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Comments On Warde Manuel Hiring At UConn

Feb. 12, 2012

Kevin White, Vice President and Director of Athletics, Duke University

"Simply said, Warde Manuel represents a brilliant appointment at UConn! Warde has very quickly become one of the most respected leaders within college athletics. He is strong and determined, perhaps humble to a fault, highly empathetic, certainly task-oriented, and inordinately passionate about providing the very best student-athlete experience possible. Above all of that, Warde is a guy that -- all day, every day -- simply `drips with integrity.' Unequivocally, the Huskies couldn't have made a better hire!"

Reggie Witherspoon, Head Men's Basketball Coach, University at Buffalo

"Warde is going to be a great ambassador for the University of Connecticut and he is going to immediately exude energy into the campus. Warde stands firm on academic principals first and foremost and he is also an extremely competitive person who wants to win. The people of Connecticut will be thrilled by him and feel good about being in his presence."

Lloyd Carr, Head Football Coach (1995-2007), Assistant Football Coach (1980-94), University of Michigan

"Warde had a very good playing career at Michigan and he was the type of player that you wanted in your program. He was a very good student, good in the locker room and was a team player. He then developed an excellent background in athletic administration here at Michigan and then at Buffalo, as he gained experience working in academics, fundraising and a number of different sports. He is a bright person and an excellent communicator. I think that the coaches and student-athletes at Connecticut will really embrace what he stands for."

Gene Smith, Director of Athletics, Ohio State University

"First of all, Warde and Chris are very good people and have a great family. Warde is a leader in our industry and he understands the challenges that one faces in trying to run a collegiate athletic program. I also think he is going to be a huge asset to the university outside of athletics as he really understands how all of higher education operates. "