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Post Game Quotes: UConn v. CCSU

June 5, 2010

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Division I Regional
Norwich, Conn.

Head Coach Jim Penders
University of Connecticut

Opening Statement I wish we could have had a few of those knock outs last night. I thought we dictated play again, two nights in a row which is always what you want to do. We were more successful doing it today. I though the real key was LJ Mazzilli hitting with a two outs bases loaded, getting that big hit right there. To get us going in the right direction yesterday, we hadn't done that yesterday. We did not do a good job with runners in scoring position yesterday. That hit right there made it okay for everybody else to do the same thing.

Elliot Glynn just didn't quite have it today. We wanted a stop so we went right Dan Feehan and he did a good job. He is a ground ball pitcher, ground ball go through the right side. He gave up two in the next inning we put up all the runs. I thought it was good that we were able to get our bull pen some work. Get everybody in there. We are going to need them all, so it was good to get them all baptized in NCAA Regional formant.

We survived and advance, just like a basketball tournament. We get another day to play and we have to prepare their minds to play one game and prepare our bodies to play two.

On talking about the bullpen
Holding up the lead like that and being able to get them all in there because we are going to need them all. There all going to be pitching again if we are going to win a championship here. I thought it was really good, I think they threw strikes. I think we only had one walk from the bull the last inning from Ryan. They did a good job and we need them next two days if we are going to do this.

On the attitude in clubhouse
We said that in the huddle, 'our backs are against the wall' and that is when we do our best work. It goes back to August when our strength and conditioning coach Zach Penwell had them do up-downs for taking a repetition off. You guys remember what it was like when you could barely see and didn't think you could do another up-down. That is where we are right now.

Our backs are up against the wall and you have trained for this, you've been in the spot before. This is where we got to get up and swing hardest and knock the other team down. I thought the crooked number in the first and then again in the second... they came back from some crooked numbers, Charlie's team.. they always fight. I knew they were going to scratch and claw. I was proud of the way the bullpen responded...hitting is contagious and once we got it going we were tough to stop. Mike Olt had eight RBIs. That is pretty awesome. Yesterday, George [Springer] and Mike [Olt] can't run into one and today they produce. And produce big time. LJ [Mazzilli] has been just awesome.

Mike Olt, Sr., Third Base
University of Connecticut

On his hamstirng and the distance of his homerun
The hamstring is actually holding up and it is not as bad as it was in the BIG EAST Tournament. Already started some rehab work on it and it has already started to loosen up a bit.

It felt good to hit that ball.

On the homerun record
Homerun record doesn't mean a lot to me. I didn't even know that I broke the homerun record until I was in the locker room. Obviously it is an honor and it is a result of hard work in the offseason. But no, it doesn't really mean a lot.

On the lineup
Our lineup is very deep, if our top hitters are not getting it done then... the whole year the bottom of our order can get it done and get on base to put some pressure on the defense. Getting the big hits here and there are keys to wins. I think everyone in our lineup is capable of coming up with those big hits. I think we create a lot of pressure on the pitchers.

Pierre LePage, Jr., Second Base
University of Connecticut

On the turned double play
Nick [Ahmed] and I have taken so many reps in practice and so many groundballs that coach has hit us in practice all day. When you get out in a big situation like this you forget it is a Regional and you forget the situation and you forget everything. You just do what you have been doing all year. The ball got hit to him and I just went over to second base and did whatever I do in practice.

LJ Mazzilli, Fr., Designated Hitter
University of Connecticut

On his approach to the two-out at-bat
We had runners in scoring position and two outs and it is hard to execute in the situation. I was just looking for a pitch around the plate and something I can try to bring out.

On his approach to the two-out at-bat
Yeah, a couple years when I was like four or five. I grew up in this ballpark, shagging is good to be back.

I feel comfortable here.

Head Coach George Hickey
Central Connecticut

Opening Statement
I know that everyone at Central Connecticut are very appreciative of the people at the University of Connecticut for making this opportunity happen. It gave our kids a chance to play in a great environment in front of their family and friends and is something that we appreciate very much. Obviously we earned our right to be here, but the fact that UConn stepped forward for college baseball in this part of the country is something that we across the state recognize.

Today I think was the case of a very good, very talented and a very determined team not to go home and unfortunately that team was in the other dugout. They lost a tough ball game in front of almost 6,000 people last night and I thought they might hang their head a little bit and we might have a chance if we got to the fourth or fifth inning. To their credit they didn't, they came out and dictated the tempo and they put pressure on us constantly. I'm not disappointed of my team, but disappointed for them. We played such a quality baseball game yesterday and today was just a lot of ugliness. They were trying to compete and find a way, but we just couldn't find anybody to have any momentum out of our bull pen. Every time we turned around there were runners on base and balls flying over the wall. Unfortunately some times when you play at this stage of the season these things happen because you are trying to expand your energy and bull pens, but probably in about 48 hours we are going to realize we had a very successful season, got our back into the NCAA Regional field and we are excited about our future. Somehow we are supposed to sum this season up in a 45 minute ride back to New Britain and collect some uniforms. We will treasure a lot of our memories and experiences that we have had here.

On playing UConn and their depth
I think that UConn looked like a top-20 team in the country to me out there. We came back last night and got a chance to watch them and I have talked to a lot of people about them. They have 35 quality players in their program. They have at least two special players in their program. I think their quality of their depth is contagious, it creates competition for them and they all play the game awfully hard. We should try to strive to develop that much depth. It is just not that easy to do what they have accomplished. They have a terrific core of players and are going to be good for years to come.

On Mike Olt
It is weird because I don't know if Mike would know me if he walked by me, but I have been watching him since he was 14 years old. I have seen him grow up in the Branford programs and saw him play American Legion baseball and have always just appreciated the way that he has gone about some things. He had a feel-good story with his older brother playing where his older brother wasn't as star studded but seeing the admiration between the brothers from afar. I made a mistake earlier today bringing out the wrong line up card, I brought out UConn's, looked down and said it would be nice to have Olt on my lineup card. He is a special player. This environment allows people to see what is being played. Some people have this block that the only people playing college baseball are at LSU and Texas and that is not the case. There are some quality kids playing baseball at this high division one level in the Northeast and obviously Mike and George [Springer] are some of them. They are difference makers.

Sean Allaire, Sr., Shortstop
Central Connecticut

On how he broke the single season hits record
I can't explain it. As everybody says 'how did you do it?', I don't know how I did it. I don't know how I got as many hits as I did, I just went out there and worked hard and played the game as hard as I could every day.

On battling throughout the game
That is the kind of team that we are. It is tough to have the score 25-5 and keep playing, but that is the type of team that we aren't going to give up. Pitching and hitting, we are just going to go out there and do the best we can for nine innings.

On the team's season goals
In the beginning of the year when we first put on the uniform the thing that we strived for was to win the NEC [Northeast Conference] Championship. I have been here for the last five years and we finally accomplished it this year. It is a great accomplishment and to get in the Regionals is another achievement. We wanted to win a game, but sometimes things just don't fall our way.

Tommy Meade, Sr., First Base
Central Connecticut

On battling throughout the game
That is the whole team. For us it is really easy to sit there and say, this is the last game that we are going to play, why not? But, even the other guys on the team, underclassmen, they kept it out there and did the best that they could, playing as hard as they could. UConn just got the best of us.

On winning the NEC Championship
All of the excitement that we felt last weekend I think outweighs the disappointment that we feel right now. That was our goal, we reached our goal. We came up a little short of another goal but coach is right, in a couple of days we will be happy with what we did.