On Campus

Returning Student-Athlete Information

Welcome back to UConn! In order for the sports medicine staff to maintain up-to-date information required by the university and NCAA we will need you to complete the following forms:

Please take a moment to complete the following forms that are necessary upon arrival to campus. Please complete these forms with your parent or guardian as their signature may be required.

Click here for complete set of forms, which includes:


Primary and Secondary Insurance: All student-athletes are REQUIRED to have primary insurance coverage at the time of enrollment. If you have an athletic related injury while you are enrolled at UCONN any medical expense will be filed through your primary insurance first. Any remaining balance will then be paid by the secondary insurance (athletics).

Primary insurance is the first policy for which all expenses will be applied. This is the insurance you have through your parents/guardians or that you have purchased (either on your own or through health services). NOTE: IF YOU DO NOT NEED THE UNIVERSITY-SPONSORED HEALTH INSURANCE PLAN, YOU MUST COMPLETE THE WAIVER FORM VIA THEIR WEBSITE (https://consolidatedhealthplan.com/group/206/home).

If you fail to complete the online waiver, you will be automatically enrolled in the University-sponsored health insurance plan and will be required to pay the insurance premium. Once you have waived the school insurance you will be given a confirmation number. Please make note of this confirmation number for future reference.

If you do wish to purchase the university sponsored health insurance plan, as stated above, it is automatic and you will be billed for the insurance premium. Please click on the link below to complete the emergency contact and insurance information on the student portal ()https://myhealth.uconn.edu).