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UConn Vs. Boston U Quotes

Nov. 30, 2016

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Kevin Ollie

Opening Statement

"I'm happy with the win. I thought our defense really improved from what we've been doing in Maui, I was really pleased with that. Of course, we've got to make some more shots, I thought we got some good shots and Rodney and Jalen went 5 for 25 which is pretty bad but we still played defense, we stayed in the game and I was very happy with that. We just have to try and get better, we've got 8 guys and we're going to continue playing with those guys. We're not making any excuses but I was very happy with the win and we're finding ways to win. We just have to be a little bit more poised down the stretch of games and understand to take care of the basketball, also rebounding and finding three point shooters but overall I was very pleased with our defensive effort."

On Christian Vital

"We're going to need that. Everybody's going to have to step up. I was very proud of Kenton too, stepping up in the four hole and making some good shots for us plus getting some rebounds. I think he had 7 rebounds, I believe, and 8 points in 21 minutes so he's been very effective in his minutes. CV made some good shots, some three point shots when we needed it to kind of gives us a little cushion there. So I was very proud of his effort also."

On the Importance of the Half-Court Game

"It's going to be important but, I want to get out and run still. We got 16 turnovers and we didn't convert those and Jalen is the leader of that so Jalen has to get the ball and push the ball. We've got to run our lanes and I still want to be a fast break team. I don't want to fast break and when their back shoot some bad shots. I still want to be a fast break team and 2 points is not acceptable. Jalen has to get the ball and command it, especially when we hold a team to 31 percent we have to get those long rebounds and push it up and down the court so it's not like I'm going to be holding the ball out or anything. I want us to be selective when their defense is back, recognize that and get a good shot every time down the court."

On the Inside Game

"I have to do it. It's a must so we can't keep jacking up shots. We throw it down there and AB's just has to make more free throws. We left 11 points on the line so we can't do that. We're going to keep throwing it down there to the big fella. Steve, we're going to keep throwing it down there to him. Hopefully he continues to get comfortable. We have to have balance since we can't just jack up shots as you see our shooting percentage. It has to be inside and out and that's kind of how I want to play."

Christian Vital (1)

On starting

"It was a new situation for me. I got into the starting lineup this week, but to be honest, it's the same role for me: just play hard, paly with toughness, help my teammates out there, and do the best that I can."

Amida Brimah (35)

On shooting

"It's about taking better shots and, also, time. Time to get better and get into sync with each other."

On the last plays of the game

"I'm comfortable having the ball on the perimeter. When I get my touches, I'm going to be able to do better things with it."

On losing players

"All the guys we lost are important players on the team, but we can't use that as an excuse. We have to get together and get better. We're a short team now and everyone has to step up. Everyone is going to play and everyone has to step up when they get on the court."

Kentan Facey (12)

On the second half

"We made a better effort to crash the glass, box out, and get a clean rebound so that we could run in transition."

On tonight's game

"It was tough for us, obviously, coming down to the last few seconds. But we got a "W," so it was good. We would rather learn from winning than losing."