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Post Game Quotes - Boston University vs. UConn

Nov. 17, 2013

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UConn Head Coach Kevin Ollie

Opening statement:

"We started off the game pretty well and then we kind of took our foot off the gas pedal, which I don't like to see.  They are a tough team to guard.  They've got some penetrating guards, they're around the three-point line - they shoot 32 times from the three-point line.  They were going to make some sooner or later." 

On what his team did well:

"One thing I want to stress is transition defense, and also offensive rebounds.  We've got to do the job on the boards."

On what UConn can do to improve:

"Once again, it comes down to offensive rebounding and it comes back to transition.  That's our game.  If we can rebound the basketball, I'll put my money on us any night."

On DeAndre Daniels' big afternoon:

"Guys were finding him; he was hitting his shots and looking aggressive.  Nothing special that we did with the game plan .He was aggressive.  He was still one-for-five from the three-point line, but I'm not worried about that.  He's going to keep shooting it.  I just like him being aggressive on that block.  I wanted to run the first play for him, get him going a little bit.  It was good for him to get to the free throw line, see that ball going in.  And then he was off to the races .He just took advantage of his mismatch. I'm proud of DeAndre for stepping up." 

Junior Forward DeAndre Daniels

On why he was successful today:

"I just wanted to stay aggressive the whole time.  I played terrible the first two games.  I wasn't able knock down the shots.  I'm just staying aggressive, just keep shooting, and I was able to hit some shots tonight."

On the tremendous dunk on an assist from Shabazz Napier

"Credit him for getting the offensive rebound.  He saw me cutting down the lane and I was able to finish it."

On BU's run at the end of the first half:

"We weren't getting back on defense in the last 5 minutes and they were able to knock down some threes and bring the game close.  We came back on the second half, limited their fast break, and got back on defense."

Senior Guard Shabazz Napier

On DeAndre Daniels coming back with a good game today:

"We're not too worried about him.  We knew he was going to get back in his game, in his rhythm.  Today was good opportunity for him to do that and he did his job.  Last game he came into a little funk.  Today he just exploded."

On UConn's second half run:

"We just started playing more aggressive and realized that we needed to score more and did down on defense.  They were making a ton of threes and we have to make sure we get out on the shooters."

Junior Guard Ryan Boatright:

On the team's rebounding issues:

"With them shooting so many threes, there were a lot of long rebounds.  We weren't getting the rebounds.  So once again, we got to be able to rebound to be a great team. "

On DeAndre Daniels' great game:

"I think with DeAndre, his first two shots went in and once he saw them go in he had a rhythm.  It was all going from there.  If he were to miss those first three shots, I think he would have hung his head a little like, `man, what's going on.'  We try to stay on him and tell him we're going to need him for us to be a great team."

BU Head Coach Joe Jones

Opening Statement:

"They're a very talented team, just like a lot of Connecticut teams are.  They have a lot of depth up front, a lot of length up front.  They have great guard play.  Coming in, we wanted to try to neutralize Boatright and Napier on their ball screen action, whether it was zone or man."

On his squad's effort:

"I was proud of my guys.  I thought we fought hard.  I think the size and length of Connecticut early on had us a little shaken, and then once we calmed down and we got in a rhythm we showed flashes of the team that we can be.  We just need to be more consistent on both the offensive and defensive side.  I think that's the key for us going forward."