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Men's Basketball: Connecticut 88, UMass Lowell 55

Nov. 8, 2009

Recap |  Box Score

Connecticut Head Coach Jim Calhoun

"I thought we did a very good job. I thought we ran well. Obviously, we rebounded well. And, of course, Jerome [Dyson] just had a terrific game."

"It was great to see Jerome play that way and, certainly, great to see us play defense that way."

"I do think we're doing a great job defensively on the outside, regardless of who we're playing. We haven't really been tested yet when we have to take a power play inside or anything of that nature."

"We started to attack the zone better after the first 10 minutes. The first 10 minutes we were just lousy offensively and good defensively. But we got it going. We broke, rebounded and, overall, it's one of those games you come away saying `OK' - It's two games in a row our defense on the outside, where some of these games in the past have given us problems....On the perimeter, we're very good defensively."

On Okwandu & Robinson
"Charles has got to come, otherwise I have to play Stanley at the four. I did too much today and I don't like doing that. It kind of robs Stanley of some of the things he can do. Charles didn't play well in the first game and didn't play well again today, and that's probably the one negative I have.... it'll have some benefits later on, because [Robinson] may have to play there later on, because he may have to play there until Ater [Majok] comes back. And we have enough good games coming up against big teams that we may have to use him there."

"The biggest thing I'm worrying about is four/five right now."

On Alex Oriakhi
Alex gave us a presence inside.

On Darius Smith
He's more comfortable on the break. Darius is much more comfortable when he plays at a fast pace.



Jerome Dyson
(Jerome stubbed his right big toe on a door while entering the arena about two hours prior to the game. The injury required a stitch.

"I pulled the door open. It had a piece of metal on it, and it caught my nail. I had these flip-flops on."

"I told (Doctor Jeff Anderson) he had to do whatever he could do to make sure I could get out of there and play."

"(On his play) Very pleased. I feel I let the game come to me. I took one or two bad shots. Other than that, I felt it was all in rhythm"

"It felt great, just to be out there with my teammates was the biggest thing. (My point total) could have been different and it wouldn't have changed the way I felt."

Kemba Walker
"On the team's play so far this year I think we played tremendous basketball. Our whole preseason was great. It all started in practice - guys coming to work every day. It all carried onto the game. I think we played pretty well. I'm very happy going into Friday"

On Jerome Dyson
"He was real good, obviously. The show he put on for us was great. He couldn't miss today. That's how he is in practice everyday."

On having only one turnover today
"That's something I'm still working on - trying to cut my turnovers down, trying to keep myself at a certain pace, and trying to get my assists up, of course."

"On the effectiveness of the press I think we did a couple of good things on the press. I think our press is going to be effective at certain points in the game."

On Darius Smith
"He's very good. In the future he's going to be great here at UConn. Like A.J. [Price] took me under his wing, I'm trying to take him under my wing, show him some little things here and there."

Alex Oriakhi
"I can always improve. I feel if I had rebounded in the first half like I did in the second half, I would have had 20 boards. You can never be pleased. But as long as we get the win, that's all that matters"

"We're down to three big men, so I'm really trying to get myself into shape. I know Coach is expecting a lot out of me, and he's expecting me to play a lot of minutes"

Darius Smith
On working on his half-court offense
"You have to work on your half-court game because you're not always going to have the fast break. Just playing behind Kemba [Walker], and seeing how he controls the team, runs the team, and who to get the ball to or when to get the ball to someone, is playing a big part of me learning how to play a half-court offense. It's more about patience than decision-making. As a point guard you have to be the floor leader and know when to do this and when to not."

On having an impact as a freshmen
"It's kind of exciting to know not only does the coaching staff have trust in me, but my players do too.
It's all about trust and I'm glad they're putting that trust in me."