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Post Game Quotes: Florida State v. CCSU

June 4, 2010

Division I Regional
Norwich, Conn.

Head Coach Mike Martin
Florida State

Opening Statement
First of all we are just very pleased with the way that we played today I thought that Brian Busch gave us a big lift going six full innings. He was right at 100 pitches when we took him out. It was a very good outing from him and saved us from going to the pen. I thought that Daniel Bennett did a good job. Certainly there were key hits in the game, the one that Mike McGee got and the home run that Rafael Lopez hit was a surprise to everyone because this is such a big ball park. He just corked that thing out of here. It was huge, but I am just glad to see these young guys play like they did today.

On the development of the game
After all of these years and the preaching and all the other stuff it is still different in postseason play. It is amazing how the atmosphere changes, it's only natural, but I thought our young men did a great job of staying poised and trying to do what they have done all year long and that is just keep scrapping. I don't think there is any question that when McGee singled up the middle in the fifth it was just such a relief. We had a one run lead and we knew that their starter was high in his pitch count and we are striving to get into people's bull pens and understand what first game situations hold. You don't want to go into your bull pen in the first game for fear of using the people that you want to use in the next game. I am sure there was a lot of things going on in the other dugout and their mind and fortunately we were able to get some key hits and the game developed like it did. That was a good baseball team that we played, Charlie Hickey has done an excellent job with that program. We know we didn't see their top of the line relievers because of the situation. It is what anybody else would have done if they had found themselves behind with a couple of innings left, its tough. You notice that we didn't go and get anybody to pick up Bennett because you know what can happen, Central Connecticut could score three or four and get the tying run to the plate.



Brian Busch, So., Pitcher
Florida State

On his game plan
I was just trying to work both sides of the plate with my fastball and throw my offspeed pitch just to keep them off balance. I struggled in the seventh going into the right handers which gave them another run but luckily our defense bailed me out today.

On the umpiring
In the first inning I definitely got a little help from the umpire on both sides of the plate, but as the game went on it got a little tighter. He was good behind the plate today.

James Ramsey, So., Outfield
Florida State

On postseason play
I think that coming out yesterday and getting to practice on the field is the first thing that helped us. It is a different environment and different ballpark than we are used to playing in. It is something that our coaches preach is that it is about us and things that we can control. We can't control the weather, the ballpark's plan. The other team is just going to come and play inspired baseball at this point in the season so it is all about looking inwardly for us and know that we are going to play our best baseball at this part of the season.

On the Seminole philosophy
It is the Seminole way. We are going to put pressure on you, make you make plays and outs. We aren't going to lay down for any team, we are going to go hard for 27 outs.

Jayce Boyd, Fr., Infield
Florida State

On battling back at the end of the game
We have been going through it all year. Up and down and having to fight later on in the game. It is like he said, we fight for 27 outs and never give up.

On breaking the game open
To break it open is great. They are a good ball team and they were swinging the bat fairly well. We had some good pitchers today, obviously, but whenever you can take a lead like that and play your baseball and not have to do anything too special to get it done.

On Dave Krasnowiecki's pitching style
He did throw a lot of off speed that kept us off balance for a little while. We did figure out what he was doing and what he was trying to work us with and broke it open a little bit.


Head Coach Charlie Hickey
Central Connecticut State University

Opening Statement
The script was written it was a case of obviously of a team that we were up against an awfully good opponent. We knew what we are going into, we tried to do as much as we could to control their running and aggressiveness, we tired to make some pitches in certain counts that, that were high risk reward sort of things. We were trying to pitch backwards in the game, by throwing more breaking balls and for awhile we got ourselves into a 4-3 inning in the seventh. Their relentless pressure and a little bit of Dave [Krasnowiecki] tired got into our bullpen as good teams do, took advantage of a couple extra outs and they made us pay for it.

On potential first game jitters
I think, again referring back to some other experiences I have had with other teams going into this Tournament, I think this was probably as relaxed a team playing in a first game. I don't think that, that is by accident because of us playing here in Dodd Stadium. There is a give a take when you look at this thing and your match up. This is obviously one of the best match ups we could have asked for, being a four seed getting to play in our state.

It is a different environment, playing in Tallahassee on Friday night, when 6,000... 7,000 people there. That is a different circumstance that we weren't asked to deal with today. So, I think allowed us to get through a spot there. You can see Dave get a little animated when we gave an out away in the first inning on a little chop down the first base line. Somehow we were able to get out of there and we got a couple of double plays in some spots. You just can't give extra outs away. There is no other way to put, extra outs... we tried to stress the lead-off batter, but every time we turned around the lead-off batter was on base. I think it was five of at least the first six innings.

That is sort of what I talk about when I talk about the pressure, they are just constantly coming at you. Wondering if you can get a little rhythm, I think we had one, one-two-three inning, and then over the course that is what good teams to do. That is what we try to do. Their guy got up there and threw strikes and came right us, changed speeds and didn't give us a lot of extra chances. I thought we did a decent job when we had to opportunities to manufacture three or four runs. It takes an awfully special pitching performance to limit the offense because they are so adaptive when things aren't working. They are not going to try and swing harder at a soft left hander, they're going to put runners in place, they're going to move the ball, they're going to steal third base, they're going find your Achilles' heel.

They continued to do that where they got a couple of extra bases, stealing third. Where you might sit there and say, that doesn't come across as conventional baseball. But that is why they have won so many games because they can change their approach in the course of a game.

Pat Epps, Jr., IF/OF
Central Connecticut State University

On getting good at-bats in the game against Florida State
I thought the first time around, I think he had a good change up and was keeping us off balance. The second time around I feel like we started barrelling the ball better, started seeing the pitches better and seeing the ball better.

On the affect of the Seminoles getting two quick runs
That is what you go out there to play for and all of sudden to come right back, it takes it out a little bit, but we are used to battling from behind. It didn't really take too much out of us we just weren't able to captialize anymore.

On different amount of pressure when playing Florida
They are just another baseball team, I mean they are little bit, well a lot better, then most teams. It is just if we pitch, and we did pitch pretty well today, it is just that they came out. Dave shut them down for a while, grounding out, popping up and a few key strike outs. I mean, we did well, we didn't come through.

On playing in the NCAA Regionals
It is my third year here and the first time in the Regionals to play Florida State. They are a big team, the ACC is a powerhouse, it is just really exciting to go and face one of the best. To see how well we can do and what we can learn, you don't compare to the NEC [Northeast Conference] that well, but we showed that we played with Florida State for seven innings.

Dave Krasnowiecki, Jr., Pitcher
Central Connecticut State University

On his day on the mound
In the first inning, I had to get a little bit of the nerves out. I wasn't really locating my pitches the way I wanted to. As the game went on I started to settle out little bit and started make my pitches more towards the ends. I missed with the some locations and made a couple of bad pitches.

On going through the order for a third time I mean they are a very good hitting team so the whole game we were trying to keep them as off balance as we could. You got to hold some pitches and we got ahead of them in some, so it is really just deciding on what they are capable of today.

On the pressure of facing Florida State
Of course you want every pitch to work for you, but I didn't really feel any pressure from anybody but myself. I just wanted to go out there and pitch my game. For awhile there we were doing pretty well, my pitches were hitting their spots toward the end just unravelled a bit.

Danny Hickey, So., Catcher
Central Connecticut State University

On the amount of preparation made for Florida State
The week before I was looking at their stats and try to find some video online to see what they are capable of. In the game, you are not really think about that you are more just reacting to what is going on around you.