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In conjunction with the mission of the University of Connecticut and its Division of Athletics, as the Sports Performance Department we design and implement collegiate sport performance programs to enhance athletic performance, minimize injury potential and support our student-athletes and coaches in the pursuit of championships.


We provide an integrated science based training and evaluation program to build our future champions. Our programs are professionally implemented in a safe, competitive, and disciplined environment that is both physically and mentally demanding.

In the pursuit for excellence as strength & conditioning coaches we will research the best methods of performance enhancement by continuing our education, applying this knowledge and educating our student-athletes regarding the many facets of sport performance. Each student-athlete will be evaluated in all areas of athletic development and these results will be communicated to the student-athlete and coaching staffs to ensure that both the student-athletes and programs' goals are being achieved. We will communicate and collaborate with all student-athlete support departments to efficiently and effectively use the time of the student-athlete.

In all of our endeavors, we are committed to the principle of ethical conduct, integrity, and excellence. By developing strong minds, bodies and character, we create powerful athletes, dynamic leaders, and impart values that will be used for a lifetime.