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Postgame Quotes vs UCF

Jan. 11, 2014

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January 11, 2014
UConn vs. UCF
UConn Head Coach Kevin Ollie

It was a great game. Just to see that rebound stat, us having 50 and UCF having 34, knowing that they're the best rebounding team in the American Conference...holding them to that number, it was a great effort from our guys. I'm very proud of them. Now we've just got to keep building on it.

The ace of spades was Sykes. We wanted to take him out of the game. And then we didn't want Wilson to affect the game at the three-point line. I think we accomplished both of those. They both got their points, but they didn't establish a rhythm.

They threw that zone at us a little bit. It kind of got us off our rhythm. Once we started establishing the four-hole, we got out of that. And that just really allowed us to pick it up even more on defense when we started getting some shots to go in.

Everybody was unselfish, and everybody played hard and played smart.

When we had a chance to knock a team out, we knocked them out. We didn't let them back off the ropes and into the middle of the ring again. We knocked them out. And that's what we want to continue to do when we have teams on the ropes.

On big men
Amida just had a terrific game....I can't ask for anything else. And then Phil came in and played a great game. And that's what we're going to need to have....It's just good to have somebody getting offensive rebounds. We're last in the American Conference in offensive rebounding, and just seeing somebody go get us another possession is very key.

On points in paint
It just makes life so much easier for a coach. I don't have sit there and draw up any plays.

On assists
We had 19 assists. That's the kind of game that I want. Share the basketball

On Brimah
The kid works extremely hard. So whatever he gets, he earns. When he went in that little lull and he wasn't getting a lot of playing time, he still came in and worked and had energy, went in the weight room. The kid just loves life. He's very grateful to be here on this basketball team. And those are the type of student athletes that I want, guys who are grateful and willing to do anything for their teammates. When you have that heart, good things come back to you. It's just paying him back for what he brings to our team.

Player Quotes

Freshman center Amida Brimah

On having such a breakout game today
I was just getting comfortable. I've been putting extra work in the weight room. It was a team effort. Everybody is running our plays hard so they always have to help, and when they help I get wide open. From a couple of practices ago, we've been working hard on feeding the post a lot. It has definitely helped us.

Have you been trying to watch your fouls?
Coach Ollie told me that when I go into the game I have to make sure my first minute I don't get a foul. I tried to work on that.

On the reverse dunk from a feed from DeAndre Daniels
After he passed it, I got more comfortable. When you have a good play, it helps you to improve your game.

Senior guard Shabazz Napier

On Amida Brimah's game
He brings a lot of energy to the game. We were waiting for that one game for it to go over to the offense. Defensively, he's one of the best. Today he was in the groove, and he was knocking down everything he did. We just gave him an opportunity to get alley-oops and easy dunks, and he just ran with it.

On getting the ball to the big men down low
Today guys were full of energy...It just worked to perfection. Guys were looking for the roll guy and the roll guy was looking for the alley-oop. Or, the roll guy was just looking for the pass, and we were trying to get it to them because we understood our big guys were much better than their big guys. And we wanted to make that a big point today.

On handling the runs UCF gave the Huskies in the 2nd half
We understood that we were going to go through some bad hiccups. It's just a part of playing basketball. They were going to make their run. We had to make ours. I told the guys to stay with it and be ready to make our run and to make sure we make it a good one. And that's exactly what happened.

Junior forward DeAndre Daniels

We just tried to establish our rebounding. If we did that, we knew we had a chance of winning the game, so that was our main focus.

On Amida Brimah's game
He had a great game today. He got the team going. He did an awesome job tonight with 20 points, 8 rebounds, and 5 blocks. He's a great shot blocker. In practice he makes it tough for everybody.

He's a great, great teammate. He doesn't care about scoring. All he wants to do is rebound the basketball and protect the play by blocking shots. He brings energy every day. Once he starts blocking shots, I think that gets him going. His main focus has been catching the ball and finishing without putting the ball on the ground, and that's what he did today. He was able to finish and had a couple of dunks.