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Post Game Quotes, UConn 98, Concordia (Ill.) 38

Nov. 4, 2013

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November 4, 2013

UConn vs. Concordia 

UConn Head Coach Kevin Ollie

The game was great. We had a complete game today, I believe.  We played with spirit.  We didn't look at our opponent, we looked at ourselves.  It was an "us" game and they took care of business.  I'm very proud of their execution.

I'm excited with this team. We're going to go in the lab and continue to work on what we've been working on - that's transition, that's rebounding, that's keeping our man in front of us.  I thought they got better tonight. 

On Samuels
Terrence played incredible.  He's been doing that the whole preseason. He's always playing hard.  I can get on him, he doesn't change his face and he just keeps playing.   Each and every day, he keeps getting better....To have a double-double, 12 assists, it really shows his patience, really shows his vision, and it's good to have that in my back pocket. 

On backcourt depth
You've got Lasan (Kromah).  You can go big or you can stay small with Shabazz and Ryan.  There's a lot of versatility in the backcourt and that's something that we wanted to have, especially with last season when we got bogged down with injuries.  We really didn't have people coming off the bench.  I think our depth is one thing that we can hang our hats on.  Hopefully we won't have those injuries, and we can keep filtering guys in and keeping our guards fresh for the long haul.

On rebounding
I apologized to my big guys.  My big guys, they boxed out (against SCSU).  It was the lack of guards boxing out that first game against Southern.  And then we gave up a lot of points in transition....So I apologized to my big guys.  It wasn't as bad as I thought.  We've got to clean up with the guards and have them be more physical and get more rebounds.  It showed today.  I think Omar had seven rebounds in the first half.  We're getting better. 

On transition
I thought we got better in our transition.  That was the one thing I was very, very disappointed in.  We probably gave up four or five layups that were uncontested with nobody getting back (against SCSU).  We gave up six fast break points.  And that was a big move in the right direction from 27 to six.

 On Omar Calhoun
Sometimes it's mental, too, coming back from an injury like that, and you're kind of cautious.  "Should I play off that leg?" "What's going to happen with my hip?"  Now, he's just letting the game come to him. We had practice at 9:30 on Saturday and he was in the gym at 7:30 shooting. That's just him looking in the mirror, saying "I'm not going to point fingers.  I've got to get to the lab and keep working on my craft."  That's what he does.  And he's going to get better.

UConn Players Post-Game Quotes

Omar Calhoun
Over the last week I stayed in the gym trying to get my craft back and get everything going.  I think I did a good job of getting everything where I wanted it to be.

On the team's backcourt depth
We have a lot more talent, and we're deeper than we were last year.  It's definitely a plus for us.  We should be able to do a lot of good things this year.

Terrence Samuels
They tell me every day to be ready, keep working in the gym.  I go and shoot every night so I'm prepared when my name is called.  When my name is called I want to be successful.

How can you help this team?
Get everybody involved and penetrate into the lane. 

Lasan Kromah

How excited are you to get start the regular season?
We're very excited.  We've been practicing for a month now playing against each other.  Now we have just two scrimmages underneath us. We can't wait till Friday and go to the Barclays Center and play Maryland. We're really focused on that.

On the increased competition on this year's team
Competition is always good - it makes sure everyone is really on their heels and ready to come every day with their A game.  We're all talented players, and we're just trying to put our skills together for the benefit of the team.

What do you bring to this team?
Just helping out anyway that's possible - rebounding, passing, shooting, defense - anything that Coach Ollie calls me on me to do and anything I can do to have an impact on the game to help my team win.

On UConn's backcourt duo of Shabazz Napier and Ryan Boatright
They are both phenomenal guards.  It makes it easier on other guys when all the attention is on them and they penetrate and kick the ball out.  They're great guards and they're going to lead us to a lot of wins.  They are great leaders on this team.

Niels Giffey
On the depth of the team's 3 point shooting

I not only see that on the offensive end, but I'm also seeing that on the defensive end.  If you put Amida (Brimah) in there you have the chance to get into people.  You're not even worried about if they get by you because we have Amida there who's really going to slow them down, who's really going to change shots and block shots.  It really makes it easier on us.