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UConn vs. Georgia Tech Postgame Quotes, 6/3/16

June 3, 2016

UConn Post Game Quotes

Head Coach Jim Penders

Opening statement:

“I thought Tim Cate did an unbelievable job. It’s unbelievable to some folks but not unbelievable to him, and that’s the whole key. He’s got a lot of confidence in himself for an 18-year-old. We believed in him today. His fastball location was excellent, and his breaking ball was very good. I told him earlier that I don’t want to take him out of that game. That’s where a lot of maturity comes in. He’s going to learn to get stronger and better and do the work in between starts to stay in that game next year so that I don’t have to take him out. I felt like a couple balls were up. He was sensational. The offense in the second inning really showed up. I thought our hitters did an excellent job -- three guys in a row with two-out RBIs. I would’ve liked to have seen some more of that during the rest of the game. It would’ve made it a little bit easier. We have a ton of respect for Georgia Tech and especially their offense. They’re one of the best offensive clubs we’ve faced. We expected them to make a run. I hope our players didn’t, but I knew they probably had a run in them where we needed to make sure we created some separation, and we had just enough separation. I’m proud to see Pat Ruotolo out there and finishing it up.”



On facing either Florida or Bethune-Cookman in the winner’s bracket game tomorrow:

“Whoever wins that second game, we’re going to be as ready for as possible. If it’s Bethune-Cookman or if it’s Florida, these guys have worked their rear ends off to put themselves in a position to know that they deserve success in the moment because they’ve emptied the tank every day getting better in practice, getting better in lifts and becoming better teammates along the journey.”

#6 Willy Yahn

On the trust UConn had in Patrick Ruotolo to close out the game:

“We trust Pat. We know he’s gotten big outs for us this season. We have all the confidence in the world in him. We just told him to trust the defense back there and fill it up. He just happened to run into the heart of the order when we were playing no doubles, so the outfield was very deep and we let a couple bloopers drop in, but we trusted him to get that last out, and that’s what he did there.”

#36 Tim Cate

On his pitching performance today:

“The defense was playing well behind me too, so it made it a lot easier for me to just go out and do what I did.”