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Postgame Quotes

Nov. 12, 2011

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Connecticut Head Coach Jim Calhoun

Congratulations to Columbia. They certainly outworked us. They had 20 offensive rebounds. C.W. Post had 23...the last game we played.

On Olander
We don't have anybody in the front court that can play right now, or is ready to play right now, except for Tyler, who understands how to play basketball. Tyler was our anchor for the whole first half. And then he got tired.

On guard play
Our two guards did a great job considering the fact they can't come out of the game, because we don't have replacements for them....They certainly outworked and played much harder than we did, and I give them a great deal of credit. If it wasn't for Jeremy making shots and Shabazz running the team, we would have been in serious trouble.

On Daniels
I thought DeAndre did a great job on [Agho]. He made him take 25 shots and made it difficult.

It really wasn't the way I wanted to start the season. You like starting with a win, certainly, but it's not typical of the way our teams have played.

They've played two exhibition games. We've seen them in practice where they dunk everything. Dunk.

I think our kids are accepting box outs. They're just allowing themselves to be boxed out. I told them we should cancel weight training for the rest of the year because it's not doing us any good. If we get boxed, we stay boxed. And that's unusual. Everybody's been telling them we have a good frontcourt. Really? We've just given up 42 offensive rebounds in two games. I don't think that's very good.

I'm looking to the next game, to the next game. To the game that Shabazz has four fouls. To the game that Jeremy's shot doesn't go. Then what happens? We're going to play bigger and stronger and more athletic teams.

Columbia worked like crazy, and we were fortunate. We blocked 13 shots. Otherwise, they would have scored a lot of those. And we had very few of those opportunities ourselves. We should have owned the glass at both ends.

Columbia Head Coach Kyle Smith

I thought it was a very competitive game for us. We dug in there and gave them a little threat there in the second half. It was a neat experience for our guys to get to play against the defending national champ. We have to get better at some things but, obviously, we did alright.

On rebounding
We were determined. That's all we worked on all week. It was just trying to keep good inside position, keep them off the boards. They're going to kill you with something, you have to give up something a little bit. We were trying our best. We did a great job just attacking them....I think we were down two for the game on the boards and they're usually tops in the country.

On UConn's length
They're the longest you'll see. They're long everywhere. And I knew it would be hard to make baskets, especially around the rim. And we would have to make a lot of threes to compete. We made nine, we probably we would have to make 15 or something to get that done. I'm surprised we didn't take more, to be honest.

On Lamb
He's just a really good player. He's a really gifted offensive player. Very smooth, graceful. Here's how good he is: I had no idea he had 30. I knew he played well, but I didn't know he had 30. The game is very easy for him.

Player Quotes

Tyler Olander
On Columbia's rebounding

Their team worked hard. We kind of failed to respond in the front court.

On Jeremy Lamb's career high 30
I looked up [toward the end of the game] and saw that he had 28. I was surprised. He gets the easy buckets and makes shots.

On Andre Drummond
It's his first college game with a D-1 team. I know Andre's going to respond real well......He knows what to expect now.

Jeremy Lamb
It was tough. They played me well. They were real physical with me. They had good defenders so I really had to use my screens. I can't say it came easy.

On team giving up 20 offensive rebounds.
That's definitely something we've got to get better at. I think we got careless and they went to the boards hard.

Does he need to score 25 to 30 points every night for team to be successful?
I think there are going to be games where I need to score, but we have a lot of weapons on our team.

Roscoe Smith
We were a little sluggish out there. We didn't have a good shooting night. We kind of let Columbia outplay us. We just have to come to practice tomorrow and fix the missing pieces.

On Columbia's rebounding
We just let them outwork us and outplay us. Columbia's a great team.

Shabazz Napier
Games like this are going to happen to everybody.

If I think we need a bucket, I've got to go to the hot man......I did a lot of plays for our big men. One thing we didn't do well tonight was set screens, and that disrupts a lot of plays...

Guys like myself and Jeremy had to score a lot of points today. Hopefully, it's not going to be like that all the time. I tell my guys, "I don't like scoring a lot of points." I love passing the ball.