favorite player,Heather Buck. Heather, your stick-to-it-tiveness HAS to be recognized! 2014 REPEAT. GO HUSKIES!!

    Kelvin (Easton PA): I've followed UCONN Men & Women teams since I was 14. I'm 32 years old and must say that this team was probably my favorite team to watch grow into a National Champion. Great job Geno, Chris, Shea, & the rest of the staff. Most importantly great job to the ladies. All your hard work and dedication paid off. Enjoy the moment because in a few months the grind starts again. Can't wait to see you ladies on the court again.

    sebastian, fl: CHAMPIONS we are so proud of you girls

    Jill (Granby): WOW!!! Way to go ladies with a decisive and beautiful win! Especially enjoyed your Notre Dame win. I've been following the team for a long time and you are FUN TO WATCH!! The freshman were outstanding - thanks for choosing to come to UConn!!! Congrats - see you at the parade!

    Brent (Milford, CT): Congrats on your eighth national championship win!! Watch out, 2014, here we come!!

    Michael Schwartz Rockville Centre, NY: Congratulations!! Great year & NCAA Champs- AWESOME Look forward to a 2014 repeat Way to go ladies !!

    Nick (Elmhurst, Illinois): Congrats girls on winning the National Championship for the 8th time I can`t wait until next year lets get number nine. Kelly, Heather and Caroline you deserved this after this week let countdown begin to Atlanta for 2014 final four and final

    UConn '70 Russell, MA: Thanks for the memories...

    David (Wakefield, MA): Congratulations to the UConn Women's Basketball team on a great season and their National Championship!! You have made the state of Connecticut proud. Kelly Faris and the seniors will be missed by everyone!! Breanna Stewart you are an amazing basketball player at such a young age!!

    Mona (Ashford): Mission Accomplished! Congratulations on a job well done!


    Chet, San Diego, Ca.: You are are great team. Take a little rest and do it again next year.

    Richard (NJ): GR8NESS!!! Been a fanatic since Lobo/Rizzoti. Knew after the Big East Final that you would win the National Championship. What a class act for young players to emulate. You're Simply the Best.

    Jo Ann, Branford: Way to go Girls!!!!!! Too bad Notre Dame didn't have the Luck of the Irish and Louisville didn't have the skills to beat a really great time like us. WE'VE ONLY JUST BEGUN!!!! congrats to all of you and especially my gut, Geno.

    Kennewick, Wa.: Moved from Ct in 2004, paying extra each year to Direct TV to make sure I can watch all UConn Games, because I love you guys....Good Work and good luck next year will be looking forward to see you next seasons

    Masa (Europe): Sending big hugs to all the Huskies form overseas (yep, fans are here too!). What an amazing run, I am amazed, but so glad they won a game vs. Notre Dame when it mattered the most. And I'm especially happy our 3 seniors got the best good-bye gift they could've imagined. So happy for Caroline, Kelly, Heather and whole team! Can't wait for the next season. 8 is great!

    Michael Schwartz Rockville Centre, NY: Congratulations!! Great year & NCAA Champs- AWESOME Look forward to a 2014 repeat Way to go ladies !!

    Theresa &Doug- Bristol, CT: What a wonderful tourney, great job girls!! As a long time fan (>25 years) we enjoy every minute of every game...there was something special about you this year and something extraordinary about this NCAA tournament, you played with poise, passion and determination we knew you had it in you all season!! CONGRATULATIONS and best wishes to Caroline, Heather and Kelly, may the road rise up to greet you with a very bright future!!

    Val (Exeter, RI): Congrats, Eight is Great for sure. I have been following UCONN girls basketball since the 90's and I always look forward to the season start to finish...you made it another awesome season...My neice plays basketball right now in high school and I always tell her to watch Kelly Farias...she is a true basketball player!

    Laura (Melrose, MA): Congratulations, UConn Huskies! You made all of New England proud!

    clayville ny: great job

    Sue Boyds, MD: Congrats! I was there to see it. It was awesome to see you beat ND. You crushed the Cards. Here's to many more. You are amazing!

    Michael (Long Branch, NJ): Kalena,Stef and Stewie played great, but championship #8 was achieved primarily because of the sheer guts, determination and relentless defense of Kelly Faris and Bria Hartley. They destroyed Diggins, McBride and Schimmel,eviscerating their offense and leading the way to victory. They are the epitome of an outstanding TEAM!!!

    Structural Biologists @ UCHC: Congrats to the entire team from the structural biology team at UConn Health Center!

    Steve W. (Hamden): Thank you Geno for bringing Philadelphia style basketball to the great State of Connecticut. Your teams show what the word team really means. You WILL dominate the American Athletic Conference AND get to the Final Four next year!

    Anne Marie, East Hartford, CT: CONGRATS to the UConn Huskies women winning the NCAA's women's college basketball championship! Many, many THANK-YOUS to all of the team and coaching staff for an excellent job well done. You have earned this 8th championship. GO UCONN WOMEN!!!!!!!!

    RALPH --SALEM MASS: What a classy bunch of great kids and coaches. You deserve all the good luck after what you fought thru. See you in October

    Steve in Atlanta: Thanks, ladies, for another terrific season. I admire your character and dedication in not letting the early Notre Dame games define the season. Looking forward to next year. Nothing but the finest of wishes for Caroline, Kelly and the other seniors as they leave campus.

    ROBERT PEEKSKILL,NY: AWESOME! as a local resident of westchester,ny we all are going to enjoy next years'freshman saniya chong of ossining,ny what a added threat she is going to be. GO HUSKIES! if you dont know about saniya, google her. a star in the making.

    UConn Ron, San Francisco, CA.: Awesome team, great coach. Congratulations from the West Coast.


    Roy & Dixie Scottsdale, AZ: Congrats still root for you even tho we have left Ct.!!

    Matt & Sharon, Derby, CT: We are so proud of you girls! Congrats to all. Geno you are the best!

    St. Louis: Congratulations! We were in New Orleans and what a show you put on. It was so much fun. You are a class act and we never get tired of watching you play. It was an amazing tournament for you Uconn gals. The championship game was perfection. Until next year:)

    Schnel (Waterbury CT): Congratulations to the Lady Huskies! I root for my alma mater 24/7!!! Best school in the country all around!!!! U-U-U-UConn!!!!!

    washington, ct: what a wonderful group. Congrats to all, esp. the seniors. May you all enjoy what you have done

    Becky (Southington): Way to go girls! Great job in the NCAA Tournament. You are a great source of pride to your fans!

    Knoxville, Tennessee: NOTHING made me happier than sitting in my room with my roommate, who is the biggest Lady Vol fan in Tennessee, and watching you guys win yet another national championship, tieing Pat Summitt. a moment i'll never forget!

    Manchester, Ct.: Had a fantastic time in New Orleans. Thanks for all the Joy over the yrs. Keep going, ladies. Very proud to say I'm a Husky fan. Hope Krause

    Dr. Phillips HS WBB (Orlando, FL): Good morning Coach Gino, My staff and I really admire what you have done in the past decade with your program. We love the fact that you do it your way despite what others think. We really look up to you as we model our high school program after your (uniforms and warm-up we love unconn). Also, as the Head Coach i get so much hate from winning as i too am very confident, but when i read your articles and interviews you inspire me to keep doing whats right for the team and not worry about the outsiders. Great job Coach and i love how open and honest you are to your program it shows great strong character. Congrats!

    Secenarioj: Congratulations on your well deserved National Championship!

    Paris, Tennessee: Congratulations Huskies!! Simply the best!

    Diann from Trumbull: What an awesome season and incredible 6 games in March and April. Thanks for some wonderful memories! Congratulations Huskies!!!

    Mark (New Haven): Congratulations on the championship! You girls worked hard and deserved it. To Kelly, Caroline, and Heather: I'm glad you're going out on top, and I'm gonna miss seeing you play. To the rest of the team: I'll be watching in November when you begin your title defense. Do I hear repeat?

    Gregory Gorski: Congratulations to the players, coaches and support staff for winning their 8th National Championship. The Huskies team effort was stunning and as families do, they pull together when it gets tough. A note to Stewie....you thought that I was a magician, but YOU supplied the magic during the Tournament!!!!!!!God Bless all of you!!!!

    Loraine (NJ): Heather is an inspiration to me. She always showed a positive attitude despite her limited playing time. I can't erase the image of her smiling face after she stole the ball and scored. I wish she had scored 10 points but that wasn't meant to be. Go Heather! You've shown great character throughout your Huskies' career.

    Doreen: Major thankies for the article.Thanks Again. Much obliged. Doreen

    Nick Visone RH CT: What an amazing NCAA tournament performance!! I think When most people looked at our bracket and saw some of the teams in our path we felt it would be a tough task to get to the Final Four. The way that this team handled the very good teams it played both defensively and offensively was beautiful to see. The contributions of so many players to these wins were tremendous. Truly team wins. Congratulations on a fantastic year and I can't wait to see you play again next season. Heather,Kelly and Caroline- thanks for all the memories and best of luck in the next phase of your lives. It won't always be as much fun as college but I hope you realize your dreams!

    Dave (Madison,CT): You are the GREATEST group of young women who happen to play basketball like true champions!!CONGRATULATIONS on winning the National Championship!! You absolutely make the Winters enjoyable in CT. We will miss Kelly, Caroline & Heather-Best wishes to each of them. We can hardly wait for the next season!! Each one of you is a truly remarkable young lady and we are so glad you came to UCONN! GO HUSKIES!!!!

    Erica (Sag Harbor, NY): Congratulations UConn Girls! You deserve it, everything; every shot made, every rebound & every block. You truly worked hard and now it shows! I'm so glad to watch you guys and you all have inspired me! #Eyeson9

    Michael (Long Branch, NJ): Kalena,Stef and Stewie played great, but championship #8 was achieved primarily because of the sheer guts, determination and relentless defense of Kelly Faris and Bria Hartley. They destroyed Diggins, McBride and Schimmel,eviscerating their offense and leading the way to victory. They are the epitome of an outstanding TEAM!!!

    Harrisville, New York: To such a well rounded and well coached team. For a champion this is what it takes. It is all in team work and it is what makes this team so exciting to watch. Congratulations on your 2013 season and best of luck in 2014. Go Stewie Love ya. Cousins Ben and Linda

    HarryO: Congrats to all of you amazing young ladies. I am so proud of you ladies .... Great team, i cheer for you every year and don't miss a game if i could help it. Very proud of your program.

    Dennis Morgan (Vernon, CT): Congratulations are in order...again. The right game-plan in the Final Four and overwhelming desire to win resulted in # 8. As a graduate of UCONN, I along with hundreds of thousands of others, SALUTE YOU!

    Kris, Southington: Congratulations! What an accomplishment! I hope this year goes just as well!
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