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UConn vs. UMass Lowell Post Game Quotes

Nov. 4, 2012

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Connecticut Head Coach Kevin Ollie

We played better. We were more relaxed out there. Guys played with intensity and effort and it wasn't like last game, AIC, when we went in 12-minute stints. I thought we sustained our effort a lot more.

Boatright was great in the beginning of the game, stabilizing us when Shabazz got in foul trouble. DeAndre was great. Omar, once again got an easy 20 for us. So, we're going to need our guards to step up.

Overall, we did a great job attacking the basket and getting to the rim and making them foul us and putting the ref in the position where he had to call the foul. We didn't settle on the perimeter.

On DeAndre Daniels
I'm looking for him to rebound like that....We need him to be all over the glass. We still need to box out a little bit more, and we're going to be stressing that in practice, but I thought he did a hell of a job attacking the basketball, going and getting the ball in traffic, and sometimes out of his area.

On free throws
We definitely wanted to shoot better. I like us getting to the free throw line. That's the first thing - we wanted to get to the free throw line. We wanted to establish that, getting inside the paint, settling the game down. We definitely want to shoot a better percentage from the free throw line, but that will come. I think we've got a good free throw shooting team.

On UM-L's pressure defense
I thank Greg for doing that. He did an excellent job by putting us where we could work on our zone, where we could work on pressure. Just different aspects of the game that we didn't see against AIC.... I thought our guys handled the pressure pretty well, especially our guards, with Boatright having just two turnovers. That's what we need. We need him to have a three to one ratio. We need him to take care of the ball if we're going to be efficient on the offensive end....If we're not turning the ball over and we're not taking ill-advised shots, it helps us to get defensive balance.

UConn Player Quotes

Ryan Boatright
What was different from first exhibition game?
We rebounded more, picked up on our defense, and we executed on the offensive end.

On team's enthusiasm
That's the way it's supposed to be played. We emphasize that because in the games we've got coming on we've got to be ready to do that.

What changed at the end of the first hal?
The defense picked up tremendously. We were talking and helping each other out.

Omar Calhoun
On playing off the ball
It's much easier not having to do as much with the ball handling, being able to play just in a half court situation.

On rebounding helping the fastbreak
Once we started rebounding we were able to push the ball in transition...........We just pushed the ball. We got shooters spotting up and getting to the rim.

On preparing for physical game against Michigan State
Coming from New York, I'm always playing physical basketball. Going into a game that's going to be physical, it's right up by alley.

DeAndre Daniels
On having 14 rebounds today
I didn't think I had that many rebounds, but Coach Ollie told me after the game. I was surprised myself.

On playing power forward
I felt a lot more comfortable this game than the first game.

On the first game next week against Michigan State
Friday is the real deal. The first real game, but we'll be ready and prepared for that. We play hard and that will help keep us in the game.

What does it take to rebound at this level?
I have to box out. Obviously, I'm not as strong as other 4 or 5s so it's my effort and just wanting to get the ball.

Tyler Olander
On DeAndre Daniels rebounding
He doesn't seem like he could go up and get 14 rebounds but it's the effort. He put in the little extra effort and comes down with 14 rebounds.

On the production from the bench
Niels had hustle plays all over. Even Enosch came in and got a tip dunk. Every time someone comes off the bench they're always hustling.

On traveling to Germany
I'm expecting a lot. I think it's going to be a great experience - going to another country, visiting with some troops, and experience a whole other culture.

Michigan State will be a great test right off the bat. They have the big, strong guys. I think one of their guys is 6-9 and 280 pounds. So, they have the bulk. We're going to have to bring our hard work more than we have these past two games to come out with a win.

On Coach Ollie's positive nature
He encourages us to see every one of those (missed shots) as an opportunity to move forward. If you miss the next shot, don't hang your head just hit the next shot or grab the next rebound. Do something that will help the team in a positive way. The hanging your head doesn't do anything for anyone.

UMass Lowell Head Coach Greg Herenda

I'm very impressed with Kevin and his team today. They were very sharp, quick, athletic, long, fast, and they were good. And when they make shots and get to the rim and get their transition going, they're good. A lot of our fans thought we had a chance to come in here and play with these guys, but UConn is ranked eighth in the Big East and they've got very good players, and Kevin's a great coach - is going to be a great coach - and they made a lot of shots. If they make shots, and get to the foul line like they did, they're going to beat a lot of people.

Our team is going to learn from it....We have a good team and we have some good players. We played in segments today. We didn't play 40 minutes, obviously, but I'm proud that we came in here and just fought. Fighting, obviously, wasn't enough. UConn played much better than we did, and that showed up on the scoreboard.