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Press Conference Quotes - Florida State

Division I Regional
Norwich, Conn.
June 3, 2010

Head Coach Mike Martin
Florida State

On playing in the Northeast
It is exciting to be playing in the post season in a great neck of the woods that we have not spent a lot of time in. We have always been impressed with the Connecticut program, Andy Baylock is a very good friend of mine and Jim [Pender]'s done a tremendous job in taking this program to another level.

On getting refocused after the ACC Tournament
Well, I think the big gain when Boston College beat the University of Miami which gave us a chance to win the ACC (Atlantic Coast Conference) had that game been the other way, I would've been interested to see how the rest of the weekend played out. The fact that we were able to win the ACC was a direct result of Miami getting beat.

On the new and unfamiliar surroundings
Baseball is baseball no matter where you go, sure all fields are different. They are not all 100 yard by 40 yard and some change; it is still baseball 90 feet between bases and 60 feet six inches to the mound.

On playing in the postseason
Our guys always excited to be playing at this time of the year, this is why they come to Florida State to do. Is to position themselves for an opportunity to go to Omaha and that is where we are, just like 63 other teams. We are just in a position to do so.

On potential disappointment in needing to travel as a Number One seed
None whatsoever, this is a great opportunity for the Northeast to host. We are just very proud to be here.

On designating a starter for tomorrow's game
Don't know yet and I apologize for not. I just can't tell you right now because I honestly don't know. I'll know around 3:30 p.m. There are some things that we are still... we are going to go practice and do a couple of things and then we'll know.

Sherman Johnson, Third Base
Florida State

On playing at Dodd Stadium It's different, but we are eager to go. We like the field but it is a lot deeper than anything we have played on this year so we are going to focus on hitting the ball on the ground and on the line trying to get doubles and triples. We are doing pretty much the same thing, nothing has really changed. Pitching and defense is going to get the win for us.

On FSU's opponents
We haven't seen any of these teams but we know that they are quality teams and they are very good. We have to play our game to win. We have to come ready to play no matter who we are playing. We don't really see seeds, we are all the same and it is the same regional.

Mike McGee, Left Field/Relief Pitcher
Florida State

On the postseason
It seems like the four years I have played here went by quickly. This part of the year is the best part of the year. Every game is so important and tight and the nerves will be there but it is still fun. This is the time of the year when every hit counts and everything feels like a big deal.

On Dodd Stadium
It is a little different to play in this park. It is a lot deeper than the minor league stadiums that we have played in before. The ball didn't carry well today, I don't know if that was the wind, but the way that the lines are took some getting used to. The ball kind of hugs the wall and can roll around for a bit. It was good to have a day like today where you can come out and get a feel for the ballpark and see how it plays.

On their first tournament game
I hope that we come out playing well tomorrow and everyone is excited so it should be a fun day.