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Postgame Quotes - UConn 84, Monmouth 81 (OT)

Dec. 2, 2017

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King Rice, Monmouth Head Coach

Opening Statement

“I want to start off by saying congratulations to Kevin and his team, those kids they kept believing in each other. You can tell what their plan was to try to drive us I thought down the stretch. Our guys must have gotten a little bit tired. We could’ve taken some time off the clock in those situations; we might have been able to guard them a little bit better. I thought it was a great college basketball game. I thought the officials did a great job, I know these guys just came off an overtime win, well now they got another overtime win. That’s two overtime wins, two overtime wins back to back. That means their kids are well coached, that means their kids are listening to their coach, they continue to fight even in situations where it looked like we might have had a chance, those kids kept making the right plays and that’s how you win down the stretch.

One team tried to be heroes, that’s the team that I coached and we lost. One team tried to do what their coach said to do and didn’t play hero, just kept running the same play that we couldn’t guard. That’s a great idea to do that but sometimes when you’re dealing with young teams everyone wants to be the guy and we’ve had a guy the last four years that got a lot of publicity being the guy who scored the points. So now you got a bunch of guys who want to be that guy and it’s just disappointing; it’s a hard lesson to learn because when you have a team that’s in a program as good as UConn and you’re in a game with them, you can’t turn into hero basketball players. We played team basketball for about 42 minutes and then we decided to be heroes and we got what we deserved because heroes don’t deserve to be on the basketball court.”

On overtime.

“We were looking to move the ball around and get it inside like we did the first 40 minutes to give them some foul problems. Like I said everyone wants to be a hero, okay? So everyone can say, “oh we did all these cool things.” We turned into heroes and that made us lose the game and it’s not okay.”

Kevin Ollie, UConn Head Coach

Opening Statement

“Second overtime game, back to back games, but our guys once again found a way to win. I’ll take the win but I’m still not satisfied with how we're getting there. It is just a point that when we get up we have a killer mindset. It starts with us playing ‘do me’ basketball, not sharing the basketball taking bad shots and then we don’t play defense; that’s one thing that has to get better. We can’t give up a team like Monmouth shooting 51% or anybody.  Monmouth did play a great game. King has done a great job with that program, but it was good to get to win, but I’m not satisfied with how we did it. We are going back to the drawing board, we are going to continue to work.”

On Jalen Adams in crunch time

“I’m just trying to put Jalen in space. He is great off the pick and rolls, everybody knows that. We were trying to run some action early in the game and get our guys moving but when it comes down to it, I have to put the ball in one of our best player's hands and let them make plays. That is what he is doing, he got to the rim and then he’d started finding guys.”

On the final timeout

Just spacing it, yeah we were just spacing it. I think you all have seen different pick and rolls and maybe we’ll start with Jalen with the ball then bring him off the ball and have a little dribble hand off. The he will come and get a secondary and then break. I thought the Mamadou Diarra foul, I didn’t like that call,we have to give them some space. So it’s just not Jalen, it’s our guys setting some screens and you know him, being Jalen taking it to the rim.  We have to get better at that. I’m a defensive coach and I just don’t like those numbers that we’re giving up so I’m not satisfied, those guys aren’t going to be satisfied but we're going to go in there tomorrow and practice again.

Jalen Adams, UConn Guard

On the shot that put UConn up for good

“The play was for me to come off the pick and roll. A couple of times before that I going around the big (the center) and getting to the rim. I noticed when I came off the screen he starting backing off. So I knew I was just going to take the floater.”

On Christian Vital

“He is one kid that is going to have confidence no matter what. If he plays bad, good, or anything, he is going to have crazy confidence. I am just so glad he can finally show all the hard work that he puts in.”

Antwoine Anderson, UConn Guard

On two games in a row that went to overtime

“I am just learning that we are capable being a competitive team and how we play in the second half, we have to play in the first.”

Mamadou Diarra, UConn Forward

On his improvement

“I just feel like I have been more consistent with [my game] and my rebounding. I am continuing to grow with that and staying out of foul trouble.”

On the second overtime game in a row

“We still have a lot to work on, but we showed a lot toughness these last two games. We just keep digging it out, we have to play hard. The fans were great today, they picked us up.”