Connecticut 48, Cincinnati 60



    Feb. 13, 2010

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    Connecticut Head Coach Jim Calhoun

    "Congratulations to Cincinnati. A thought both teams came out in the first couple of minutes, may the first 20 minutes, and neither team seemed to want to win the game."

    "I thought that we embarrassed ourselves in the second half, except for Kemba Walker."

    "I thought it was one of the worst performances I've had here at UConn in 24 years."

    "I never thought we competed the entire game, except for Kemba [Walker] - and, unfortunately, he got into foul trouble."

    "I'm really incredibly disappointed by the performance. I'm embarrassed by it."

    "I'm not going to apologize to the fans, but if they were disappointed in us, and me, they more than had a right to be."

    "I thought the game was up for grabs. I didn't think that either team could get it going. And then they got it going."

    "We had three guys up front play for us...who played 43 minutes and didn't score one single basket."

    "I thought Jerome [Dyson] and Stanley [Robinson] played two of their poorer games of the year. And the only guy I thought came out and competed and tried to do the best he can was Kemba [Walker].

    "So, I'm embarrassed by the way we played. And I'm very rarely embarrassed by one of my teams."

    Jerome Dyson On Coach Jim Calhoun saying he was embarrassed by the team's performance "I'm embarrassed by the way we played and the way I played myself."

    "We have to come out and play the same way every night, every possession. We can't go long periods without scoring."

    "We came out slow, and didn't start playing until the last two minutes."

    Kemba Walker On the team's performance "No explanation. I have no idea. That wasn't supposed to happen."

    On Coach Jim Calhoun saying he was embarrassed by the team's performance "I agree with him. For him to come back, and for us to play like that is an embarrassment."

    Gavin Edwards "This was definitely a tough one for us. With Coach coming back this week, we expected to do better. It was disheartening."

    "Everyone came out flat. No one came out ready to play."

    What explains the team going so long without a field goal? "It was a lack of execution on our part."

    "We don't know how to turn it on. We don't know how to come back."

    Cincinnati Head Coach Mick Cronin

    "Obviously, a great win for our team. I know that Coach Calhoun would have liked to return under different circumstances. When you're a Hall of Famer, you're not accustomed to losing, let alone losing at home. But it's just great to see him back on the sideline."

    "Whenever you can hold UConn to 48 points...A great defensive effort by our team. A lot of it had to do with the way we played offense. We took care of the basketball, until the last two minutes of the game. We're a team that, at times, gets in a hurry on the offensive end. Our guys showed great patience."

    "Whenever you start getting road wins, you start to separate yourself...Road wins are huge."