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Post Game Quotes (Nov. 17, 2010)

Nov. 17, 2010

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Connecticut Head Coach Jim Calhoun

"We told them tonight, at least physically, you won't have the kind of quickness that you'll see in the Big East and over in Maui, but you will see some pretty good, strong kids, and well-executed offense. And that's exactly what we saw."

"I'm disappointed in our defense, certainly. I'm disappointed in our inside defense, particularly."

"We should be able to beat you to that spot. If you make a great play, so be it."

On Kemba Walker
"I've been fortunate enough to witness some pretty good performances over the years....Kemba's performance was pretty special. Every time we needed something, he got it. He also led us in rebounding. He played with great determination. He also played with stomach cramps...and he had those right off the bat. Thank God he recovered and was OK because he was magnificent."

"It was pretty special to see a guy get 42 points - easy. It almost looked easy for him. His quickness and speed were just so different from everyone else on the court. It was just a magnificent performance."

On Shabazz Napier
"He does make a difference on the ball. He just makes life miserable."

UConn Players
Kemba Walker
"In the first half our offense wasn't really running smoothly, so I had to take matters into my own hands a little bit. The guys didn't want to shoot tonight. I was fortunate enough to pick up the slack. I was fortunate to make baskets."

"I think I take better shots (this year). I get better shots. I don't go too far in the lane anymore."

"I think, as the season progresses and guys realize what shots they can take, (the scoring) will spread out a little more."

"I don't think anyone can stay in front of me. That's what I do, get by guys. I try to make something happen."

Alex Oriakhi
On Kemba Walker's 42 point effort
"He's definitely the heart and soul of this team. At one point I almost felt bad for him because it was almost like we were just watching him score at will. But he's not going to get 42 every night so we need to pick up our game."

"With Kemba Walker scoring it changed the whole momentum. They weren't able to get back in their offense."

On Vermont's ability to score in the post during the 1st half
"It was our fault down low. We have to play better post defense."

On blocking 5 shots in the 2nd half
"I always tell myself, `if you don't score one bucket, try to block every shot and try to get every rebound.' That's one thing they can't stop you from doing - playing defense."

Roscoe Smith
On his 15 point effort tonight
"Lately my shot hasn't been falling. So, to contribute to the team and put my three cents in with everybody else, I had to go to the gym late night and individually and better my game."

"I'm just happy I played a part of it."

"Kemba can do it - score 42 - any given night, but it's other people who have to step up because there are going to be other teams better than them down the road."

Vermont Head Coach Mike Lonergan

"I thought we did a pretty good job in the first half, controlling tempo. I thought we were able to score - Matt and Evan - at the forward position. We were only down rebounds by two at halftime. And even though Walker had 21, I was like "Hey, that's fine, he can get his 40 if can just stay in the game."

"But then in the second half they killed our 1-3-1, killed our man, and they just dominated the glass."

"We just weren't physical enough, and our point guard play was, obviously, very shaky. I think we got stripped seven times at that position for breakaway layups or dunks. It was hard to stay in the game. That, along with missed free-throw shooting, really killed us."

"Hopefully some of these games will toughen us up, but it doesn't matter if we don't get better."

"Give UConn credit. You kind of see the fear in the eyes. Like vultures.... I mean, I could see it."