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Welcome to the CPIA Tutoring Program!

Student-athletes at the University are highly encouraged to request tutorial support throughout the course of the semester. Our tutoring services are provided free of charge and are available to all student-athletes. Tutors have flexible availability allowing student-athletes the opportunity to establish meeting times complimentary to their challenging schedules.

Our staff of 100 tutors is comprised of well-trained graduate and undergraduate students who have demonstrated high levels of proficiency in their respective subject areas.

Tutors strictly uphold the University of Connecticut Code of Conduct, NCAA rules and regulations, and extensive tutor guidelines. Each tutor is extensively trained and assessed of their knowledge in these areas prior to working with student-athletes.

Our tutoring program relies heavily on interactive small-group sessions. When one-on-one tutoring is preferred, these arrangements can be made through the student-athlete's CPIA counselor. We strongly recommend that student-athletes submit tutor requests early in the semester in an effort to both secure regular meeting times, as well as to be as proactive as possible in their studies.

If you ever have additional questions about CPIA's tutoring program, please contact our main office at: 860.486.5515 .