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UConn 97, USF 51 Postgame Quotes

Feb. 8, 2017

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Kevin Ollie, UConn Head Coach

On UConn’s performance tonight.
“We did a good job, one of our keys was starting the game off with tempo and hitting shots early and I feel we did that. Everyone contributed and it was a great game, it was a complete game. The guys really shared the basketball. When you have 35 made field goals and 28 of them are assisted that is good offensive execution and we played great defensively as well. I am really proud of the team.”

On the three-point shooting.
“Taking shots like that is fine with me. The shots came off good penetration and they were not selfish shots. I thought Rodney Purvis did a great job creating and finding players and Jaylen Adams did a great job along with our other shooters. I was proud of Rodney and our guards playing the kind of basketball I know we are capable of playing.”

On improved shooting over the season.
“We are definitely shooting the ball better from the perimeter and free throw line. That is attributed to guys getting into the gym and taking care of their bodies and understating where their teammates are. I was very pleased by our efforts. The guys really practice hard and have challenged each other in practice. All of that has combined in helping to improve our shooting.”

Murry Bartow, Interim USF Head Coach.

On the loss.
“We came out of halftime and faced a 33-2 run. UConn has got really good players. They executed well. We made some defensive mistakes. Also we struggled to put the ball in the basket at the other end.”

On the team’s performance.
“I am disappointed. Our team has had a lot of resiliency and I think we showed that at the end of the first half. The second half however really got away from us and that was the first time we felt really out of a game."

On moving forward.
“We have to keep moving forward. This is the first game I feel we haven’t improved. Every day we work to compete and get better. Hopefully we can put this behind us and move on.”

Rodney Purvis, UConn Guard

On team's shooting performance.
"We were driving, that's why we were getting the easy shots, so I was passing up open shots to get the greater shot. We were driving to the basket trying to create for each other and get the kick out guy and he was able to make shots."

On building confidence after win.
"It's huge, but my thing is we have to come out with the same confidence no matter who we are playing. The same confidence against USF we should have against Cincinnati and SMU. It just has to be contagious at the end of the day. We just have to bring it no matter who we are playing."

Jalen Adams, UConn Guard

On three point shooting.
"I think just working on it all week in practice, knowing we had this game coming up, knowing that they play zone. We worked on a lot of zone shooting. Just catch and shoot. I think just coming in to this game really prepared helped us."

On choosing to take open three's instead of driving to the basket.
"Coach doesn't really like us taking a whole bunch of three's so he really likes it more when we get to the rim. We've been struggle getting to the free throw line, so we we've been trying to get there, but tonight they were falling so we had to shoot them."

Steven Enoch, UConn Forward

On career high in points.
"I knew inside that I could always do it because I never lose confidence in myself, I always believe in myself. I just let everything go and put it all out on the court tonight."

On watching the team succeed from the bench.
"It was fun cheering them on. I am a big fan of this team, I am a big fan of my teammates."