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UConn vs. UCF Quotes

Jan. 8, 2017

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Kevin Ollie, UConn Head Coach
Opening Statement
First of all, I think that was our most complete game from start to finish. We started off on a 10-0 run and in the second half we started 4 for 5 in the first 5 minutes. In the second half we wanted to establish that we weren't satisfied with our first half. I thought Amida did a great job on Tacko to hold him to 0 points. All our double teams made it difficult for him and I really thought our offense came alive. I think they're one of the top defensive teams in the country and for us to have 47% shooting against those guys. We really moved the basketball and executed on the offensive end. That was our most complete game and now we just have to build on it.

On Amida Brimah’s Energy Against Tacko
He’s been playing terrific, AB took a personal challenge to take him out of the game. AB did a wonderful job staying in the game and not getting silly fouls. Playing 29 minutes I thought he did a really good job and Kenton did a really good job when we played him at the 5.
On the Defense
I think our pressure started the game out well, I wanted to get the guys juiced a little bit. We really wanted to go out and punch first. We got them sped up a little bit and I think that’s to our advantage.

Johnny Dawkins, UCF Head Coach
On Tacko Having a Learning Curve against Big Guys
It’s an adjustment for him. Tacko’s been playing basketball for five years, those kids that are seniors have probably been playing all their life. So they have a lot of experience on Tacko. Tacko’s adjustment is playing games like this and learning from each one of his experiences. He’s going to get better, he understands that, and we understand that he has to grow from these experiences. He’s a sophomore that’s played basketball for five years and he has a world of potential.

On the First Conference Loss
We just talk about our standards. We don’t really talk about the game. Of course we all feel bad that we lost the game but it’s all about our standards and how we want to play. If we don’t meet those standards then we go over it tomorrow in practice and we go through what we have to do to be better.

Jalen Adams

On today's win
"I think we were just more prepared today and guys are more hungry from start to finish.
"On being "sick" of losing
"Everybody's tired of losing and we know we are a much better team than what our record shows so I think today we just got out there and lived up to what we were saying."

On Rodney Purvis hitting 3's and playing well
"I think its so good for him personally. Just to see him out there having fun and having great body language, everybody feeds off that. Guys look to certain players on the team and he's definitely one of those guys so when he's out there scoring and he's hyped up, everybody is hyped up."

Rodney Purvis
On hitting the first two 3-pointers
"It was huge I think I have been waiting for those the whole entire season so I was happy to see the ball go in and my teammates finding me and just staying confident in myself. I think in recent games I have been forcing it a little bit because I wasn't able to get the looks I wanted, but today I knew I was going to come in patient and try to be ready for the open shots."

On the outcome of the game and being better than the record
"We have been practicing hard and going really, really going hard at each other in practice so we knew in due time it would all pay off. We're trying to build from this, we aren't looking too far ahead."

On his confidence after hitting the first two 3's
"A lot of confidence, the whole time I just stayed positive. You have to keep a positive mindset in basketball. You can't ever get too high or too low after bad games or good games. I was still in the gym at night coming back from flights and still going to the gym as soon as we got back to campus. Like I said, I'm just trying to stay positive because no matter what I don't feed into the negativity, and when you stay positive good things will happen."