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UConn 80, North Florida 59 Postgame Quotes

Dec. 18, 2016

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Kevin Ollie – UConn Coach

Opening Statement:
"Our bigs pretty much dominated the game, we really wanted to focus on having a balance and I am looking at the stat sheet and I don't we think we never have taken just nine three pointers. I know our guys got the message. Kentan was huge in the four-hole just playing aggressive with 20 points. Amida played very well and I thought Jalen was able to control the game by having ten assists and one turnover... I am just proud of the guys because the number one key was they did an awesome job with finals week. Getting their studies done and being student athletes and I am really proud of the guys for that"

On Dallas Moore:
"He is going to be in the NBA easily. He is a talented talented player...He was just hitting some step-back tough shots. He has scored 30 plus points against every big program he has played this far, so holding to him 18, I thought we did a really really good job."

On Kentan Facey:
"He did a really, really good job, scoring 20 points. To have 9 rebounds, I thought he could have had 10, but he didn't squeeze it (the last one). I just thought he did a great job."

Matthew Driscoll – North Florida Coach

On UConn's defense again Dallas Moore:
"I don't think any team was allowed to be that physical with him. When the best player on the floor, no disrespect, the best player on the floor has to deal with that constantly and then make shots over shot blockers like that, that and do those things, it wears on you. Not Arkansas, not Florida, not Miami, not Auburn, not LSU, not Syracuse, no one has been able to treat him like that. To their credit they did a good, Purvis is physical and he was physically with him."

On playing a tough schedule:
"This is our eight season. We have always done the same thing because we need to bring a large amount of money for our athletic department. So this year is no different than any other year, except we had to play Miami and Florida at home too, which we don't get any money for that. It has been a little bit more than normal and thats a hard juggle for a coach. You know, how do you juggle that tough of a schedule?"

Jalen Adams

On his leadership contributions.
"The guys kind of feed off my energy so every game when things aren't going well I try to bring positive energy."

On team’s post presence.
"The past couple of games we've been trying to throw the ball inside because we've been taking a lot of perimeter shots so we want to have balance working inside and out."

Kentan Facey

On playing with a clear head.
"I feel like I’m more relaxed on the court. I’m not thinking about the next play or the one that just happened, I'm just in the present and focusing and staying aggressive."

One rebound shy of a double-double.
"Amida was telling me I had to get one more rebound and I was like what are you talking about? He was like you have nine you just need one more and I said alright I'll try to get another one. I almost had it but I don't know what happened"

On comfort level as a forward against the zone defense.
"I have to get comfortable in that area right there because they're taking our guards out of it so that spot is the only spot that's really open that you could attack from. Coach Miller has been working with me to try to make me comfortable and confident in my shots from that spot."

On regaining confidence.
"Constantly working at it. I feel like whenever I work at something my confidence stays at a good level and for me to keep that I need to come out in the game and be aggressive and work on my moves."

Christian Vital

On shot selection.
"I think I could speak for everybody who watched the game today when I say that our offense looked like a complete offense. Getting the ball inside-- that's something we struggled with, that we didn't really do before that actually wound up hurting us and now we're seeing if we get the ball inside then everyone is going to be able to make a play."

On recovering from a rough start to the season.
"After our rough start, no one pointed a finger or hung their heads. We knew this was something we had to fix as a team. We're coming together as a team, inside out, outside in, and everyone is being able to score and have fun. We're having fun playing with each other. That's what we did today. Everyone was smiling, we were just together out there."