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UConn vs. Maine Quotes

Nov. 17, 2011

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Player Quotes
UConn v. Maine
November 17, 2011

Alex Oriakhi

We definitely have to work on rebounds. They had too many offensive rebounds. That happens, but it something we have to get better at.

I'm trying to stay positive. I definitely haven't started the season off the way I would like to. I know I'm definitely better than how I'm playing.

Do you know what Coach Calhoun wants from you?
It's kind of confusing sometimes, but I know one thing I could just go out there and give effort. I think that's all he really wants from all of us. He said, `forget about the X and Os. It's all about pride and effort.'

Jeremy Lamb

On Coach Calhoun getting on him very early in the second half
He knew I wasn't playing as hard as I could so he just basically told me, `pick it up.'... Sometimes he's tough to play for, but then he looks out for his players. Sometimes he pushes you and really gets in you. But at the same time, he's just trying to push you.

He was fussin' at me and I told him, `my bad' and he gave me another chance to work hard. He tells you stuff to try and motivate you and that's what he was trying to do.

We haven't been playing good. We really haven't been having fun. We haven't been playing good, that's true. We just have to work harder.

Tyler Olander

I'm feeling more confident all-around. I'm in better shape so I can do a lot more.

What happened in the 2nd half?
We were playing full speed. We were playing with more energy, more enthusiasm, and more fire that we should play a lot better than this.

DeAndre Daniels

What changed in the 2nd half?
I think we just picked it up defensively and talked more and just played much harder. In the first half, we didn't play hard and we let them outplay us and get more rebounds than us.

Andre Drummond

What changed in the 2nd half?
Coach came into the locker room and wasn't really happy so I think that's what really boosted us. We came out and we played great for a good stretch of the second half and that's what put us in the lead.

On the timeout 5 seconds into the 2nd half
I was confused. I was like, `did somebody drop something or something?'

I'm starting to learn a lot more that we need to run at all times. There are no breaks.

November 17, 2011
Connecticut vs. Maine

Connecticut Head Coach Jim Calhoun

I don't think it was the most exciting game of the year. We seem to have the ability to take the air out of the building, especially in the first half.

I just haven't seen the enthusiasm with this particular group, particularly when there are eight kids back from a team that had the ultimate experience of success last year.

We rebounded better. In the second half, at one point I think it was 40 to 16, something of that nature. So we defended a little better.

Ball movement was not good.

I thought they battled the heck out of us for a good 25 or 28 minutes. They gave us tough things to handle.

We turned the D up, started rebounding, but we still haven't run. And we don't convert, obviously - very obviously....You get that many offensive rebounds - 34 offensive rebounds - you probably should convert 25 of those. And we're not. Because we're not making layups.

On Drummond
I thought the only guy who played well, really well, was Andre....If he can get 11 offensive rebounds every night, I think we'll be in pretty good shape....I thought Andre really started to show, just physically, some of the things that he can do. And some of the things he still needs to learn. He can't throw the ball to someone two feet away in the lane, he should go up and just dunk it, because he can do that....I'll take the package he is right now, trust me. Because there are very few guys who can do what he can do. I don't care who he's playing.

On Oriakhi

I'd like to see what he did when the game got out of hand. I'd like to tell you that he did that early when we needed it. He didn't. He did that when the game was out of hand. You know the move he made when he spun and dunk? That means...he can do it. Unless I was imagining something. And I would like to see him do a lot more of that. Maybe we should get him the ball more, but then again, he has to get better position. There is no one on that team, though, who wants to do it more than Alex....But he has got to do it. He's a veteran, he's a junior, he's a captain. He's got to do that. More of that. That's the biggest thing. He's got to be a bully around the basket, and right now, he's not.

November 17, 2011
Connecticut vs. Maine

Maine Head Coach Ted Woodward

We knew we had a difficult challenge here tonight. We have a lot of young guys on our roster, but I thought our guys did a great job, especially in the first half. We just wanted them to get out there and fight and execute some of the things that we thought were important. But I recognize how good UConn is and, certainly, the beginning of the second half, it was just very difficult to score, or even take a look at the basket.

The rebounding is something we had a concern about going in. From a size standpoint...Give them a lot of credit. They crashed the boards hard.

They stayed patient and got the ball into the area that they wanted to get it to.

We've got some growing to do with our kids, but I thought we certainly had some glimpses of some things we can be.

I love this group. This is a very different team than what we've had in the last couple of years, and we've had some very good players, and some real good experiences the last couple of years.

A good learning experience for us, no question, but we'll certainly try to build on that as we go forward.