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Press Conference Quotes - CCSU

June 3, 2010

Division I Regional
Norwich, Conn.
June 3, 2010

Head Coach Charlie Hickey
Central Connecticut State University

On the potential starting pitcher tomorrow
Without complicating things, I think that Kras Nowiecki gives us the best chance to win. He has been our most consistent pitcher, he has been able to throw three pitches for strikes when he has been effective. Left handed he can somewhat control the running game and I think that he deserves it. He has won a lot of big games for us including the first game of our conference tournament. Over the years I have always looked at these things as good opportunities to grow, to pitch against a Florida State. Not only do I hope that he helps us this year but I think that it is going to improve dividends for his senior year.

On Florida State
I don't try and complicate it. I know what we do and what we have to do and I have seen them over time and like I said I think that Coach Martin coaches according to his talent and style and they played that game and are very effective doing it. They are going to change their game because they are playing us. I am probably less familiar with Oregon, but I would refer them to the style of play that I saw at Cal-State Fullerton. Florida State has been more impressive in the past coming into the tournament with some ridiculous offensive numbers but I refer to them as the style of team that will put pressure on you in every aspect of the game. They also have a very deep bullpen. I think it has been 60 games and they haven't had one complete game. There is a lot of depth and talent in there and they play the game that way. Whether a guy goes four, six or three innings it's not about the individual, it is about them winning baseball games.

Pat Eps, Jr., Infield
Central Connecticut State University

On playing in your backyard as a kid from Wallingford
It is kind of like a home game for me. So it is kind of cool. I've been going since I was six years old. I've been bat boy, grounds crew and everything, so I've been here.



A lot of fans should be coming it is a home field advantage for us, knowing we are playing in our own state against the top seed in a Regional.

On the situation of playing the top seed near home
We were down in the dumps at first knowing we were not going away until we realized... We got tickets for our fans to come and a lot of people are coming. There is nothing like playing infront of your home crowd. It is an opportunity to perform in front of people you know

On what you can tell everything about Central Baseball
It would put Central Baseball on the map, teams would be like this team can really play, not just a team that got an automatic bid into the Tournament.

On the potential of winning a game
It would mean a lot. I don't think any team from the NEC [Northeast Conference] has ever one and I know this program hasn't, so it would be pretty big.

Sean Allaire, Sr., Infield
Central Connecticut State University

On playing in your home state as a four seed
We are very excited on the first day of practice for the Regional Coach gave us a sheet for four members of friends and family to come. I heard they're [Florida State] flying up a bunch of fans, so hopefully it will sell out. It is exciting. I have never been in a Regional before.

On the potential of having a home crowd behind you
With the crowd behind us we hope things go our way, we just need to pitch, hit and play defense.

On the opportunity to win a game here
I am pretty sure no one in the Northeast Conference has ever won a Regional, yet so... it would be huge for the program, huge for us. Hopefully we can pull one out.

On the preparation for the Regional
For the whole year it was pretty much hitting, hitting our ways to victories. In the NEC [Northeast Conference] Tournament as you saw the pitchers stepped it up, so if the pitching comes and the hitting comes it would be a great victory.