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Workout Facilities


The Mark R. Shenkman Training Center
The Mark R. Shenkman Training Center Overview | Photos | Ground Breaking
The Mark R. Shenkman Training Center is a brand new, state-of-the-art facility that includes a brand-new strength and conditioning facility. The facility is over 18,000 square feet with an overhang balcony. The main strength area is approximately 11,000 square feet and the balcony is approximately 7,000 square feet. The facility features equipment from various manufacturers including Power Lift, Black Iron Strength, Pound Zero, Iron Grip and Sorinex Exercise Equipment. The facility currently has 27 Championship Units with eight additional units coming soon. The facility will also be equipped with electronic devices that allow the sports performance staff to monitor workouts and collect data on a daily basis.

Field House Weight Room
Field House Weight Room Photos
The Field House Weight Room is located on the lower level of the Hugh S. Greer Field House. This 5,200 square foot facility features 14 custom made multi-use racks with platforms. These units include custom-made UConn labeled York bumper and steel plates. The weight room also features four complete racks of dumbbells as well as eight cable machines and other various Cybex machines for secondary leg exercises.

Lower Gampel Pavilion Weight Room
Lower Gampel Pavilion Weight Room Photos
The Lower Gampel Pavilion Weight Room is located in the lower level of Harry A. Gampel Pavilion. This 2,000 square foot facility features nine custom made Power Lift racks with Power Block dumbbells allowing each unit to be self contained. Each unit houses Uesaka bumper plates and Muscle Grip steel plates.