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New Name For Fundraising, Revised Priority Point System Announced

May 4, 2017


Questions And Answers About The Husky Athletic Fund and New Point System

STORRS, Conn. - The UConn Division of Athletics, in conjunction with the UConn Foundation, Inc., is excited to announce a new name for its fundraising operation and a revised priority point system to acknowledge its generous donors.

The "Husky Athletic Fund" will replace "UConn Athletic Development Fund" and "The UConn Club" as the overarching designation of fundraising efforts for UConn Athletics. The term "Husky" was embedded into the new name to reflect the strength and determination of UConn's beloved mascot and the 650 student-athletes who proudly wear the UConn uniform.

UConn's priority point system, utilized since 1978 to equitably record the generosity of its benefactors, has been re-engineered to more appropriately acknowledge donor support.

The revised structure rewards season ticket holders and those that show long-term and consistent generosity to UConn Athletics. The new point system also encourages gifts for annual student-athlete scholarships while still recognizing those that make restricted gifts a specific sport, capital project or endowment.

"Private giving is key to the future success of UConn Athletics," said Director of Athletics David Benedict. "In this day and age, virtually every collegiate athletic department in the country has financial challenges, and UConn is no exception. While we have had a successful record of private fundraising in the past here at UConn, it is important for us to have a donor system that maximizes the revenues used to support the academic and athletic success of our student-athletes. At the same time, we want to better acknowledge our dedicated donors and season ticket purchasers, and reward them for their loyalty.

"For the development of our new priority point system, we examined best practices at many of our peer institutions. We also conducted focus groups with donors and surveyed our fans. I believe we have enhanced our donor recognition structure, which will be a key component in our long-term planning and strategy to graduate young men and women and win championships."

The new priority point system, which is used to determine season ticket locations for UConn's ticketed sports, goes into effect for the 2017-18 fundraising year. The priority point system is also used for seating for neutral site contests, special events and post-season games and tournaments.

In this new point system:

Five points will be awarded for every $100 donated to the Husky Annual Scholarship Fund, which helps fund the education of UConn's student-athletes. In the current 2016-17 academic year, the Division of Athletics paid $16.1 million in scholarship support for its student-athletes.

Five points will be awarded for every $100 in seat donations for football season tickets and courtside season tickets at men's and women's basketball.

Two points will be awarded for every $100 donated for restricted gifts, including those that are sport-specific and for capital projects and endowments.

Two points will be awarded for the purchase of football, men's and women's basketball and men's ice hockey season tickets and one point for men's and women's soccer season ticket purchases. Points are earned only if you have purchased tickets in your name through UConn.

Ten points will be awarded for each year of consecutive giving to the Husky Athletic Fund (with a minimum gift of $100 to qualify) or purchasing season tickets. The first points earned in this category would be awarded in a donor's second year.

100 points will be awarded on a one-time basis to former UConn student-athletes making a donation, starting in 2018-19

50 points will be awarded on a one time basis to all UConn graduates (undergraduate or graduate, any campus) making a donation, starting in 2018-19

Current UConn donors will retain their permanent priority points from previous years and start adding to their total under the new point system.