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UConn vs. Temple Postgame Quotes March 12, 2016

March 12, 2016

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Kevin Ollie

"We came out and played with resiliency. They were tough and played with heart, and it was pretty much a great game from our standpoint. We shot almost 62 percent -- almost 52 percent and held them to about 36 percent. So it was a well-played game by our guys. They were focused and determined to get to this championship game. We wouldn't have it any other way. To go through Cincinnati, a team that we lost twice to, and also a great Temple team that we lost twice to. So, we really want to savor this, but then go back to the hotel, get off our feet, relax a little bit, and get ready for the winner out of Memphis and Tulane."

"I also want to thank our great band and cheerleaders and all our great fans for coming out and supporting us the way they did. We can feel their energy and I think our guys fed off that, especially after playing four overtime games. They can feel our fans, and we want our fans to pack Amway Center tomorrow."

On the difference in Daniel Hamilton: "Calm, calm, calm. Understanding exactly what he needs to do on the defensive end, offensive end. Daniel, he sometimes goes through those valleys sometimes, where he loses a little sight of his man or have a little lapse. I just think he's been mentally strong and focused and determined to get the job done, and it's starting with his defense. I think he's doing a great job defensively on our assignments and then just getting them in the cage a little bit where he can come off a little couple screens, get into his areas. He's really stepping up, and this is what I always talk about. I always say this, coaching is very, very overrated. Players make plays this time of year. You can draw up something, but they got to go make the plays, and Daniel is doing a great job of that. Amida is coming in and playing some great basketball, staying out of foul trouble. Everybody's feeding off each other."

On what makes UConn so good in March: "It starts with Coach Calhoun and ends with Coach Calhoun. He's just a great man, he instilled the values into us, and he always told us to play our best basketball in March. It's up and downs, but throughout the season he makes us tougher. He's always done that. He's breathed that into me, and I just want to be playing our best basketball knew now. Like I say, I don't get too discouraged over the bad days. Bad days are days of experience, and good days bring happiness. So I don't really get down. It's -- momentarily I get down, but I'm always positive, because I know these days are going to build us if we just stay together. And I think everybody is witnessing that. But we still got one more game left. We have been in the championship in the last three years here, and hopefully third time is the charm like everybody says."

Daniel Hamilton

On how they came into today’s game: "We were definitely feeling confident. After a win like that, with the shot that Jalen made, it's real like a confidence booster. So we wanted to come out here and build off that game and then come out with more intensity, like we did, and just continue to keep building from that, especially going into the tournament."

On what he is doing to improve his shooting: "Nothing different. I'm just -- I was getting the shots I wanted all year, I just am making them now. The in-between game, Coach told me don't settle for so many threes, so I want to get in between. And once I get that, if the three's open, I'll take it. But I just want to get in the lane, shoot my floaters, and shoot my one or two dribble pull-ups."

On how they played when Temple made a second half run: "We just didn't want to give up any second chance points. We gave up a couple of them during that stretch when they made that run. But we know how it felt when we went down there in Temple, and they came back and won that game. So we just didn't want to have that same feeling."

Shonn Miller

On the this time going up against Temple because you guys did lose the first two times this year: "I think we stayed more mentally tough, got stops when we needed to, got scores when we needed to. We stayed together. Came out with a lot of energy and got the win."

On what is would mean to win a championship tomorrow: "It would mean a lot for me. I haven't had a chance to play in a championship game. So, I'm beyond excited to play in it. I'm just happy to be here and I just want to win tomorrow. So I'll make sure I go back, and we'll all be ready and get rested for tomorrow."