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Visiting Ice Hockey Athletic Trainers

The University of Connecticut Sports Medicine Staff welcomes you to Storrs, Connecticut. The Connecticut Ice Arena Athletic Training Room will be open during your scheduled practice time and two hours prior to the start of competition. During your visit to the University of Connecticut, the following accommodations have been made for you in the way of supplies and services.

In the athletic training room

  • hydrocollators
  • ice
  • ultrasound
  • electric stim units
  • taping area

On the ice

  • water
  • cups
  • ice
  • materials for biohazard disposal
  • emergency equipment (splints, crutches, spine board and an AED)

Visiting team locker room:

  • water/cups
  • ice
  • materials for biohazard disposal

Men's and women's ice hockey will have a team physician and an orthopedic physician in attendance throughout the competition.

If your team is traveling without a certified athletic trainer, please contact the athletic trainer assigned to your sport in advance to arrange appropriate coverage for your team.

If you require anything beyond what we offer, please feel free to contact the certified athletic trainer assigned to your sport and we will try to accommodate you and your institution. During your stay in Connecticut, if you need anything or have any questions, please feel free to contact our staff. Enjoy your stay in Storrs and good luck this season.

Helpful numbers:
to Karlie O'Reilly, Women's Ice Hockey Athletic Trainer486-2030
Edward Blair, Men's Ice Hockey Athletic Trainer486-3046
Ice rink athletic training room486-6672