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Post Game Quotes, UConn 93, Southern Connecticut 65

Oct. 30, 2013

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October 30, 2013

UConn vs. SCSU

UConn Head Coach Kevin Ollie


First game, we had some bright spots.  We have a lot of things that we’ve got to work on.  The first thing is transition, and then our rebounding.  It’s been an emphasis of ours.  I’m disappointed with that, but it gives me an opportunity to come back on Friday and work on it extensively and try to get those guys rebounding.

Transition hurt us this game.  Giving up 27 fast break points is not good.

That’s a pretty good team over there.  Mike is doing an excellent job, and I see them winning at least 20 games in their conference.  Kudos to them.  They played very hard.

I like how we ran the ball.  I like the spacing.  We want to have tempo this year.  We want to keep the lanes open so our guards can benefit from the new rules with the hand checking.

All in all I was pleased.  I just wasn’t pleased with the rebounding effort.  Those guys are going to understand that on Friday when we come into practice. 

On Brimah

He’s going to be a great player for us.  He plays with passion, he plays with energy, he plays with effort, and he is very, very long.  He spreads out and he goes up with verticality and keeps his arms up.  It’s hard to shoot over him.  If they do shoot over him, he alters a lot of shots, too.  He’s got a pretty nice jump hook down now and then, too.  He’s not as raw as a lot of people think.

On Daniels

I like the dunk.  I like him getting out on the fast break.  I like his intensity.  He was talking.  I like the focus.  He was one of the best players out there on our team.  He was the most consistent.

On Boatright

Boatright played well.  To have five assists and one turnover, every move was with a purpose.  He got in the lane and just wasn’t trying to use his athleticism.  He was coming in with a purpose.  And if he had closed his eyes, I think he would have known where all of his guards were, all his forwards were.  That’s a good sign for a point guard when you can do that.  I look for great things from him this year.

On Kromah, etc.

He’s going to give us some versatility.  I can play him at the two or I can play him at the three.  If somebody is not having a good performance I can put him in and plug him in.  He’s a seasoned veteran, so when he comes in it’s not like you have to get him going, or he’s worried about starting.  He’s just going to come in and take care of his minutes.  And you always want guys who are just going to come in and take care of their minutes.  He’ll be one of those guys.  Niels will be another one of those guys.  It’s good to have that luxury on our bench.  Leon came in and hit some threes, which is great for us.  It gives us that shooter coming off the bench, if we need that, especially if we see zone. 

Connecticut vs. Southern Connecticut

October 30, 2013

Player Quotes

DeAndre Daniels

I thought I did alright.  I could have done a lot of things better.  I had too many turnovers, but I was able to hit some shots.

On Amida Brimah

That guy’s amazing.  He doesn’t allow anyone to lay the ball up easy in the paint.  He blocks everything.  He runs hard.  He can finish.  He’s going to be a great player here at UConn.

On the play of the frontcourt

I thought we did well.  Phil (Nolan) did well.  He played hard, got a couple of finishes, made some free throws.

On being more talkative on the court

It comes from more confidence in myself.  Talking to Coach Ollie, that’s the main thing he’s telling me to do – talk, just talk on defense.  He said, ‘once you step between the lines, your personality has to change.’

Amida Brimah

I felt comfortable.  I’m working on getting stronger.  That’s my weakness now.

I run hard all the time.  The thing that I do best is I’m a shot-blocker.

Ryan Boatright

I put in a lot of work over the summer and it’s paying off for me now.

On DeAndre Daniels becoming more vocal on the court

He’s done an unbelievable job.  When I first met him, he stared at his phone all day.  He didn’t say two words all day.  I’m sure he’d be the one to tell you but us living together these past three years, he acts exactly like me.  We’re probably twins.  Coach Ollie probably says, ‘you’ve been around Boat too much.  You talk too much.’  He’s done an unbelievable job talking on defense.

Philip Nolan

On the play of the frontcourt today

The rebounding thing, it’s something we’re still improving on.  I know we got outrebounded today.  We have to get back to the library, watch film, and make sure we get this thing right.