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Division of Athletics Mission Statement

In conjunction with the mission of the University of Connecticut to serve as a center for teaching and research, dedicated to excellence in higher education and fulfillment of its land grant status, the mission of the Division of Athletics is to operate a broadbased program of intercollegiate athletics and recreational and intramural sports opportunities that reflects the ethical philosophy of the University, the interest of the student body, and the desires of the University's internal and external constituencies.

The priority of the Division of Athletics is to give student-athletes the opportunity to excel in academic achievement and athletic accomplishments. In addition, the Division of Athletics fosters among its students a sense of citizenship, leadership and social responsibility.

The athletic program of the University adheres to the highest standards of integrity and ethics. The Division of Athletics promotes principles of good sportsmanship, honesty and fiscal responsibility in compliance with university, state, NCAA, and conference regulations. The Division of Athletics promotes and supports the University's comprehensive commitment to diversity and equity, providing equitable opportunity for all students and staff including women and minorities.

Through its program of intercollegiate athletics, recreational and intramural activities, public service and outreach efforts, the Division of Athletics enhances the student experience and contributes to the quality of life within the campus community, the State, and across the nation.

The Division of Athletics and its programs undergo regular and periodic evaluation so that the Division may remain responsive to the educational and social needs of its students, the outreach efforts of the University, the competitive standards of the athletic conferences with which it is affiliated, and the fiscal demands of rapidly changing environments.