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2007-08 Student-Athlete Advisory Committee Executive Board

President, Olga Solovyova, Women’s Rowing

Vice President, Emily Karel, Women’s Swimming

Secretary, Brittany Hunter, Women’s Basketball

Associate Secretary, Ashley Mitchelides, Women’s Lacrosse

Historian (Web), Kathy Les, Women’s Rowing

Associate Chair, Heather Gates, Women’s Rowing

Community Service, Andrew Dubs, Men’s Track and Field

Associate Chairs, BJ Bayers, Men’s Ice Hockey

Ashley Mitchelides, Women’s Lacrosse

Social Events, Leah Giffin, Women’s Lacrosse

Associate Chair, Lorelle Schaub, Women’s Volleyball

Associate Chair, Kelly Dwyer, Women’s Rowing

Husky Points, Heather Dwyer, Women’s Rowing

Senior Banquet, Sam O’Donnell, Women’s Swimming

Big East Representative, Olga Solovyova, Women’s Rowing

Coordinator, Janet Williams                

Athletics, Jeff Hathaway, Vaughn Williams      

FAR, Scott Brown                  

PAAC, Rob Hoskin                

CPIA, Bruce Cohen                

EKIN, Jennie Bruening

Husky Sport, Raechel Madsen           

Please contact Janet.Williams@uconn.edu with any questions

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