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Postgame Quotes - UConn 70, ECU 65

Jan. 6, 2018

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Head Coach Kevin Ollie

Opening Statement:

“First of all, I just want to thank the crowd, they were a great crowd even when we were kind of making mistakes and I appreciate that. ECU came out and fought, [head coach] Mike [Perry] is doing a great job with that team and we were lucky to get a win today but just like our guys stayed with it, we didn’t give up the lead in the second half. We just have to cut down on the turnovers, just foolish mistakes, and we have to cut that down and we have to play better to win some games. I’m not going to apologize for a victory any day. We have to move on and just get better.”

On the 21 turnovers:

“We had to change our game plan in the second half so we went to [freshman forward] Isaiah [Whaley] at the five. We figured we’d be more aggressive by switching defenses.”

On junior guard Jalen Adams:

“That’s a good question, he just got in some traffic and he’s not taking his time. I know he’s trying to make plays for his teammates but he has to understand the right plays at the right times, sometimes it’s just better for him to keep the ball and see the open man. I know he’ll be better. He’s one of our more reliable guys on the turnovers during the whole season so we’ll get back and watch tape with him and he’ll be better next game.”

On freshman forward Isaiah Whaley:

“Oh man, I’m elated with that kid. That kid, he embodies what UConn is all about, he embodies it. You can go down the line, Rod Sellers, Lyman DePriest, all those guys are in him and that’s what we want. We have to get more guys like him playing with that intensity, playing with that focus. He just goes out there and plays. Rebounds, he’ll get a point, he doesn’t really care, he’s just going to play. He’ll make a couple mistakes but I can live with it because he is playing with level five energy and he’s a selfless human being and that’s what I love about him.”


ECU Head Coach Michael Perry
Opening Statement:

“I was really proud of my team and the effort that they showed. As I anticipated, I thought that UConn would come out with a lot of fire and energy. What we need to show some character at is that we need to withstand that initial push from them and then continue to play basketball and continue to fight throughout it. I thought the guys did a great job in doing that and that’s the way it kind of played out.”

On the final shot:

“Absolutely. We had a couple different options and some counters right there at the end and we wanted to try to go with some action quickly in case they were going to try to foul us again but we got a great look and hey, you can’t ask for anything better. To actually come in here, you’ve been on the road and have a chance to tie it, potentially win it at the buzzer.”

On the loss:

“Our guys were in really good spirits, were very confident, played with a lot of confidence and continued to breathe throughout the end of the game. They really competed at a level in which they needed to win. Something that we need to clean up is our turnovers, 21 turnovers is not a number that allows you to win basketball games. If you cut that in half you have a chance to win a lot more basketball games. 16 offensive rebounds, again, those are two telling factors taken off the stats sheet and also watching the game that we were I think putting them in a position to get the ball too easily.”

Isaiah Whaley, UConn Forward

On the end of the game:

“I think it is just about us staying disciplined and staying aware of time management and being disciplined all the time and not trying to give them the game back. Just being disciplined the whole time.”

On his performance: 

“I feel like I have been getting better over the course of the season and that I am starting to find my way into the offense more and playing a big role on this team. I am just trying to continue to do that and continue to get better.”

On coming off a couple of losses:

“It was very tough especially the last one, that was a big loss especially when we faught hard and then we had the game three or four times and just let it go away. That was a really tough one, but the next practice we came back and faught hard and just got it all back together.”


Terry Larrier, UConn Forward

On his thoughts on today’s game:

“We have to handle business we have to limit turnovers, knock down those free throws down the stretch. We have to get back into the gym and work. I am happy we got the win, but we have to keep the ball rolling.”

On the last few minutes:

“I think this particular game we could have got them out of the way pretty early in the game. We got off to a good start and then we started being careless with the ball and guys could get into transition and hit easy shots and so we gave them some confidence in that and they took that and ran with it. So I think when we start the games good like that we have to keep our foot in it and execute.”

Jalen Adams, UConn Guard

On Isaiah Whaley:

“He does what we expect him to do he has been playing this way in practice and it is just good to see it translate into the game.”

On getting the win after four losses:

“We know we have to play much better, we are not going to be able to sneak by like that with the win with that type of preformance and get a win. We just have to play better and take the positives from this game and build on those and take the negatives and work on those.”

On the ECU shot that could have tied the game:

“I was just hoping he missed and I was just making sure I boxed out my man so that if he did miss the ball I could get the rebound. Just hoping that everyone boxes out.”