All-Time UConn Players on Active NFL Rosters

Huskies Currently in the NFL
All UConn Players In The NFL
Huskies In The NFL Draft
Huskies Currently in the CFL

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Buffalo Bills Buffalo Bills
PK Booth Lusteg (1966)
Atlanta Falcons Atlanta Falcons
TE Brian Kozlowski (1998-2003)
CB Robert McClain (2009)
Cleveland Browns Cleveland Browns
QB Shane Stafford 1998
Carolina Panthers Carolina Panthers
Darius Butler (2011)
CB Robert McClain (2010)
Houston Texans Houston Texans
QB Dan Orlovsky (2009-10)
Dallas Cowboys Dallas Cowboys
FB Deon Anderson (2007-10)
Indianapolis/Baltimore Colts Indianapolis/Baltimore Colts
S Brian Herosian (1973)
DL Jim Merritts (1987)
LB Eric Naposki (1989)
RB Donald Brown (2009-11)
QB Dan Orlovsky (2011)
LB Scott Lutrus (2011)
Detroit Lions Detroit Lions
DL Bill Cooke (1978)
QB Dan Orlovsky (2005-08)
Jacksonville Jaguars Jacksonville Jaguars
DE Julius Williams (2009)
Green Bay Packers Green Bay Packers
PK Booth Lusteg (1969)
RB Eric Torkelson (1974-81)
OL Bill Cooke (1975)
LB John Dorsey (1984-89)
LB Danny Lansanah (2008)
Miami Dolphins Miami Dolphins
RB Nick Giaquinto (1980-81)
PK Booth Lusteg (1967)
OG Donald Thomas (2008-09)
New Orleans Saints New Orleans Saints
LB Alfred Fincher (2005-07)
Oakland Raiders Oakland Raiders
DB Darrell Wilson (1981)
LB Eric Naposki (1988)
DB Tyvon Branch (2008-11)
New York Giants New York Giants
DT John Contoulis (1964)
RB Vin Clements (1971-73)
WR Keith Hugger (1983)
TE Brian Kozlowski (1994-97)
OT William Beatty (2009-11)
New England Patriots New England Patriots
DB Darrell Wilson (1981)
LB Eric Naposki (1988)
WR Glenn Antrum (1989)
DB Darius Butler (2009-10)
OG Donald Thomas (2011)
San Francisco 49ers San Francisco 49ers
DL Bill Cooke (1976-77)
Pittsburgh Steelers Pittsburgh Steelers
PK Booth Lusteg (1968)
QB Bob Leahy (1971)
OL Pete Rostosky (1983-87)
WR Mark Didio (1992)
Seattle Seahawks Seattle Seahawks
DL Bill Cooke (1978-80)
   Tampa Bay Buccaneers Tampa Bay Buccaneers
QB Dan Orlovsky (2004)
   Washington Redskins Washington Redskins
RB Nick Giaquinto (1981-83)
TE Brian Kozlowski (2004-07)
LB Alfred Fincher (2008)


Pop Williams (1932)

Red O'Neil (1926)
Vic Radzievitch (1926)

Ching Hammill (1925)
Pop Williams (1928-31)


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