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Postgame Quotes

June 5, 2010

Head Coach Mike Martin
Florida State

Opening Statement
Obviously a great outing by Gilly [Sean Gilmartin]. A lot of key hits in the ball game, Raphy's [Raphael Lopez] double being one of them. It was a very good at bat he had and in fact he had some good at bats all night long. It was a ball game that either team could have won. I am just proud of our young men and the poise that they showed.

On Florida State's relief pitching
Any time you play a club at this point in the season you know they are going to be tough outs. I thought Geoff [Parker] did a very good job coming in there, he made some quality pitches and you have to take your hat off to Oregon who did a super job. Jeff was just up to the task, so to speak, at making his pitches to get us out of that inning and when Michael [McGee] came in, it was a challenge for him. He doesn't pitch every third day; he pitches sometimes once a week and once every 10 days. He is an intense competitor who struggled a little bit with his location but kept battling and got it done for us. A real credit to him.

On the all-around success of the team
We know that it takes all of us to be successful and our young men did a very good job and had some very good at bats and key hits. You have also got to credit Oregon on making quality pitches in certain situations to keep us from scoring more. I don't know how many we ended up leaving on but I know that in the ninth we had a man on first and third and nobody out and you really had to tip your hat to Oregon because they got out of that inning without allowing a run. It is still a wide open tournament and we all know that.

On Mike McGee
I thought he just found it so to speak. He just seemed to be able to raise it up a notch when he needed to which is typical of Mike McGee. He's no doubt one of the big differences when we moved him to the closer's role after Virginia scored sixth in the ninth in Tallahassee, Fla.



On what was said to McGee in the pitcher's conference
Michael doesn't say much and you better have something to say or it is going to be a quiet move out there. He just looks at me, listens and gives me that look. I just try and concentrate and be sure that I am saying the right thing.

On winning on the second day of the regional
I don't think there is any question that the second day is an important day but at the same time, its not over. When you think you are in the drivers seat, you are the first one that is going to be disappointed. Connecticut can win this thing, Oregon can win this thing and Florida State has a chance to win this thing. I am just as straight forward as I have seen too many instances where people think they have it under control and believe me there is a lot of baseball to be played.

Raphael Lopez, RS-Jr., Catcher
Florida State

On Sean Gilmartin
Sean did everything that he could to win the game. He did everything right. He located when he needed to, he stuck with that change up and it worked well. Sean did a great job like he has been doing all season.

On his fourth inning double
It was a slurve ball was the pitch that he had thrown. I had seen two of them previously so I was looking that way and looking for that pitch and if he threw a fastball I was just going to react. I saw it and we were actually working on it in the batting cages, coach threw curve balls to us away. It was a slider and I happened to hit it well and get two runs for our team.

Sean Gilmartin, So., Pitcher
Florida State

On his outing
Getting ahead was a very big part for the success that I had tonight. Getting ahead early in the count and getting that leadoff hitter out in the inning really helped. I was able to spot the fastball well on the inside and outside and change speeds well to keep the guys off balance.

On the strong defense against Oregon
The defense did a great job behind me and that is really all that I can ask for. The opposing team hit the balls on the ground and the defense behind me really stepped it up today.

On Mike McGee
It is probably a tough thing to do. I did it a little bit in high school so I kind of know, but not really because it is college now. He is in the ball game first through the eighth inning and has to change his focus a little bit and change his gear to the pitching side of things, rather than him just hitting. It takes a lot of focus and concentration to be able to do that and Mike does a pretty good job of that.

On the UConn/Oregon game
I didn't see the game yesterday but I heard about it. That is just the way that baseball is, that ninth inning, those three outs are probably the toughest to get because that other team doesn't want to give up the ball game. You have to fight for that 27th out.

Sherman Johnson, So., Third Base
Florida State

On the Seminole two out hitting
It was huge. During the fall and practicing until the beginning of season is one thing that we are really big on. Just because we have two outs doesn't mean that the inning is over. We just try and keep grinding and hopefully we can score runs with two outs in the inning.

On the field conditions
I don't think it has given us any fits, it is just different. Up north the grass is longer and thicker and play a little slower. We are starting to get used to it. We were up here the day before for open practice so we got used to it then.

On his big out in the eighth.
My first reaction when I saw the ball was just to go and get it. I didn't know how far I was from the ball and I knew the grass would slow it down. I didn't know where [Stephen] Cardullo was playing so I just went after the ball and made an out.

Head Coach George Horton
University of Oregon

Opening Statement
I'm sorry for being a little late, we got a little bit of an issue... kind some of bad news from our family back home. We're disappointed. Congratulate Florida State, they did more good things then we did, especially on defense. Where this level, little things make a big difference. They made pitches when they had to and our pitches made some pitches when they had to, a couple of lost opportunities defensively, essentially ended up being the story of the game.

As we said to our athletes we're really proud of them, putting themselves in position against quality relief pitching to get not only the tying win at the plate and winning win at the plate. Two guys that we feel very good about getting to the plate Mark Earn and Rodriguez. They didn't tip toe, they went for it. McGee made the pitches when he needed to it. I'm very proud of my group...hopefully we'll put a tough challenge against the Huskies hopefully we will get to see Florida State again. That is not going to be an easy thing, but hopefully we'll get to play two games tomorrow.

On the pitching set up for tomorrow
IWe've got Justin Letempo who is one of our weekend starteres, our regular Saturday guy. Alex Cadel who was up a little bit tonight, but Coach Checketts has elected to go with Gange in a spot that might have been Alex. I am not exactly sure. We didn't regroup that well enough, going into this you don't talk about if we lose, who do we pitch. At this point there are two, three really good baseball teams left, so my guess will be Letempo first. We'll use... as any coach up here, we'll use anybody we have to because there is no second game unless you get it done in the first.

Eddie didn't allude to it very much, our challenge, we've got two really good baseball teams. If we don't get this done it is not going to be because our lack of pitching depth. I've said it all along this is the deepest in quality staff that I have ever been a part of it. We've got a lot of good choices. That doesn't mean they are going to get the Huskies out consistantly or if we get the opportunity to play the Seminoles.

In my history, I don't know how many times we've had to come from the losing I told my athletes. I have never had more bullets in the chamber to come through this with pitching depth then we have with the 2010 Ducks. If we don't get this done it will not be because of lack of pitching.

On the bad news received
Coach Uhlman's mother-in-law had a massive stroke today, she's had some health issues, I think she had a minor stroke before we left. He got a call before we started the game, we didn't dig into a whole lot. He's dealing with it. His heart is with his wife. I don't know if he is going to want to go home or need to go home, but we'll dig into that when I get back there.

Coach Uhlman is a very popular guy. All the players hate me and they love him, I mean that in all sincerity. I don't know if they hate me, but they really love him. He's been one of the reasons we have taken a step forward and this is not anything Coach LeBlanc that was in that position last year, he was great coach. Coach Uhlman has added a lot to the quality of our step forward, he has had a lot to do it.

On the effect of the long first game
We have no excuses I want to make sure I emphasis this that. The one thing I wish, and I think Joe would wish this the one thing we wish, I wish there was a more spacious hitting facility for the second game. Players get into routines and Florida State had to deal with the same thing and the Huskies, last night, deal with the same thing. In a perfect world there is probably an open field. Here is a great venue and great fans and people has been doing wonderful and Joe has been wonderful. He allowed us to go into a cooler area and stuff. Again, that is not an excuse. In a perfect venue... even in the College World Series, that venue is limited. I told the team if we are fortunate to keep moving along to ... you don't get to hit on the field. The NCAA makes those rules, Joe doesn't make those rules

Sometimes in my history we've reaped the rewards of those.

KC Serna, Shortstop
University of Oregon

On leading off in the eighth inning
Trying to get the momentum going, I had the confidence in the guys behind me knowing that if I didn't get on base, that is what I told myself, there was really no pressure because I knew my team would get it done without me too. I think I took all the weight off my shoulders and I told myself... I felt better getting the hit. That is for sure.

On how deflating the double play was
I wish there was an other side for us, but I mean, I feel like sometimes we bounce back pretty well after those. Yeah, they are deflating, but .that is just the way it goes sometimes. When Danny hit up the middle, that was good at bat and that guy made a good play, took his time. Made a good play overall.

Eddie Rodriguez, Catcher
University of Oregon

On the frustration of not being able to get hits together at the right time
We didn't get our hits until later when there were runners in scoring position. That is one thing Florida State did, they executed. We seemed to not be able to do that today. It was kind of frustrating. The pitching was outstanding for Florida State. They had a really good guy out there, keeping us off balance. We are just going to have to keep grinding it, keep playing it pitch by pitch.

On what is ahead of the Ducks tomorrow and the approach
We are just going to have to take it pitch by pitch. Tomorrow is a new opportunity we get to play baseball again. I think with that and the wake up call we had today, I think we are going to come out swinging tomorrow. We have the pitching staff we have a lot of really good pitchers, that we still have. With that being said, I think we are going to come out swinging. Hopefully things go right in our favor when there are guys in scoring position. I think swinging the bat when guys are in scoring position is probably one of the main things we need to get going.