Mark Sinatro

Vice President:
Michael Cartona

Steve Germaine

Assistant Treasurer:
Barry Botticello

James Capella

Board Members:
Gregg Atterberry
Ramona Beckius, Emeritus
Richard Carbray, Jr.
Bill DeGrazia
Kim Demsey
Kathie Deptula
David Ditta
John Driscoll
David Evans
Bob Goodman, Emeritus
Richard Guandalini
Ken Kaminsky, Jr.
Alfred Kelland
Jim Mitchell
Scott Nozik
Jim Oleksiw
Tim Pikiell
Lori Riiska (Alumni Association Liaison)
Paul Samele, Sr.
Sandy Senich
J. Brian Smith
Brian Smith, Jr.
Carl Stenger
Paul Young

In order to become a candidate for The Board of Directors, individuals must be a current donor to The Husky Athletic Fund. Then you may submit your name to the nominating committee of The Husky Athletic Fund. The Board of Directors meets once a month, and their annual meeting is typically held in May or June. All donors to The Husky Athletic Fund are welcome to attend the Annual Meeting. If you have any questions about becoming a candidate for The Husky Athletic Fund Board of Directors or for further information about The Husky Athletic Fund, please contact the UConn Athletic Development office at 860-486-3863.