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Husky Cup Outline

1) Vision: To have the student-athletes come together holistically by having a year round competition with opposing teams based on life skills. The winning team will receive the perpetuating “CUP” for the whole next year to build Husky Pride and a cash reward from SAAC to use as you please (For example; TV in your locker room, new uniforms, sweatshirts, etc.).

2) Purpose: The Husky CUP is a competitive game that can be played by all varsity teams, in order to provide a means by which student-athletes can compete for points in various life skills categories. These categories focus on developing the individual, leadership, teamwork, supporting other athletes, and academic achievement. The scores will be posted on the SAAC Website at It will be used to promote competition and participation in various aspects of student-athlete life.

COMMUNITY OUTREACH – Service to the community (Hartford or local); may be attended as a team or individual event. Both SAAC sponsored events, Husky Sport events and individual team hours will count for Husky Cup points

TEAM ENHANCEMENT – As a team, you attend or have presented to you a workshop, speaker, or program that deals with personal, career, or academic development, alcohol awareness, or other pertinent subjects. Topics may include:

  • Hazing
  • Betting and gambling
  • Sports nutrition
  • Substance abuse education
  • Sexual harassment
  • Rape prevention
  • Careers and life after athletics
  • Violence prevention
  • Others approved by SAAC Officers and the Husky Cup Points Committee
* Can only do 3 a semester *

PERSONAL ENHANCEMENT – This is an individual category designed to give points to student-athletes who make extra efforts to better themselves. Points are awarded for attending workshops or programs that enhance you as a person, student, job seeker, etc. Topics may be similar to those above or include others such as time management, resume writing, interviewing skills, money management and more.

*Consult with Husky Cup Committee to ensure that points will be awarded for intended program.

ATHLETES SUPPORTING ATHLETES – One game per semester there will be a SAAC sponsored Athlete-Supporting-Athletes Day. Bring your team and sign in at the marketing table before half time and earn points.

SAAC LEADERSHIP/ATTENDENCE – Points are awarded every time the SAAC representative attends the SAAC meetings and participates in SAAC activities. Non SAAC representatives may earn points for attending meetings and participating in activities. Elected SAAC Board Members earn points for holding a position for the year.

HIGHEST TEAM GPA – Awarded after the fall semester to the first, second, third place teams, and all the way down to the last place team. The team with the largest percentage of people with a 3.0 GPA or higher by the end of the Fall semester. Bonus points will be awarded for individuals who make the Dean’s List, etc. for their teams.

ABOVE AND BEYOND – Points are earned by individuals who go above and beyond normal expectations for participation; these student-athletes go the extra mile or accomplish something that deserves recognition. Points will be awarded on a case specific bases.

How Points are Awarded for the “Husky CUP”

  • 100 points are given for any Team Enhancement/Activity
  • mandatory events require 100% attendance to receive 100 points
  • Community Service and Athletes Supporting Athletes are not subject to a limit of 3 scoring opportunities per semester
  • Teams with less than 11 members must have 90% in attendance in 1 event
  • Teams with 12-25 members must have 75% in attendance in 1 event
  • Teams with more than 25 members must have 60% attendance in 1 event
10 points are awarded for individual activities including:

Community Service * – must volunteer for at least one hour at a time. An additional 10 points will be awarded to every hour thereafter.

Personal Enhancement

  • Athletes Supporting Athletes attendance
  • 15 points will be given for those who complete Above and Beyond activities
SAAC Leadership/Attendance
  • 2 points for each Rep. attending SAAC Meetings (up to 4 people)
  • 1 point for each team turning in the end of the meeting survey
  • 25 points for Elected SAAC position awarded to their team, one a year.
  • 10 point Deduction for each Rep. missing a SAAC meeting that is unexcused. You must inform the SAAC adviser or president if you are not attending via e-mail.
Academic Interference- If a Rep has a tutor or study session during time of meeting reps are expected to contact Janet Williams, or the Husky Cup Coordinator in order for team not to have a deduction.

Games or Practice
The Reps. still have to contact Janet Williams or the Husky Cup Coordinator to inform them of the absents for every Game or Practice that will result in missing a meeting.

Social Events
Talent Show - 10 points per team for participating 1st place- 50 points; 2nd place 30 points; 3rd 20 points Athletes Supporting Athletes- 10 points per participant, plus additional points depending on the percent of people per team in attendance. Teams that volunteer for the half-time shows will earn an additional 30 points.

The team GPA points are as follows:
Points will be awarded for the team with the largest percentage of people with a 3.0 GPA or higher by the end of the Fall semester. The team with the highest GPA will receive 600 points, 2nd- 500 points, 3rd- 400 points. And all other teams will receive a predetermined amount decided by the Husky Cup committee.

There will also be a 50 Point Bonus for team’s who have Student-Athlete’s on the Dean’s List for the Fall Semester. Also a 100 point bonus for students who receive a 4.0

These points will be awarded after Fall semester only

No “autograph sessions” can count as team outreach points (as only some teams get the chance to partake in autographing.)

No points can be awarded if an individual is working at an event or getting paid to work in the community.

Verification of individual or team activities are based on the honor system bestowed upon the “Husky Cup” representative for each team

Points will be posted during the week following the most recent SAAC meeting, on the SAAC Website at and on the “HUSKY CUP” poster in CPIA and in the Training Rooms

Points do not have to be earned only at SAAC events, if your team is doing outside community service work, contact the Husky Cup Coordinator for information on how to earn points.

Husky Cup Committee contact information