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UConn SAAC Visits Waddell School In Manchester

Jan. 13, 2010


MANCHESTER, Conn. -- The University of Connecticut Student-Athlete Advisory Council held a "Pajama Read-In" on Tuesday night at the Waddell Elementary School in Manchester, Conn. It was the first involvement with SAAC at Waddell.

The students of the school and their families were invited to the event, which was sponsored by the Waddell PTA as 30 student-athletes from the men's and women's ice hockey teams volunteered their time.

The night began with the student-athletes introducing themselves, where they are from and what their favorite childhood book was. Husky Reach provided flashlights and copies of the book "Moxy Maxwell Does Not Love Stuart Little" for everyone in attendance.

The student-athletes helped distribute books and flashlights and then dispersed themselves among the crowd of families. The school's literacy facilitator, Donna Oslenger, read aloud to the entire group before the lights were turned down and individuals read by flashlight as many of the student-athletes read aloud to the students and families that they were sitting with.

After the flashlight read, there were book centers set up which the student-athletes ran with topics ranging from poetry, non-fiction, fiction, how-to, and newspapers. At these stations, the student-athletes discussed the type of literature and read some of the material to the students.

The night concluded with a book-swap where the students in attendance were allowed to go select from the several hundred books that were donated to the school for the event.