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UConn 78, AIC 35

Nov. 2, 2011

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November 2, 2011
Connecticut vs. AIC
Connecticut Head Coach Jim Calhoun

"Obviously it was an offensive struggle for us. We only had one guy - and he didn't do that until the second half - put the ball on the deck and create situations for us."

"Certainly our wings are going to have to do a better job getting free."

"We have to take advantage of our size. We didn't rebound anywhere near the way I thought we were capable of. We didn't give them a ton of second shots, but we should have gotten almost every one ourselves."

"They were a good defensive team from the perimeter. They made us work so we had to go over top of screens and all that kind of stuff."

On Lamb, Napier and Olander

"Jeremy made a couple decent plays, but he didn't look quick handling the ball or going by people. One guy who eventually did that was Shabazz. We have to do a much better job with that....Shabazz's 15 to 0 (points/turnovers ratio) was nice, but as I said to him, the "0" was because he wasn't doing anything in the first half. "How can you have a turnover when you're not doing anything?" But in the second half, he got us going....I thought Tyler and Shabazz were the two best players we had on the team. Tyler really understands concepts. He understands angles. He understands how to hedge. He really has come back... I thought Tyler was really terrific tonight."

On Drummond

"I think he struggled a lot with the mask, and I don't think he expected to."

"We're going to play a team that really runs and puts up points, and that'll be CW Post on Sunday, and we have to be able to score a lot more points ourselves. I give AIC credit. They were outmanned, size-wise certainly. But they kind of outmanned us quickness-wise. And I don't particularly like that."

"We're going to have to build this thing together. The team that finished up last year, that's not that same team. We knew that coming in. We certainly need everybody to step up more offensively....We have people that can do things, we just didn't do a great job of that tonight. We eventually overpowered them, but that doesn't impress me. What impresses me is the fact that we played pretty good defense."

On Roscoe Smith

"Roscoe Smith did not play in the first half due to the fact that he violated a commitment he had with us. No big deal. So, I didn't start him or play him in the first half. Nothing more will come of it. It's over, finished."

November 2, 2011
Connecticut vs. AIC

AIC Head Coach Art Luptowski

"They wear you out. They are relentless. They go to the glass every single time. They attack every single time."

"They play hard. They play us, they're going to play hard. They play Syracuse, they're going to play hard. They play the Knicks, they're going to play hard. They are just going to play hard. He's that kind of coach...You see upsets around the country with these Division I's. Not here. And that's because, you know what, he won't allow it."

November 2, 2011
Connecticut vs. AIC
Player Quotes

Jeremy Lamb

"It felt good getting back on the floor to be with my teammates and play another team. We were a little rusty in the first half. We still have a lot of things to work on."

On defense
"We held them to 35 points. It was a great defensive effort. We really worked hard."

Shabazz Napier

On 15 assists

"I want to take care of my guys and get them open shots......... My shot wasn't falling so I had to help my team out some other way."

On trying to stay out of foul trouble
"Coaches have been stressing to me that I can't get into a lot of foul trouble. I can't get the cheap ones. I've got to stay in the right way to be out there to help my team. Once I go down, Jeremy will have to pick up the slack at [at point]."

Alex Oriakhi

On the defensive effort tonight
"Our defense was superb. Shabazz had a goal - he said no more than 35 points. And we were able to do that."

On Shabazz Napier
"We always know he can pass the ball so guys always have their hands ready and stay alert. But once he's able to score and distribute the ball like that he's only going to get better with time."

DeAndre Daniels

"First half I was kind of nervous. Second half I was still kind of nervous. At the end I got used to it. I was like, `alright, let's start playing'"

Tyler Olander

What is better about your game than at the end of last season?
"I'm a lot more aggressive attacking the rebounds, not shying away when I get the ball in the post, and confident in my moves down there."

Andre Drummond

What was the hardest part about adjusting to the college game?
"I think finding my spots, where to score at, and how to get myself open."

What grade would you give yourself tonight?
I'd probably say a C+. I'll go with an F for the first half, but as the game went on I got more comfortable.

On wearing the mask tonight
It felt good. When I got to the game it felt a little different. I don't know why, but for some reason it did. But I got used to it as the game went on. I got hit one time in the nose and it didn't feel good at all.

How long do you have to wear the mask?
For 6-8 weeks.