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UConn 94, Southern Connecticut 65 Postgame Quotes

Nov. 5, 2016

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SCSU Coach Scott Burrell:

Opening Statement

"Obviously we’re disappointed with the way we played. I think our guys competed in the first half. They were tough the first half, we rebounded well, we didn’t make a lot of shots that we normally do. But they were there for the challenge and there were a lot of runouts in the second half and they got down and I think they might have crumbled under that pressure.

"UConn played well. They’re big, they’re long, they’re athletic and that’s going to get to everyone. Every pass and handoff is tough against a team like that. They’re going to have a really successful season. It’s a good challenge for our guys and hopefully they learned."

On his team’s 16 offensive rebounds

"I didn’t even know that. I’ll take that. I need to go back and tell them that, I didn’t tell them something positive. That is pretty good, we pride ourselves in that, that’s how we win our conference and that’s how we win games, so I will use that.. That is something that we talk about, I think last year we were third in the country in offensive rebounds and if you’re playing a normal team that’s not 6’11, 6’11, 6’9, and 7’0 in there you get those put backs and you demoralize a team like that. For us today, we get those offensive rebounds and it’s tough to put them back in."

UConn Coach Kevin Ollie

Opening Statement

"I thought our effort was better, I think that makes the difference. We showed our versatility and our length. I wanted to see some different lineups out there. I thought that everybody that played had high energy. The had 16 offensive rebounds, we have to clean that up. I didn’t like the 19 turnovers, but overall, we really shared the ball -- one play really stands out in my mind when Rodney gave up the layup to Terry and Terry got the dunk that’s how connected I want our guys to be. I thought they played with a lot of energy, effort and enthusiasm."

On the Defensive Effort

"To be a great defensive team you have to a great defensive rebounding team. We just have to clean that up, we made an emphasis to get out and pressure them more. I really thought they locked in on the game plan this week, we had some great days in practice and we just have to continue that heading into Wagner."

On Getting Easy Buckets

"We just try to get to the rim and finish. I think we missed so many layups last year that we are concentrating on ball movement and sharing the basketball. 20 assists are great and 20 fastbreak points. I thought we could've had like 30, but we fumbled some balls and had some careless turnovers. We just want to clean it up. I think we took a step from the New Haven game to this game. I just want to take another step against Wagner and as we go through the season just keep taking these baby steps with these guys."


Amida Brimah: (On playing after last week) "After last game, Coach emphasized intensity and us playing hard every day. In practice the whole week, he was emphasizing it."

(On bouncing back from his injury last year): "Obviously, it was tough, but I’ve been looking to get better every day."

Rodney Purvis: (on Amida’s play): I think Amida’s always kinda been the same as far as with his personality and the energy that he brings no matter what. On and off the court he's one of the most energetic guys. The injury last year didn't do anything but better him."

(On his offseason training): "I definitely did a lot of running this summer just getting my body right because I knew that’s what I need for this year and I didn't want my fitness to be something that held me back from being able to do the things that I have to do in order for my team to do well."

(On rebounding): "We definitely have to rebound better. It's something we put emphasis on in practice every day. It will come along and we'll get better, we just have to want to rebound."

(On UConn’s intensity): "It's something we have to bring every game. Coach always says we're not one of the teams with 5 or 6 McDonald’s All-Americans, so we have to work extra hard for everything. Our energy and effort can cover up for not having those All-Americans."