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Road to Storrs: Chris Winkel

Nov. 28, 2017

The Road to Storrs: A feature series on the UConn baseball players that grew up in the state of Connecticut. The series focuses on the hometowns and different routes that our Huskies took on their journey to UConn.

Dan Rajkowski, New Canaan

Up next, sophomore outfielder/first baseman Chris Winkel. He hails from Orange.




“I was literally introduced to UConn the day I was born,” said Chris Winkel. “My dad grew up in Storrs and lived right next to the baseball field. I was in a stroller being walked around campus when I was little.”

Winkel became accustomed to UConn landmarks at an early age and these childhood memories put UConn in his plans.

“I remember going to Horsebarn Hill and visiting all the animals,” said Winkel. “Then we would head over and grab ice cream at the Dairy Bar. I never told anybody this but it was always one of my future goals to become a Husky someday.”

While growing up in Orange, Conn., Winkel developed his passion for not only baseball but also his other love, fishing. “We would always go right down the street to Wepawaug Lake,” said Winkel. “We would spend many hours there just talking, relaxing and enjoying our time.”

Winkel credits his uncles for developing his interest in fishing and enjoys his time to relax when getting out on the water. “It definitely allows you to get away from school, work and even baseball,” said Winkel.

There were many days on that lake that Winkel had the time to dream of playing baseball at UConn and that dream became reality during his sophomore year of high school. “I had a few offers from other schools but after calling coach Hourigan and hearing back that they wanted to offer me, I took some time to think about it, but I knew I wanted to be a Husky,” said Winkel.

Winkel wrapped up his freshman season in 2017 with UConn playing in 57 of the Huskies 58 games. The UConn outfielder/first baseman has realized a goal by playing at UConn and can reflect on all the help he received.

“It is awesome to be able to represent Orange and the state of Connecticut,” said Winkel. “I want to give back to all the people that helped me along the way. Whether it was my dad throwing endless batting practice, all the support I received at my games and all the people that I have crossed paths with.”

“To represent this state is an honor…the Northeast never gets the label of having the best of baseball, that always goes to the South or out West, said Winkel. “But there is a great crop of baseball talent in this part of the country and Connecticut is at the top of that list.”