Dee Rowe Athletic Scholarship Fund

The UConn athletic endowment program represents a long-term solution to keeping pace with escalating scholarship costs and to provide the resources to ensure our student athletes receive the best coaching.

This program allows friends of UConn Athletics to invest in the educational opportunities of UConn student-athletes and its coaches. With the goal of endowing all of the athletic scholarships and coaching positions, the financial base created by the endowment program will guarantee the commitment and continued excellence of UConn Athletics into the future.

A donor who makes an endowed gift today can be confident that their gift will grow and continue to provide support that ensures a quality athletic and educational experience for our student-athletes and the entire UConn community.


Cost to fully endow an out-of- state scholarship: $1 million*

Cost to fully endow an in-state scholarship: $500,000*

Minimum gift to establish an endowed scholarships: $125,000*

*Numbers are subject to change upon potential tuition increase and UConn Foundation policies

Current Endowed Scholarships UConn Foundation Inc. Investment Reports


Donors to the endowment program are among UConn Athletics most important supporters. Donors of scholarships and coaching chairs are recognized in special ways for their outstanding generosity.

  • The donor's name is permanently associated with a scholarship endowment or coaching chair.
  • Donors are recognized at a half time ceremony of a home football/basketball game
  • Recognition is provided on the UConn Athletic website, www.UConnHuskies.com
  • The donor will have the opportunity to meet the student-athlete or coach selected to receive the endowed scholarship or chair.


By endowing one of our head coaching positions, you will help UConn Athletics pursue and retain the best coaches, recruiters and educators in the country. UConn's nationally renowned coaches are dedicated leaders and mentors, both on and off the field, who help student-athletes achieve excellence academically and athletically. Endowed coaching positions provide the resources to ensure our student-athletes receive the best coaching while at UConn. For more information on how you can support an endowed head coaching chair, please contact the UConn Athletics Development Office at (860) 486-3863 or by email at huskyathleticfund@foundation.uconn.edu.

For more information, please contact the UConn Athletic Development Office at (860) 486-3863 or huskyathleticfund@foundation.uconn.edu.