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UConn vs. UMBC Post Game Quotes (December 3, 2010)

Dec. 3, 2010

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UConn Head Coach Jim Calhoun

"UMBC hung in there particularly well early, but we felt their bench would wear down. That's why we used so many people early."

"I really, truly believe that we tried early to be as good as we possibly could, but weren't."

"I really think we played a terrific second half."

"We ran well. We started to rebound and defend well. We looked like a more complete team."

"We did have better personnel. We were deeper. So, obviously that shades it a tad."

"Overall, a good game for us. Good game for us."

On Walker and triple double:
"When you see a guy averaging 30 points a game pass up on layups to give other people shots...I know everyone is praising Kemba, but he's deserving of that praise....It's actually phenomenal. He's capable of so many different things. That three-point, right now, for him, is so strong. He could move back it looks like two or three feet and get it up. He believes in it. Man or zone...he's goes by it. Tonight he created for his teammates and also created for himself. He's a terrific basketball player."

On Beverly and Giffey:
"Donnell stepping in was big for us. Niels' threes were big for us, because we need to be more diversified, as I keep saying, than just Kemba."

On Oriakhi:
"I think Alex has to stay at home and do what he does very well. I thought he could have rebounded much better tonight."

UConn Players

Kemba Walker
On being the 8th player in UConn history to notch a triple-double:
"That's kind of special to be one of 8. There are a lot of great players who could have accomplished that. I was fortunate enough to do it. It's definitely special."

"I love having games like this because my teammates benefit. Their confidence is high now. Like Jeremy, a guy who struggled, tonight he shot the ball well and played a good all-around game. It's good to see the young guys' confidence is getting high."

"Every time we play hard, things seem to go the right way for us."

Jeremy Lamb
On Kemba Walker:
"He could come out and get 50 if he wanted. He could get 20 assists if he wanted. Tonight he was telling us he was going to get us involved and we were able to knock down shots for him. And he got his triple-double, so we're happy for him."

On Kemba's game-high 13 rebounds:
"He was yelling at us about that. He's like, "the shortest guy on the team rebounding."

Niels Giffey
On playing with Kemba Walker
"The eyes are on him. He gives us space. Like my shots were free. I was totally free. He's creating space for us and giving us good assists."

6 Players in double figures - is that more of the team you think this team is:
"It's more of what the team has to be. We can't depend on Kemba. I think we showed we can score like a deep team. And that's what we have to do more often."

"I just try to do the little things and develop my game from playing good defense, getting the ball from time to time in my hands, and taking some shots."

UMBC Head Coach Randy Monroe

"It was a tale of two halves. I thought we did a pretty good job in the first half. Second half, I don't know, I think we got stuck on the Baltimore Washington Expressway some where."

"We had 14 offensive rebounds in the first half, which I was happy with. I think our team does a really good job on the glass. The second half we ended up with four offensive rebounds. Not taking anything away from UConn. They're a very good basketball team."

"Kemba Walker is just phenomenal. His team feeds off of his energy and passion."

"Our guys are starting to come around a little bit, trying to feel their way through and figure out who they are. I don't think we're as bad as we played there the last few minutes."

"You have to give UConn credit. There are some guys who stepped up and did a nice job. They had six guys in double figures, and that says a lot."