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UConn 99, DePaul 78 Postgame Quotes

Jan. 8, 2013

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January 8, 2013 
Connecticut vs. DePaul
Connecticut Head Coach Kevin Ollie

We came out and played aggressively.  We attacked their pressure early and often.  I thought we passed the ball very, very well.  Too many turnovers in the first half, but we corrected that in the second half.  We played like a team.  We’ve been concentrating on hitting first, getting rebounds.  And I thought we did that throughout the whole game.

They all did the dirty work, and we put it on the board. 

Just a great effort by everybody.  Everybody came in and contributed….I was just proud of all of our guys…. I was happy to see everybody come in and contribute.

We were digging, we were in position.  All the different things that we try to do – be at the nail, be at the elbows.

We’re not going to the tournament.  So what?  We’re playing each and every day.  People are still watching you.  You’ve still got pride to put on that jersey.  That’s the prize.  That’s the goal.  You get the opportunity to put on a jersey.  You get to wake up in the morning and go to a great university.  And if guys pay attention to that, we’re fine.  And that’s what they’ve been doing.  I’ve got a terrific group, I love them to death and they played very, very well.  But we do have a prize:  Every day trying to get better. 

On Napier

I thought Shabazz played a great floor game, having seven assists and no turnovers. 

On Daniels

DeAndre came back and played the way I expect him to play….I know I’m going to get points from Shabazz, I know I’m going to get points from Boatright.  I can pretty much mark that down, that they’re going to get double figures on most night…It just gives us an extra dimension to have him score like he wanted to score.  Not just out there playing, he wanted to score.  Hopefully it’s not just a moment.  Hopefully we can get this over a consistent period of time…. He did a hell of a job today.  I’m very proud of him.  Very proud. 

On Boatright

He gave us that jolt that we needed….We fed off him…. He’s one of the fastest guys I’ve ever been around….When he pushes it and plays with that force and plays with that pace, we’re tough to beat.  Not only does he get up and down the court very, very fast, he explodes and he gets to the rim. It’s not like he’s a little guy going in there, he’s a little guy with power….He’s going to the rim, he’s attacking the rim, and then he’s making passes…that’s a beautiful thing. 

Connecticut vs. DePaul
January 8, 2013
Player Quotes

DeAndre Daniels

I just wanted to be more aggressive, stop shooting so many threes and take it to the rack and get easy layups and dunks.

Sometimes I tend not to be aggressive and just try to get the ball to [Shabazz Napier] or [Ryan Boatright].  But I was aggressive tonight.

On coming off the Marquette loss

I wasn’t angry.  I just came back working even harder, boxing out and just trying to rebound because obviously if you rebound, you’re going to play a lot of minutes.

Shabazz Napier

On having DeAndre Daniels as a scoring option

It’s easier for everybody. When you have that third player, defenders can’t guard you as tight as they usually do.

On DeAndre

Sometimes he doesn’t know whether he wants to stay outside or be in the middle.  He has to figure that out.  Once he does, he’s kind of hard to guard.  We play him at the four for a reason.  Other fours are unable to play defense on him as well as he would be able to play defense on them.

On DeAndre Guarding Cleveland Melvin

We wanted him to stop Melvin as much as possible. But we also told him, “Melvin has to stop you.”

Ryan Boatright

On playing against the press

When a team puts three players in the front court [against us], it should be a layup every time if [we] execute [our] press break right.

By spreading the floor in the half court, it allowed the guards to be able to penetrate.

It felt good to get our first Big East win.

Tyler Olander

We were boxing out, just team rebounding, making sure we get the rebound first before we run our break.  We have good athletes who can get out ahead even when we attack the boards.

January 8, 2013
UConn Men’s basketball vs. DePaul
DePaul Head Coach Oliver Purnell

I was really disappointed with the way we played tonight.  We’ve been playing really confident, with a hard edge, on the road really all year long.  I just didn’t feel like we had that tonight – evidence of that is the rebounding stat.  Of their first 16 shots, UConn rebounded 10 of them….and we kind of didn’t recover from that.  We made a couple of runs in the second half.  We reverted back to the same thing. It was really the same refrain all not long.  I don’t think they were necessarily running offense, but they were getting second and third shots.  You look at the number of the points they scored – that tells you.

78 in a college basketball game is not that bad.  It should be a close game.  But when you’re giving up that many offensive rebounds, that many high percentage shots, it makes it hard, if not impossible, to win.

On missing two starters

Any time you’re missing two starters on the road in a tough environment against a good team it doesn’t help.

We were a little outmanned, and we’re not a huge strong team anyway, so we’ve got to turn and bump you.  And we didn’t do that.  We’re not a great rebounding team, but we ought to be at least somewhere near even.

On pressing UConn

They’re not the easiest guys to press, but we got it up some.  But we didn’t score at the beginning.  You can’t press if you don’t score.