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Post Game Quotes - No. 20 Memphis at No. 24 UConn

Feb. 15, 2014

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UConn Head Coach Kevin Ollie

On getting an overtime win:

"The stat sheet is not pretty, but I'll take a win any day. They stayed in the middle of the ring.  We didn't knock Memphis out until the end of the game, but we kept throwing body blows, body blows, body blows.  Finally in overtime we got that lead and we didn't relinquish it."

On Napier:

"He's a great player.  He's an All-American player.  I know I might be biased, but he's the best guard in America, to me, hands down. He just keeps focusing in on the things we need to do to win.  He knows when it's time to take over the game, or when to get DeAndre in the game, get Boat in the game.  He's just a heady basketball player."

On Boatright:

"He might not be shooting well, but I can never question his heart and his effort and his enthusiasm to win...Ryan has one of the biggest hearts I've ever been around...It showed today at the end of the game."

Senior Guard Shabazz Napier

On the 3-point play to tie it in regulation?

We were trying to run the play in the beginning and then we had to call a timeout because we didn't run the play.  I saw we only had 9 seconds on the shot clock so I had to take him off the dribble.  He fouled me and I was fortunate to make the shot and knock down a free throw.

 On his mentality:

There were a couple of moments I was telling myself that I have to step it up.   To be the player I want to be, you have to step up in these moments. 

 On Memphis as a team:

"They're definitely a strong team with their guards.  Joe Jackson does a great job.  Chris Crawford does a great job.  Dixon is a veteran.  He was on that Missouri team that played so well.  It was definitely hard because those guys just keep running and running and running.  They don't seem to get tired.

Junior Guard Ryan Boatright

Did you feel like you needed this win?

"Every win from now on is important for us.  Every game we're trying to get a win, no matter if it's at home or on the road.  We know we're going to get everyone's best shot.  We just have to step out there, tie our shoes up, and take care of business."

On scoring in overtime:

"I had a rhythm.  I had some open looks and I just knocked them down.  Whenever I'm in that situation, I try to make the best play possible whether it's shooting or passing the ball.  Today it was shooting the ball."

On Shabazz's shot that almost won it at the end of regulation

"I thought it was going in.  When it left his hand it looked good.  It looked good all the way until it ringed around the rosy and came out."