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Postgame Quotes

Jan. 21, 2014

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UConn Head Coach Kevin Ollie

It was a good comeback for us. We recovered. We played Connecticut basketball. We defended for most of the game. We had a couple lulls here and there, but I like how the guys came out and played at a level five.

On offense, the ball was not sticking at all. It was moving.

To get 90 points, I don't care who you're playing. We've played Division II teams and haven't scored 90 points. Temple has some great players over there, and a lot of pride. I love coach Fran Dunphy to death and I think he's going to get that team back going in the right direction. But I did want to make sure that we defended our house. I don't think we did that against Louisville. Louisville knocked us out and we didn't really give ourselves a chance in the ring. Tonight, we were in the middle of the ring and we were fighting.

On rebounding

I just told the guys, "If we rebound, we win. Just commit to hit." And they did it tonight.

On junior forward DeAndre Daniels

DeAndre had a great game....I want him to be more consistent. He just came out with some fire. I don't know what he ate, but we're going to make sure we find out. And we're going to keep him on that same plan. He wasn't really scoring early, but he was just going for every rebound. Some of them he wasn't getting, but that activity and that energy, it always finds the basketball....He didn't settle. He made some threes, but then he got to the rim. That's what I like. That's when his whole game opens up. Not when he's just bombing threes....I love 12 rebounds. That's what everybody wants to see him do. That energy and effort is what I want to see from him every night.

On Napier

He had a great game. He set the tone....Shabazz just ran the show. It makes a coach's job really easy when you have a point guard that knows the game as well as he does, and knows when to pick and choose his spots and when to get everybody involved. It was a masterful job by him.

Player Quotes

Junior forward DeAndre Daniels

Are you meeting the goals you set for yourself this season?

I feel like I'm doing alright, but I can do a lot more for this team. I just want to win games and get to the NCAA tournament with this team.

On the defensive effort and the rebounding advantage the Huskies had tonight

It was a team effort. Everybody was going in and rebounding and I felt that was what got us going. When we rebound and just play our game we get easy buckets, fast breaks and we get into the offense more easily.

On Shabazz Napier's 27 point effort

I felt like if he didn't get those two fouls early he would have gone for 50 points.

Senior guard Shabazz Napier

On DeAndre Daniels 31 points tonight

He's got to continue to grind. You're going to miss shots. You have to have a Reggie Miller mindset. If you miss one, you're going to make the next one. And he did that today and definitely was grinding it out. He got to the free throw line, hit threes and got to the basket which is definitely good for him.

How do you explain UConn's rebounding advantage tonight

We just have to go after the ball. As you can tell, we got outrebounded against Louisville, but today we wanted to make an effort. Guys were definitely committing to hitting and making sure we played better defense. A lot of times when we lose, we give up a lot of offensive rebounds and then we have to play defense twice and guys get tired. We get unmotivated and it hurts us. Today we had to make sure we rebounded the ball.

Did you feel you had to pick-up some of the offense slack left by Ryan Boatright's absence?

I wasn't really too worried about that. I was getting open looks and I knew the guys would pick it up. I didn't have too much pressure. I just wanted to play my game. I was able to do that. Guys were giving me open looks and I made sure I took those shots and I was fortunate enough to make them.

Freshman guard Terrance Samuels

On getting limited playing time so far this year

I'm a basketball player so of course I want to be on the court. I know we have a great point guard in front of me so I guess I just have to wait my time. When I get in for one or two minutes I just have to do my job.