Submit a comment here and let the Huskies know how proud you are of them and their NCAA National Championship!

    Craig, Alexandria, VA: So happy for the team and the University. You make us proud!

    Mansfield: Well done UCONN Field Hockey. You have made the university community proud for many years. Now you are the undisputed best of the best!!! Enjoy the ride.

    Andrew & Marguerite bowden: Amazing result - what a team and coaching staff - the best!!!!

    Christopher Zawodniak Morrisville, PA: Congratulations on winning the National Championship!

    Ralph Waterbury, Ct 1973: Congratulations, great, great

    John (Woodbridge): I was there for the first one in 1981. Congratulations Ladies!! Great Job!!!!

    Kelly Yates. Gateway field hockey st.loi: Nancy and Paul and team Congratulations on winning the NCAA tournament. What a great run and fun game to watch on computer. Lots of cheers from the players and coaches of Gateway FH Club. Kelly yates

    Dan (Fort Lee, VA): Congratulations! Way to go. Husky Nation is proud of you.

    Stamford, CT: CONGRATULATIONS to UCONN Field Hockey for bringing home a championship. You make us proud!!!

    TJ Omasta: Great Job!!!! Way to represent UConn!

    Debbie Krzyk: AWESOME!!!!!!!

    Ashford, ct: Way to go National Champs!

    Harpursville: Congratulations you make your hometown proud from Jared and Mike!!!

    T Abney: Congratulations!! Great to see your work produce a national championship. We'll deserved.

    Craig Nealon: Congrats from NSW Australia!

    Limerick Ireland: So Proud of my niece Roisin and her team!!! Congratulations National Champions xxxx Nuala xxxx

    Washington, D.C.: CONGRATULATIONS from an alum in DC on that elusive title. So many great UCONN teams had come so close to winning the title over the years, and you did it! I watched the game on NCAA.COM and saw the superior skill level and defense.

    PB: Way to make all of UCONN proud and to remind the world that UCONN is more than just Football and Basketball!

    Tom (naugatuck): Great job ladies! Go Huskies!

    Ben (NYC): Way to keep Storrs as the Title Town of college sports! Rings on rings on rings!

    Ken Mouning (Granby, CT): Congratulations Lady Huskies - Field Hockey National Champs! So proud of you....Thanks also for taking the time to sign all of those posters for our 5-6th grade team this year. It meant a lot to our young ladies!

    David Middletown, CT: Way to go Huskies!!!! AWESOME!!!

    AB & the Blankmeyer Family (NJ): Way to make UConn and the UConn field hockey family (past & present) extremely proud. Couldn't think of a team & coaching staff more deserving - congratulations!! You all are THE BEST. Enjoy the win!

    New Haven, CT: UCONN's Field Hockeh team is another reason why I love my school- I'm beyond proud of them!

    Glenn (Glastonbury, CT): Congratulations!!!! You guys worked so hard and made all of us alums and fans so proud!! Enjoy the celebration CHAMPS!!!!!

    Towson, MD: Welcome to the elite company of UConn collegiate athletes beating Duke University for a National Championship. Feels good, doesn't it?

    Dave Glastonbury: Congratulations!

    Nancy Burlington: GO HUSKIES!!!!!!! SO PROUD OF YOU!!!!!!!!

    Paul (Lisbon,Conn): Great job. Your the best, UCONN PRIDE..

    Marge Cape Cod: Congratulations from a field hockey player in the 69's

    Beth Taylor Mack (PA): Congratulations UConn Field Hockey! Best in the Nation! WOOT!

    Dennis (San Antonio, TX): Congrats Nancy and team!!! UConnnnnnn! Huskieeeeeees! Woof!

    Jim - Williamsburg, VA: Congrats - great team effort!!!

    Julie vermont: Well done! Great to watch. Congrats!

    Ashford, CT: Well done! Feeling a lot of Connecticut Pride here in Ashford!!!

    Alaina/Greensburg: Congrats! Another national championship. Can't wait to arrive next year

    Alaina/Greensburg: Congrats! Another national championship. Can't wait to arrive next year

    Edina, MN: Congrats to Coach Stevens. every year I follow and pull for you! Congrats to our Huskies as well! So much more pride will radiate from me when I wear my UCONN apparel.

    Susan - Fort Lauderdale, FL: UConn '77 sends congratulations!!!!!

    Bob Lentz (Los Angeles): You go, girls! UConn 68

    Benson - Manchester, CT: Extra sweet since it comes at Duke's expense.

    Edwin Silver Spring,MD: congrats

    Milton Porter(Hebron, CT): Nancy, I am so happy for you and your players for getting that National Championship Ring in Field Hockey. You have been a wonderful steadfast unwavering Field Hockey Coarch at UConn for the past many years. Milton Porter, Hebron, CT

    Chris - Leonardtown, MD: Congrats Ladies !!!!! Bleed Blue !!!!

    Brian Southbury, CT: Job well done ladies! As an alumnus, I am very proud you brought the national championship back to where it belongs!

    Win (Stamford): I attended every home game during my time at UConn hoping to see a championship. Finally, this team won the Championship it badly deserved!!! (and only three years after I graduated). Congratulations to each one of you ladies, you truly earned it!!!! Thanks for bringing another one home!

    Khloe, Glastonbury: Congrats girls!! Great season!!!

    Dan (Fairfield): Congrats!!!! Making huskies proud everywhere!

    Paul Knopick (Denton, Tx.): You made us alumni proud.

    Jay Bethel CT: That's Right Champs!!!

    Hayward, CA: Congrats on your 3rd title. Go Huskies!

    Alaina/Greensburg: Congrats! Another national championship. Can't wait to arrive next year

    Seth- Singapore: Proud to be a HUSKY!! Phenomenal job!! Letís get another one!!!!

    Charlotte, NC: Great job, Huskies! I am a proud alumnus just moved to ACC country. Thanks for giving me more bragging rights with these southern snooties. Congratulations on your National Championship run! By the way ESPN3 is a great way to catch the action of my favorite Husky games...watched the penalty shot wins over North Carolina in the semis...fantastic! Paul Boiano

    Dick - New Canaan: Great job, ladies!!! You make us all proud!!!

    Go Huskies ! (Dallas): Congratulations to an outstanding season, outstanding tournament, and a well deserved national championship! Thanks for reminding the country that UConn is not just a basketball school. :-)

    Guilford, CT: Congratulations to the UConn Field Hockey team on a wonderful season and a fabulous championship. Go Huskies!!!

    Theresa : Bristol, CT: WOW- Great game, enjoy and Congratulations...GO HUSKIES!!

    mansfield: We're not just basketball!

    Fargo, ND: Many of us know how hard it is to accomplish what you did today, you made the UCFH alumni proud!

    Al - Florida: Congratulations!

    Hal and Edie...Canterbury,NH: What a statement! International team of Champions, topnotch coaches, Go UConn Nation! Proud Alumni

    Joe (Cheshire): Great job ladies.

    Stuart & Joan (Plantsville, CT): Congratulations ladies on winning the national championship for Field Hockey! We're very proud of our UConn Huskies!

    Joy (CT): CONGRATS!!! Great job.

    Denise (Old Saybrook): CONGRATULATIONS LADIES!!!! Couldn't have a better ending to the seniors' college FH career! Couldn't be there but was awesome watching the live stream :)

    Peg ('77, '98): NICE! Congratulations. Great teamwork!

    Ron W (Columbia): Way to go, Ladies! You really rose to the occasion! Congratulations!!

    Joe- W. Bridgewater, MA: AWESOME!

    Chris (Boston, MA): Congratulations to UConn field hockey! You make husky fans proud!

    Richmond, va: Congratulations!!!!! You all played amazing!! Go UConn!!

    Gary, Shelton: Congratulations---- Job well done--great team effort

    Joan - Danbury: Way to go UCONN. Time for some more championships/

    Fred (Leesburg, VA): Great job ladies!!! Husky Pride sweeping the Nation!

    Joe - Clay, NY: Go UConn - another reason to wear the UConn colors proudly.

    Nutley,NJ: Congrats UConn Field Hockey, 2013 NATIONAL CHAMPIONS! Way to go MP!

    Dan & Joanne Blume, West Hartford - Co: Congratulations and best wishes. You are Number 1! What a great UConn weekend.

    Eileen Censullo Phoenixville Pa: So happy for UConn and proud of the Bolles girls and their team! Hard work pays off...enjoy your moment!

    derry nh: great job uconn

    Manila, Philippines: Congratulations on winning the national title! So proud of you girls! U-C-O-N-N, UConn, UConn, UConn!

    Chris (Milford): Congratulations, UConn Field Hockey on your National Championship! Awesome job, champs!

    Kris from Woodbridge: Congratulations, we're all so proud of you!!

    Maria (Boston): Congratulations!!!!!!!

    Providence, RI: Congrats on an amazing season! You are great ambassadors for all of us in Husky Nation!

    Providence, RI: Congrats on an amazing season! You are great ambassadors for all of us in Husky Nation!

    Joe SC: Congrats! Go Huskies

    Plymouth,Ma.: Congrats to be the very best at what you do and be proud of it !!!

    Manila, Philippines: Congratulations on winning the national title! So proud of you girls. U-C-O-N-N, UConn, UConn, UConn!

    Jen Bradshaw, Vernon, CT: Way to go Ladies! More reason to be a proud Husky!

    Dennis Giroux St Augustine Fl: Cut me. I'm bleeding federal blue. So proud of you Husky girls.

    Bob and Sue Arthur, Kensington, MD: Congratulations to all the girls and their families! What a great year, we are all so proud and happy for you. It was great to be there and see the championship game, and so many happy Huskies!!!

    Dermot & Pauline Upton. Limerick Irelan: So proud to be a Huskie Mum and Dad!!!! Fantastic achievement, well done everyone !!!

    DT (NYC): Congratulations to a team that never says die! Beating Duke AND a National Championship?? That is the Daily Double!! Thanks for representing UConn in the best ways, on and off the field! Proud to be a Husky!! #BLEEDBLUE

    UConn Volleyball: Congrats Ladies!! What an amazing achievement!! Your hard work, commitment and determination are inspiring to everyone! We are so proud of your season and the ending was much deserved!!! Proud to be a Husky!!!

    Walt, Manchester: We celebrate National titles for Women's and Men's Basketball teams all the time at Connecticut, but it's great to see another sport in the UCONN family achieve a great accomplishment. Congrats! A job well done!

    Milton - Fairfield, CT: Congrats to the Uconn Womens Field Hockey team on a great season! Winning the Big East and then the NCAA championships is truly remarkable! Go Huskies

    Bloomfield, CT: Congratulations Lady Huskies! Very proud of you ! #bleedblue

    Kubeck/ Storrs-Mansfield: Followed U faithfully ( as with all UConn endeavors) & am so proud to be part of trueblue tradition. Congrats to U & coach!

    Eileen (Storrs): Way to go!!! Great ending to a great season!!!

    Lizzy, Greenwich: Congratulations! Soooo Happy for the team and of course the coaches, putting in the hard work year after year.. Finally we brought the cup home! UCFH National Champs! Awesome..

    Mike B, East Hampton: Close for so many years, Congratulations!

    Josephine, NYC: CONGRATS! #ProudAlum #BleedBlue

    Eddie (Old Lyme): Way to go! Congratulations UConn Women's Field Hockey on winning the National Championship! You make all Husky Alums, Fans and State Proud

    Tikeyah W, New Britain, CT: Congratulations Ladiesss! I am a proud alumni!

    Dan (Colchester): Great work! I'm extremely proud of your accomplishment, and so is the rest of Husky Nation! Go Huskies!!!

    MikeTamborrino, Stamford: Well done, team & coaching staff!!!

    Anita, Danbury, CT: So proud of all of you women! My god-daughter played in high school and I know how hard it is for this sport to be recognized. Great job beating those Blue Devils!!!

    Cape Cod: Congratulations from a Uconn field hockey player from the 60's

    Lillian (Storrs): Congratulations!! Way to represent and bring home a National Championship!! :)

    Craig,Reading: Great job!!! Glad to see UConn take down Duke in another Sport

    Buckman family ('90, '91, Chatham, NJ): Congratulations to CHS Alum Megan Palmisano and the entire UConn team!!

    Joe (Meriden): Congratulations and thank you for making us proud - proud to be represented by such a fine team of outstanding women!

    Raymond- Scottsdale, AZ: YES!! I'm so happy for the team and coaches that I'm speechless. CHEERS to our field hockey team for doing everyone in Storrs so proud! I watched the game live with those frigid temperatures. HIP, HIP, HOORAY! UCONN '89

    Wayne, Winchester, VA: Another great job and another national championship for UConn

    Nicole (BOSTON): Congrats! Went to a few field hockey camps growing up hosted by UCONN, the coach sure knows what she's doing!

    Shanghai, China: Congratulations Champs!!! Go Huskies :)

    Dave + Morgan: Congratulations on doing it BIG!!!

    Woodbury: Way to go Huskies!

    Ann (Duke University): Congratulations! I couldn't celebrate too much at work today so I am doing it now! GO HUSKIES! I am so proud of you ladies. Well done!

    Santa Rosa, CA: Making an alum across the country VERY proud! Congratulations!

    Buckhead, GA- Sebastian: Watched the game on NCAA.COM! Just could not be happier for the entire team and coach Stevens for all their hard work and dedication.

    Nigel Roberts, UCONN: Congrats, on your National Championship!!!!!

    Eric (San Diego, CA): As a huge fan of all UCONN sports, and an alum from 1987, huge congrats on the National Championship!!

    Hugh from New Jersey: Congratulations team! Students Today, Champions Forever!

    Kris (Warwick, RI): Great job ladies!! Congratulations, you deserve this.

    Tom (Torrington): Congrats to the coaches and the BEST TEAM in the land! You make us all very proud!

    SH Chantilly, VA: Congrats!

    Hamilton Square, NJ: Congratulations-- I followed you all the way

    Pete in Orlando: Hey Congrats UCONN on putting up another National Championship Team--and thanks ladies for your heart and effort.

    Manchester: Great job! and I especially loved how you won it over UNC and Duke.

    Hartford: UConn>Duke

    West Milton PA: Well done, ladies!!!!! Well done! Proud to be a Husky!!!

    Margaret (Madison, CT): Congrats to the UConn Field Hockey Team for bringing home their 3rd National Championship! ...Extra proud to be a Husky today!

    Bob Q, West Warwick, RI: Well done ladies!!! You are an inspiration to us all, and you represent the very best of Husky Nation! Oh, and thanks especially for beating (hawk, tooey) DUKE! Sweet.

    Ana (West Hartford): We are so proud of you!

    Jeffrey (Deltona, FL): As a former Connecticut Native, I am proud of the UConn athletes. Great accomplishment for the university and state.

    Niall Murphy (San Francisco, CA): There are not enough words to express how happy I am for our entire UConn family! #huskiesforlife

    Katie CT: Not the only UCONN team that knows how to put a ball in a net!!!!!! GO HUSKIES!!!

    Susan Nottingham: Congratulations on a stellar season. The semi-final was the most exciting, grittiest game I've ever watched and the final was definitely the coldest. Be proud< Huskies!

    Lou Ann, Palm Bay, FL: Congratulations on a tremendous team effort. I am very proud of all of you. A special thanks to Paul and Cheri for helping my sister Nancy accomplish an important coaching goal. A National Championship. Awesome.

    Erin Koonz: Congratulations to the UCONN Huskies! You guys had such an incredible season and no one deserves this victory more than you guys do! you worked so hard and I could not be more proud of the entire team! Nancy, Paul and Cheri you guys are amazing!!!!! GO HUSKIES

    PATRICK KILKENNY IRELAND: what a great day for UConn sports congratulations

    Grace, NJ: Congrats on an awesome season! Go Huskies!!

    Morgan M (MA): Congrats. Awesome accomplishment. We're proud of all of you!!!!

    Skip Chadbourne Pittston Me: Great coaches , great kids great results Congrats to the University , athletes and coaching staff.

    Al Anderson--CARDIFF BY THE SEA, CA: Looks like the Husky women have taken over the lead when it comes to winning championships.

    Jeute (Meerbusch): Congratulations to the team, we came here to support the team it was amazing to see the team work and the team spirit. Even overtime or cold weather could not stop the good work. Never will forget these exiting games.

    Limerick, Ireland: Congratulations to UCONN huskies and especially well done to Roisin Upton from Crescent College Comprehensive, Limerick, Ireland. John McDonnell, Sports Administrator

    Jeute (Meerbusch):: Congratulations to the team, we came here to support the team it was amazing to see the team work and the team spirit. Even overtime or cold weather could not stop the good work. Never will forget these exiting games.

    Chris (MA): Congrats!!!! Go Huskies!!!!!

    Fernando and Valerlie Castro (UK): Well done the Team and Coaches for UCONN Huskies Ladies Field Hockey on your magnificent win at the National Championship.

    Keith Lucas (Verona, VA: Enjoyed serving as your photographer in Norfolk....What a great team effort and a well deserved title!

    The Wells family..Pennsylvania: Congrats to UCONN Huskies... we watched the whole game and were thrilled with UCONN win!

    KP Red Bud, IL: Congrats, UCONN Huskies!!!

    Anne Marie, East Hartford, CT: Congrats to the UConn Huskies Field Hockey team!

    Austin Dodd (Putnam, CT): Congratulations! That you for representing UConn well with your hard work, focus, and dedication! You all make me proud to be a Husky!

    Jane Mansfield: Congratulations to you all, and what amazing coaches, well deserved win, but the semi was a bit nerve wrecking. Jane (Sarah's mum)

    Irasburg Vermont: Congratulations an thanks

    Howard (South Windsor): Congratulations! A proud day for Husky Nation.

    Sportstec Global HQ, Sydney, Australia: Congratulations on your consistent performance in 2013 and a well deserved Championship Title.

    Keri Hostetler, Revolution Field Hockey: Way to bring home the trophy. It was great to see your success unfold! Congrats

    Bob Lazzari, Columbia: Congrats to Nancy and the squad; can't wait to interview her tomorrow night on 'Monday Night Sports Talk.' A job well done, ladies....

    Karina (Avon, CT): CONGRATS ON THE IN UCONN FIELD HOCKEY! I wish I was as good as you guys! You were AMAZING! -Karina

    Jo Jo (Burlington): Congratulations from the 1981 Championship team to the 2013 team! You will remember that moment forever.

    Jorge Guerra: A great feat for any team to be National Champions. Congratulations!
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