Sports Medicine Department Directory


    Sports Medicine Fax: 860-486-5277

    Team Physicians
    Name Position Phone (860) Email @uconn.edu
    Giselle Aerni, MD Interim Director of Sports Medicine, Head Team Physician 486-0404 giselle.aerni@uconn.edu 
    Matt Hall, MD Team Physician matthew.l.hall@uconn.edu 
    Andrew Houghton Sports Medicine Fellow 486-0404
    Ashley Fields Sports Medicine Fellow 486-0404
    James Boccuzzi, OD Team Optometrist 486-0404
    Kenneth Laro, DMD Team Dentist 649-5675  
    Staff Athletic Trainers
    Bob Howard, MA, AT Assistant Director of Athletics, Head Athletic Trainer (Football) 486-3634 robert.howard@uconn.edu
    Edward Blair, MS, AT Assistant Athletic Trainer (Men's Ice Hockey, Golf, Tennis) 486-3046 edward.2.blair@uconn.edu
    Catie Dann, MS, AT, CSCS Assistant Athletic Trainer (WSoc, Rowing) 486-8861 catie.dann@uconn.edu
    Mario Diaz, MS, AT Assistant Athletic Trainer (MSoc, Rowing) 486-3277 mario.diaz@uconn.edu
    James Doran, MS, AT Assistant Athletic Trainer (MBB) 486-0481 james.2.doran@uconn.edu
    Janelle Francisco, MS, AT Assistant Athletic Trainer (FB, BSB) 486-2520 janelle.francisco@uconn.edu
    Patti Kula, MS, AT Assistant Athletic Trainer (Rehab. Coordinator, XC/Track) 486-0480 patti.kula@uconn.edu
    Dylan Mello, MS, AT Assistant Athletic Trainer (FH, Lax) 486-5013 dylan.mello@uconn.edu
    Rosemary Ragle, MS, AT Assistant Athletic Trainer (WBB) 486-4641 rosemary.ragle@uconn.edu
    Anthony Salvatore, MS, AT Assistant Athletic Trainer (Football) 486-1132 anthony.salvatore@uconn.edu
    GA Athletic Trainers
    Colleen Driscoll, AT Graduate Assistant (Volleyball, Softball) 486-0055
    Alison O'Connor, AT Graduate Assistant (WIH, Tennis) 486-2030 alison.2.o'connor@uconn.edu
    Joseph Olivadoti AT Graduate Assistant (Football) 486-6353 joseph.olivadoti@uconn.edu
    Taylor Gerhart, AT Graduate Assistant (Swimming/Diving, Football) 486-0055
    McLain Whitney AT Graduate Assistant (Track and Football) 486-6353 mclain.whitney@uconn.edu
    Administrative Assistants
    Denise Day Administrative Assistant 486-0404 denise.day@uconn.edu
    Terri Hallenbeck Insurance Coordinator 486-0721 theresa.hallenbeck@uconn.edu
    Orthopedic Team Surgeons
    Robert Arciero, MD Orthopedic Consultant  
    Thomas DeBerardino, MD Orthopedic Consultant  
    Corey Edgar, MD Orthopedic Consultant  
    Michael Joyce, MD Orthopedic Consultant  
    Augustus Mazzoca, MD Orthopedic Consultant  
    Nutritional Consultants
    Nancy Rodriguez Head Sports Nutritionist 486-0120 nancy.rodriguez@uconn.edu
    Megan Colletto Assistant Sports Nutritionist 486-2719 megan.colletto@uconn.edu