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No. 12 UConn 95, Maine 68 Post-game Quotes

Dec. 6, 2013

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UConn Head Coach Kevin Ollie

"A great game.  Our focus was solid, especially coming off the Florida game.  It was a little shaky in the beginning there, we let them have a little run.  Called a quick timeout and then they focused back up. 

"Once again our three-point shooting was incredible. Everybody came in and made an impact on the game. Our spacing has been incredible. The only thing we struggled with was the free throw line.  I thought we could have done better in that area.

On point guard play:

"The point guards were outstanding.  Boat was outstanding today.  Made the game easy.  Making the pull ups, not making the game difficult.  Five to one assist to turnover ratio.  `Bazz getting eight assists and three turnovers. 

On Kentan Facey:

"One person I'm very proud of is Kentan, stepping up.  Nine rebounds.  He's one of the guys who hasn't been getting a lot of playing time....It's not all about the game, it's about his attitude and how's he's preparing.  That shows you that he's ready....I don't know what the next game is going to entail, but when he gets in there, take care of his minutes.  And that's what he did tonight. 

On Niels Giffey:

"He comes in and he's just incredible.  He's gives that spark off the bench when we need it.  We were kind of flat in the beginning of the game and there he goes, boom, boom, boom.  A dunk on somebody, a three.  He's doing some fabulous things. 

On playing effectively against the zone:

"That's all of us working together....Us getting to our spots, us executing, us going over it....It's not just `Bazz and Boatright, it's guys setting screens....Those big guys are being selfless and taking themselves out of the play for our guards to get open. 

On Omar Calhoun

"O only took two bad shots tonight - two threes that he got contested on.  I don't want him taking contested threes.  Other than that, those are wide-open shots that we want him to take, because he's a great shooter." 

Junior guard Ryan Boatright

On playing well against the zone:

"We played against it so much last year that we figured out how to do it and what we need to do to beat those and make them come out of it."

Junior forward DeAndre Daniels

On the team's strong 3 point shooting this year:

"Everybody on the team can really shoot the ball.  When team's go zone on us, we just spread the court, try to attack it into the middle, and kick it out to a shooter.

"We just took what the defense gave us and we were able to knock down our shots tonight."

Sophomore guard Omar Calhoun

On getting out of his shooting slump tonight:

"I just watched film and saw what I was doing wrong technically with my shot.  And I got a lot of shots up with Coach and the rest of the coaching staff... There were little things that were going on that were messing it up so I just had to get a lot of reps in to get my shot back where it should be...I knew I was going to have to shoot my way out of funk I was in.

On penetration by the guards and making the extra pass:

"We still get our shots because guys aren't going to let people go in for layups.  So when guys step up, you just make the extra pass.  And when we play like that, it makes us tough to beat."

Senior forward Niels Giffey

On being a spark off the bench:

"I just try and get in there and pick-up the speed of the game because in a lot of situations we go hard for a couple of minutes and then let up.  At the beginning of the game the speed is always going to be up-tempo, everybody's motivated.  You still got to keep the flow going.  That's where I see myself when I come in to keep that flow going, being aggressive, and solid and stable on defense also.

On Kentan Facey:

"He's a super athletic guy.  His athleticism is off the charts.  He might be the best jumper on the team.  So, we just have to find a way to utilize that and he also has to find a way to bring that to the game.  It's going to take him a while to realize that he has an advantage over other people with that."

Freshman forward Kentan Facey

On the mental part of not playing a lot:

"I think I'm mentally mature enough to handle situations that are thrown at me.  The hardest thing coming in here mentally was to overcome that whole clearance situation and I got passed that.  I think in a sense prepared me for, I guess, limited time or time to learn and to contribute later down the road."

Maine Head Coach Ted Woodward

"Obviously that was a very difficult game for us tonight.  I have a tremendous amount of respect for UConn.  I think they're doing a great job this year....We knew it was going to be a challenge.  We hoped that we could kind of take at least part of their game away, but they're a very balanced offensive basketball team.  We couldn't get them into too many turnovers and, obviously, we had a little bit of trouble scoring in transition....Obviously there are a lot of things we've got to work on to get better, but that's an awfully good basketball team that's going to do a lot of damage as they go forward throughout the season.

"You almost have to play flawless basketball when you're playing against a team that's a top-20 team.  You can't have turnovers that lead to dunks, which happens often.  You have to really make sure that on the offensive end you try to be patient enough to get the type of shot that you want....Against a team of this level you almost have to play a flawless game.  The way to do that is really by valuing every single possession. 

On UConn's three-point shooting:

"That's a major problem, obviously.  There's only so many things that you can possibly take away....We really wanted to keep them away from the rim, keep them away from the deep paint, and hoped that we would challenge enough threes that they weren't going to get comfortable.  Obviously, they were very comfortable and they did a really good job with that."